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By on May 6, 2013

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    1. Max says:

      Dear Mahesh,
      I have question about OCS and OHW engineering. Do you know any sources such as SIEMENS handbook, manual or something like this to design OCS ( overhead catenary system ) and OHW ( overhead wiring ) ? I am very keen to find a reference to learn from that.
      I am looking forward to hear from you.
      Max . F

    2. RAUSHAN says:

      Respected Sir
      Presently, i am apprentice JEE (coaching, electric, at New Delhi) & and i joined railway on 07/01/2016.
      I’ve also selected for SSE(Mech., workshop,JUDW) that’s medical is going on.
      So in this scenario, what shoud i do?
      EEE is my b.tech’s branch.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        SSE is higher grade post, JUDW is stable posting without any transfer and fixed working hours. I suggest you to join JUDW. You may not be able to get the change of posting.

    3. Gurusaravanan.G says:

      Hello Mahesh,
      RRB has conducted SSE exam for the past two years, so what I want to know is will there be still vacancies for SSE?
      Will RRB conduct exam for SSE this year(2016)?

    4. Anil kumar says:

      Hi… I want to know the job profile of je ( bridge). What about the transfer and posting. Can we get promotion to A.E.

    5. I am an fourth year computer engineering student and i have created a website for various online performance simulation of train. The link of the website is http://www.metrotrainsimulation.com.
      Please visit this and give your valuable feedback.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        I have glanced through your work and very much impressed particularly when you are only a student of final year of engineering.I am sending to otehr senior officials of Metro Railway.


      Dear sir,

      I would like to know about the innovations in raill locomotives that are using solid lubrificats in locomotives wheels. And what wheel alloy.

      Best regards,


    7. K hussain says:

      Sir,I Have done Instrumentation Engineering. Am i eligible for RRB Mumbai JE and SSE ?


    9. Prasang says:

      Dear sir,
      I got my attestation letter from the railway department and I have to submit the Character certificate with along the other documents .
      My character certificate is signed by a gazzeted officer which is in this post from the last 1 year and some months but he mentioned that he knows me from the last 2 years 6 months in the character certificate.
      Is there any issue in that ?…Is it mandatory that he should be in that post atleast from the last 2 yrs 6 months.

    10. Mahesh kumar Hingorani says:

      Dear Mr Mahesh, I have a tie up with a European company who are making inverters basically for solar applications. We can also make for 110 V DC input and 240 V AC output of 2.5 kva rating . Please let me know if there is a demand for the same in Indian railways and where to contact to get our product approved.

      regards Mahesh Hingorani

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Indian Railway is not procuring inverters alone. There is demand for the complete solar system.

    11. G SRIRAM says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am developing regenerative power unit from humidification plant of textile mills. I need one No 3KW Brush less alternator similiar to existing Train lighting alternator operating speed from 1000 RPM to 2000 RPMbut with 550V DC instead of 110VDC. where can I procure this alternator. Please send me the address of current supplier .

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        You may visit rdso website and the list of approved suppliers of 4.5 kW brushless alternator in PS&EMU directorate dealing with the item because that is the capacity used in Indian Railways.

    12. rajagopalan says:

      Dear Sir. Your topics were very useful. Since last many months no new articles are being published. pl publish .

    13. RAJESH RANJAN says:

      I am Rajesh Ranjan, Fellow (Ph.D. Scholar) of National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai. I am working on Indian railway drivers. In this regard I want to personally contact the blogger Mahesh Kumar Jain. Please give personal contacts of him.
      With thnaks and regards,
      Rajesh Ranjan,
      Fellow (Ph.D. Scholar),
      NITIE, Mumbai.
      mail: [email protected]

    14. SURYA says:

      My son has completed B.Tech in Electrical Engg and is preparing for ESE exam.You are requested to give the 1,prospectives of both IRSEE and IRSS(Electrical).Which one is good to reach Top positions.
      2.Different designations right from joining in Both the cadres with Time scale of each designation.

