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By on May 6, 2013

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    1. avinash says:

      I am Avinash Jain, passout of Electronics Comm. in 2009. Recently I joined as Probationary officer(Asst. Manager Scale-I) in Central bank of India in July 2013 .As in bank we have to deal with public on daily basis, I want to know that does IES officer also has to frequently deal with public daily or not or basically we have to deal with files? Because I am less comfortable with frequent public dealing.
      > Although I am finding it very hard preparing for IES because of lack of time due to bank job and also because I hardly studied my engg. Subjects nicely during my engineering. Is IES officer job far more better than bank officer/manager job,i mean is it worth changing from bank job to IES ?how can we compare them side by side?Considering vast syllabus and hardly 100 seats I am actually unable to decide whether to prepare for IES.
      > Kindly guide in detail, as soon at ur earliest convenient.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        In Railways, IRTS cadre deals with public dealing and other cadre through ESE, officer don’t have deal with general public. But you should also note that you must be 26 years of age and even if your are selected in first attempt, you will be 29 years of age with not much opportunity to occupy important managerial positions like DRM and GM. You have indicated insufficiency of time to spare for the preparation. Banking service is equally good. Public dealing with good intent and helping nature will never cause any irritants. If you talk to your customer with a pleasant smile, your comfortable level will go up. You will be able to get job satisfaction in banking service as well. I suggest you continue with the current profession with confidence to acquire the skill of dealing with the public. All the best.

    2. pankaj kumar says:

      Dear Sir

      Thank you so much for your informative website. I’ve been selected in IRTS this year. I want to know the training schedule for the professional course. When does it start and what subjects taught? I could not find it clearly on IRITM’s website.

      The mains exam of 2014 is scheduled between 14 and 18th December. Will the professional course training start after 18th December as is the case with NADT, NPA and NACEN?

      I am trying to decide about seeking exemption from the Foundation Course to appear in 2014 civil services examination. Kindly share any information you’ve about my query.


      Pankaj Kumar
      IRTS (allocated in CSE 2013)

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        The foundation course generally starts in the second/third weee of the month December. For appearing in the mains examination between 14th to 18th Dec. you can seek permission for delay by few days in joining which generally is granted. However, I will try to get the exact information in the mean time.

        • pankaj kumar says:

          Thank you sir for the information. As far as I know, foundation course started on 12th December in 2011. But the mains exam was in October then. This year the main exam is in December. If leave can be granted, I would apply for exemption from foundation course at LBSNAA and other institutes (1st Sept to 13th Dec).

          It would be highly beneficial for me if you could provide information regarding exact dates of training before 23rd August. Thanks again sir for your kindness and helpfulness.



    3. rahul solanki says:

      i wanna apply for RRB sr.section engineer and i belong to NCR region. i want to ask that if i apply for Allahabad region, will i not be able to eligible for any other region even i perform better than the candidates of any other region.
      second i want to know that whether ESE officers comes under Article 311 of Indian constitution any why services of railway not considered as “All India Services”?

      • rahul solanki says:

        i wanna apply for RRB sr.section engineer and i belong to NCR region. i want to ask that if i apply for Allahabad region, will i not be eligible for any other region even i perform better than the candidates of any other region.
        second i want to know that whether ESE officers comes under Article 311 of Indian constitution and why services of railway not considered as “All India Services”?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          No, you will not be eligible for the posts other than the RRB for which you have applied for. Every RRB is having its own cut off and varies a lot. ESE services comes under the category of article 311 and officer is appointed and removed from service with the pleasure of President of India. I am unable to understand why this quarry of yours?

    4. deepak Kumar tiwari says:

      Respected Sir
      First of all ,this very endeavor of yours symbolizes your commitment towards the railways and the ones who wish to be a part of this elite organisation.Thank You Sir for that! Sir I am a student of instrumentation engineering at Cochin University presently in the first semester itself.Please take pains to advice me on the following questions
      1 Is there any resemblance between electrical and instrumentation engineering?If not which branch would be advisable to choose for writing the ESE .
      2 Do I have to be serious towards the examination from the very first year and if not then please advice me on the requisite time and the modus operandi.
      3 Is there any scope in the railways as such for my branch if so then please enlighten me about the modes?
      Thanking You
      Yours Sincerely,
      Deepak Kumar Tiwari

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        1. Instrumentation is a specialized branch dealing with all functions of engineering in measurement and instrumentation whereas in Electrical Engineering you study only that part of the instrumentation which relates to electrical engineering. I have written the best branch for ESE is civil engineering and then is Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics etc.
        2. No, don’t tax your self from the very first year. You may read my blog https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/are-you-mediocre-and-preparing-for-civil-service-examination-2016/ for your effort to prepare for the competitive examination. Always enjoy while studying.
        3. You may visit UPSC website and check the syllabus and previous year question paper to understand the trend and suitability to your branch.