      Please reply at the earliest.Thank you Sir.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Both the cadre is having equal chances of reaching top position. The present CRB is from IRSS and next one may be from IRSEE. It is the age of entry that matters as on date. If one enters in minimum age, Board Member is very likely and if some one lesser by one or two years than General Manager of a Railway otherwise PHOD. However, this is the status today, but what is there in future is difficult to say, if there are changes in the cadre management. Beside this important is not to entangle in vigilance case and continue to have outstanding CR particularly before important promotions such as DRM, PHOD, GM and Member Board. Need not worry about the promotions, it is a set standard and quite OK as compared to State Govt. and even many other Central Govt. jobs.

        • SURYA says:

          Thanks for your prompt reply.
          Please also give Different designations right from joining in Both the cadres with Time scale of each designation.

          Please reply at the earliest.Thank you Sir.

          • SURYA says:

            Thanks for your prompt reply.
            Please also give Different designations right from joining in Both the cadres i.e IRSEE and IRSS
            (Electrical) with Time scale of each designation.

            Please reply at the earliest.Thank you Sir.

    15. shiv sharma says:

      hello sir, I have read the information you have provided regarding INDIAN RAILWAYS.
      you have shared very valuable information, but because I am using this information for publishing purpose, I need to know the source of your information from where I can ensure the judges that the information I have provided is authentic and from a reliable source.
      kindly tell me the source of information that would be very helpful
      Thank you

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        You may check Indian Railway Year Book for all the authentic information

        • SURYA says:

          Thanks for your prompt reply.
          Please also give Different designations right from joining in Both the cadres i.e IRSEE and IRSS
          (Electrical) with Time scale of each designation.

          Please reply at the earliest.Thank you Sir.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            Why you should bother about this? I don’t this matters in any way to decide a career. There are many designation in the same time scale and it should not matter.

    16. Mrinal Roy says:

      Dear Sir,
      I founded a renewable energy company focusing on Rooftop Solar PV System Integration after having worked in DLW, BHEL, Alstom & GE predominantly in power plant systems for 17 years. Apart from Solar PV systems, I have certain ideas on stationary as well as mobile energy generation through fuel cells as applied to Indian Railways. I would like to know where can I get in touch in the IR for submitting my work and develop systems to conserve diesel consumption in Indian Railways.

    17. JAYDEEP BANERJEE says:

      The topic on “PUSH PULL FREIGHT TRAINS” by Mr Rajiv Agarwal is very informative. I thank him for putting the material in this website as such things are difficult to find elsewhere.

    18. Sagar kumar says:

      Respected sir,
      I had worked as assistant loco pilot in sonpur division from October 2015 to December 2016.
      My qualification is B.Tech. So, I also selected for SSE (C&W) in Alipurduar division & got joining letter in December 2016. So, I joined SSE(c&w) in December 2016 & sent my resignation to CPO at hajipur , APO & DRM (P) at sonpur division & crew controller office of my lobbey through speed post explaining reason as family problem.
      Now, I got a letter from DRM office to pay 93899 (Training expense) + 17135 (extra payment) for the acceptance of my resignation.

      Now, in this scenario what should I do?
      Thank you !

    19. Sagar kumar says:

      Respected sir,
      I had worked as assistant loco pilot in sonpur division from October 2015 to December 2016.
      My qualification is B.Tech. So, I also selected for SSE (C&W) in Alipurduar division & got joining letter in December 2016. So, I joined SSE(c&w) in December 2016 & sent my resignation to CPO at hajipur , APO & DRM (P) at sonpur division & crew controller office of my lobbey through speed post explaining reason as family problem.
      Now, I got a letter from DRM office to pay 93899 (Training expense) + 17135 (extra payment) for the acceptance of my resignation.

      Now, in this scenario what should I do?
      Thank you !