    5. Ashish Kumar Srivastava says:

      I am B.Tech (Electrical Engg.) Graduate. Can I apply for Junior Engineer posts.
      Second, from where I can get Mock/Sample papers for the technical section.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        As per the advertisement, it appears you can apply for both sse as well as je. I don’t have the idea from where you can get the mock/sample paper. I suggest to prepare from text books and notes taken during class room study.

        • kasi reddy says:

          Dear ir,

          I have applied for Junior Engineer IT ( I am eligible only for JE(IT)), which is comes under row 70 different from others in syllabus. In other JE’s sylabus is General science and their corresponding subjects. My doubt is exam is common for all JE posts or will it be different for JE (IT) because syllabus for this post is computer course related… please suggest me

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            From the notification it is very clear that the syllabus is different for Sl no. 70, 74 and 77.

            • sanni says:

              sir ,

              suppose one who completed Btech Computer science can eligible more than 3 JE posts , he gave first priority for JE IT and second , third for others. In this case which exam paper will get for him? since he is eligible for different posts and sysllabus is different for JE IT and others? ( one who eligible only for JE(IT)) definatly he will get JE IT paper what if he eligible for more than 3 posts) can you please clarify?

              Thank you,


            • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

              You can appear only in one examination therefore give the option for which you have the interst preferahly JE IT and prepare for the syllabus of JE IT as mentioned. In fact, there option for selecting the post for JE IT shall either from IT group or other and not both. Better don’t take risk and select only one post.

    6. Amit Yadav says:

      I have completed b Tech in tool and die making. I Want to apply for the post of Chief depot Material Superitendant. The eligibility criterion for Chief depot Material Superitendant is “Degree in Engineering in any discipline from a recognized University/ Institution” as per advt in the Employment Newspaper. Hence I am eligible for this post.

      I completed part I of registration. I also got my email address and phone number verified. But when I proceeded to part II, it listed out a set of post for which i have to indicate my priority. But in that list, the post of Chief depot Material Superitendant was not mentioned.

      Sir, i want to know why the post of Chief depot Material Superitendant was not shown in part II registration. And how to apply for the post of Chief depot Material Superitendant. In my opinion, there is some error in your software.

      Your prompt reply would be grateful for us I tried to get my query cleared on the phone but all your helpline numbers are not working.

      Amit Yadav

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Sorry friend this is not my software and this issued cannot be addressed by me. You have to contact the RRB authorities.

        • Amit Yadav says:

          Sorry sir, I mean to say that there is some error in RRB’s software. Sir please tell me how to contact them.
          I sent email to them but they didn’t replied.
          All their helpline nos are not working.
          Please sir guide me.

        • Randy says:

          Dear Sir, Please clarify below questions
          1.which level Junior engineer comes? Grop B or Group C?

          2. Job Profile of JE IT

          3. generally what does JE exam cut off marks?

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            JE is Group C cadre post. Group B is small cadre of departmental promotion from group C to officer’s cadre. There is data processing cadre in every division and you are likely to be posted in that cadre where the data of entire division for different activiteis like salary, finance are prcessed. I don’t have any idea on the cut off, and this information is not available in public domain. You may get it through RTI if you so interested.

            • sanni says:

              Hello Sir, I have been searching RRB JE IT (Cat . No 70) results daily but I dont find no railway zone has declared in this category. some of the jones already declared JE results but they did not mention about JE IT category. do u know any reason why some of the category results declred and some not?

            • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

              I am not sure. In case the vacancies are advertised, the result should also be declared. I don’t think result will be in two phases. Pl advise you RRB to which you have submitted an application.

    7. chandrasekhar says:

      If a transmission line ( 11 Kv/33 KV etc) running parallel to 2X25 Kv traction line for a distance of 1 Km-3 Km
      what will the induction effects and what should be minimum horizontal distance to be maintained between traction and transmission lines rnning parallel please post calculations with some examples

    8. deepak kumar tiwari says:

      sir could u plz tell us about the summer internship facilities , if any, provided y the indian railways for undergraduate students. thank you.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Railways provides summer internship to final year students. You may write to Chief Personal Officer of the Railway in which you are interested in the internship.

    9. Ramu Macha says:

      I am selected as SSE(senior section engineer) in Track Machine category in South Central Railways. I like to know about the job profile (type of work-is SSE also should work on field or headquarters ,timings, pay scale , medical standards ) and promotion to IES cadre (how many years and process). Regarding Medical standards, I would like to know what does it mean by power of lens 2D” .My eye sight is -1. Please tell me whether this is within the medical standards and is there any other medical tests. Please reply ASAP.