    20. Shuvam Sarkar says:

      Sir,I have applied for SSE in Electrical department through compassionate ground.But I have one problem that I fit in B1 mediacal category as my power of lens is -2.5 D but having 6/6 vision with specs.So my question is whether they will reject my candidature,because I have heard that B1 category is eligible in Electrical department…Is it true or Do I need A3 certificate.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        There is no dilution in the medical fitness. If it is A3 means A3 irrespective of civil, electrical etc.

    21. Garuda Somanna says:

      I am working on a project called Mumbai”s Troff that seeks to improve bus and local train services in Mumbai. While scouring the net for various data I happened to visit your page and was impressed. If you have any DISCUSSION platform for exchange of views, I will be most happy to join.
      Regards and take care.
      Dr. Somanna

    22. Sandeep says:

      Mahesh Very knowledgeable website. I need to use your expertise. Please contact me. Thanks

    23. Pratap P says:

      Dear Mahesh Kumar ji,
      Would like to understand more details on mechanized measurement and inspection a help to cut down maintenance cost article written by you. I have dropped you an email from my email ID [email protected]. Kindly respond to the same.

    24. amir shahan says:

      We work on different lubrication for railway and find you as one of leaders.
      We talk with kelsan company but since they were US based so we cant work with them.
      We have good conection in railway and also metro and we think Iran metro is so interested sine their wear rate are so much.
      For 1st step we talk with some key people to introduce product completely and enter it to usage.
      So need complete information about product , case study, presemntation, video and so on.

    25. muzaffar hussain says:

      Good morning sir, can you please give me the abbreviations of these terms used in designing and execution of Indian Railway Projects.
      as im working for one of the Railway consultant I want to build up my knowledge as an OHE site engineer and willing to learn designing too. Help me in this regards.
      Thanks & Regards,
      Muzaffar Hussain
      [email protected]

    26. I went through your website and we would love to collaborate with you and use your service can you shoot me a mail please so that we can discuss it further ..

    27. Dilli says:

      sir.dilli industy electrican manitences work ups dg set work b check am 500kva

    28. Dhananjay Yadav says:

      Respected sir, i am Dhananjay Yadav, i have been working in privet company as OHE and PSI Design Engineer . i want to know future scope of in this filed.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        I think it is having a bright future. I will advise you to develop expertise in the field to grow further in this field.

    29. hi

      i need a quote on 5000x wheel flange lubrication sticks and the brushes.

    30. Hi

      We did check your website and it is not on the first page of Google.

      We are hereby offering our services to get you on the first page of Google so you can get more inquiries, leads, and sales from your website.

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    31. ankush bind says:

      sir mene bsc in pcm kiya hua hai jismea mene 1st year mea chemistry drop kiya and second year Me maths and final year mea mene physics sea kiya so can i apply for rrb cma 2019 , plz rly me sir im very confused

    32. Parminderjit says:

      Hello Sir,
      Does Our Esteemed Western / Central Railways have an Inhouse Calibration Lab for testing / Calibration of these instruements.
      Railway Specific Instruments .
      • Frequency Selective Meter (Analogue & Digital)
      • Sleeper Insulation Tester
      • Flux Meter (Strength & Polarity meter, Green & Gold)
      • Double Millivolt Meter
      • Phase Angle Meter
      • TPWS Multimeter
      • TPWS Aerial & Lead
      • Crimping Tools including (‘Q’ & ‘F’ type)
      • Drop Shunt Boxes
      • AC Earth Leakage Adaptor
      • FDM Adaptor
      • 12, 24 & 48 way Insulation Straps
      • HVI Integrators
      • FS2600 Test Setup Box
      • Data Link Test Box
      • Lightening Barrier Tester
      • Block Joint Testers
      • Push/Pull Testers (spring balances)
      • dBm Meters
      • Track Circuit Limiters (Stabbers)
      • Insulation Testers (up to 5000v)
      • Multimeters (Analogue & Digital)
      • Bench Multimeters (up to 6½)
      • RCD Testers
      • Loop Testers
      • Digital Thermometers
      • Infrared Thermometers
      • Thermal Imagers
      • Clamp meters/multimeters
      • Decade Resistance Boxes
      • Decade Capacitance Boxes
      • Power Analysers
      • Power Supplies
      • Function Generators
      • Micrometers, External & Internal
      • Vernier Calipers
      • Depth Micrometers
      • Gauge Blocks
      • Dial Gauges mechanical & Digital

      P Singh

    33. Kush Verma says:

      Dear Sir,

      I would like to introduce myself as Dr. Kush Verma, a retired officer of the Indian Administrative Services, (I.A.S.), of the 1979 Batch, U.P. Cadre.

      My manuscript, ‘A-Z of the Civil Services’, has been accepted for publication. I intend to use the cartoon titled ‘The David and the Goliath’ for the book, with due acknowledgement. Kindly accord permission accordingly.

      In case I do not hear from you by this month-end, I shall presume that you have no objection to the same, and will proceed with the publication of the book , with gratitude and thanks.

      Kush Verma.

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    35. ALI KADER says:

      Dear Sir

      Please advise price and availability as per requirement below.



      Rating: 1.5 KV DC





      QTY 4PCS




      SIZE : A- 45, B-37, D-12


      QTY 60PCS

      Your early response to this highly appreciated

      Thanks & Regards…
      Ali A Kader

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      281- 323- 3411 Direct
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      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        you may contact the RDSO approved sources given in the TI directorate of RDSO list. You may visit the website to get the details.

    36. Good Day,
      We are Zambian Based we are currently looking for :
      -Cable Connectors half Clasptype EMD traction Motor part no. 814287
      Your quick and favorable response will be highly appreciated.


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    37. Gomathiram says:

      Sir i have doubt what is B2 there is mentioned ( with glass or without glass) is this possible with glass?

    38. Hi,
      please send the product detail, cost and specification of ‘Rail Electrica’ for Track parameters/rail profile measuring equipment

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    42. Vivek says:

      Dear Sir,
      I want to knew about mast erection at railway Bridges. Which type of mast uses in Railway bridges? Are they normal OHE mast or any other different type of mast? How we decide the length of mast and span between mast ??

    43. Shiladit says:

      I have an MBA degree for a well reputed college in kolkata amd completed my graduation in computer science.I have 1 year of job experience. I am looking for a hike and for better opportunities. What job should i apply for?

    44. K V Jeganathan says:

      I have a world patented ELPD product from Korea with state of the art revolutionary electric leakage current absorbing technology. This will fit into all range of products promoted by your company as it should be used wherever electricity is used.
      This will be a new revolution the way electrical safety will be looked upon.

      It is a life saving device that protect people from electric shock even though there is live connection in water.
      ELCB and RCCB and other circuit breakers has a different function from ELPD.

      This world patented technology Prevents and protects equipment and humans from fire and shock.

      Please contact for more detail inputs on the product.

      Looking at a company for importing /distributing and promoting this product in India.

    45. Anuj Joshi says:

      Dear Respected Sir,
      Please go through Railway Board’s Letter dated 19/03/2019 where question paper of Qualifying Examination (both Selection & LDCE) will have 100% objective type of questions.
      link to the letter is http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/establishment/E(GP)/E(GP)_19032019.pdf
      Please advise whether it is being applied accordingly.

    46. SAMIR GANDHI says:

      Pl. to be brief for axle mounted alternator 25 kw or 30 kw whichever it is. On my direct mail id.

      [email protected]

    47. I’m working on my college project. Can you tell me how much distance must be between traction substation of +50/-50kv system. Can you also metion for 50kv system. Also, what is stopping us from making a 100kv line? please help me Mahesh. It’s very important. Thanks

    48. ANIKET KUMAR SINGH says:

      Sir I am working in Indian Railways as Junior engineer (Electrical GS) at Adra division and I want to buy all 10 books of irieen for electrical and Willing to pay for book and delivery charges. Can you please help

    49. Rajagopalan Krishnaswamy says:

      Good Morning Sir. Not much articles are getting published pl Any reaons

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