    10. Shivani mishra says:


      My younger brother has cleared ESE-2014 and will be joining IRSE. His marriage is fixed in first week of January 2016. Can he get extension for atleast 2 months because joining date is usually 1st December of every year??? Also he is planning to attempt Civil Services Mains in December.Kindly guide us.

    11. sanker says:

      I recently got selected as JE bridge in SER zone RRB-Kolkata. My qualification is postgradute in Civil Engineering(M.Tech structural engineering) got placed in L&T as design engineer.
      pls suggest me
      1)How far my qualification can give me growth in railways ?
      2)Job profile of JE bridge
      3)Preparation for IES while doing this job

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Working as a supervisory with M.Tech qualification will a tough call for you and a source of frustration many a times. In case you decided to join, make sure for an exit as Class II AEN withing 6-7 years of service or qualifying through IES. Working as a design engineer in L&T is quite a good opportunity because you will at least be working as an engineer a feeling of pride.
        1. There is no direct growth option for you in Railways in view of educational qualification. In fact, if I understand, large many graduate engineers are now joining as JE/SSE and will have an equal opportunity to qualify for class II.
        2. Bridge is a centralised organisation under Dy.CE/Bridge located at Sini. You will work under him with posting as per requirement over the entire Zonal Railway. You will be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the bridges in your jurisdiction and keeping a watch on it.
        3. Yes, you can prepare for IES, but you should have the patience and understanding to find time along with the schedule duty time.
        Best of luck

        • sanker says:

          Thank you sir can you tell me when I can get promoted to SSE cadre and the criteria for that kind of promotions

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            It is based on seniority with no examination except service records. It will depend upon the vacancies and may take from 08-12 years. Now a days the scale is running taking care of the salary rise in annual increment.

            • nagesh says:

              Thnak you sir for your valuable information,

              many of us have a question on JE reults, recently many of railway zones started declaring results but we did not found some of Category results for exaple Cat No. 70 JE IT, Cat No 74 .. etc

              for instance kolkatta rrb mentioned like below which is missing some catagories

              Out of those candidates who appeared in the Written Examination held on 14.12.2014 for the
              recruitment to the post of Junior Engineer vide Category Nos.36,37,38,39,43,46,50,51,54,56,62,63,64,
              65,71,72 and Depot Material Supdt. Vide Cag. No.76 of CEN-2/2014, the candidates bearing the
              following Roll Nos. are found provisionally eligible to appear for verification of documents and
              genuineness of candidature as per programme given below :-

              every one posting this question in different web sites.. but not get any clarity in any of websites.. sir Can you plz have any idea on that?

    12. saurabh singh says:

      Dear sir ,
      when can we expect the results of je and sse of every zone ,?? actualy I have appeared from allahabad board and got 90.66 marks in tough set out of 150 , can this score be valueable in selection according to your expereience ??? thanks in advance

    13. Mukesh says:

      I had Provisionally shortlisted for RRB CHENNAI SSE. I wearing glasses.. can u kindly tell me what is the medical standard for SENIOR SECTION ENGINEER POST?? Is it A-1 or A-2 or A-3 or B-1 or B-2 or C-1 or C-2 ???

    14. Karan says:

      Dear Sir
      First of all I thank you for creating these website and helping the aspirants and needy.My question is i am selected as ALP in SR Chennai Division and I undergoing training.But my qualification is B.E Mechanical.Now as I am in running cadre Electrical section I want to be a Mechanical department J.E.Kindly give me suggestions and idea regarding these.Thanks in advance.

    15. Arun says:

      What is the priority of the below posts from easiness to toughness?
      I am a mechanical graduate. I have applied for sse .
      sse mechanical workshop
      sse carriage & wagon
      sse diesel mechanical
      sse diesel electrical
      sse electrical/electrical GS
      sse electrical ( TRD )
      sse electrical ( TRS )
      I am waiting for your reply. Please reply quickly.

    16. prakash says:

      anything news for result of rrb ahmedabad and allahabad

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        I don’t think such information is available with any one. It will come as soon as all activities are completed by the respective RRB and such information is never allowed to be leaked.

    17. Arnab Das says:

      Sir, I am provisionally selected for SSE (Tr. machine) in Eastern Railway, but my Medical Fitness Test is yet to be done. The visual fitness category is A3 for this post, where it was written that “Lens Power must not Exceed 2D”. Does it mean only not more than +2 D? I have -5 D and -4.5 D in my eyes, and 6/6 in both with glasses. I am otherwise fit. So, will there be problem during medical test? If there’s a chance, should I go for LASIK for eye improvement? It’s about at least 2 months left for medical test. Please respond me with confirmed answer sir. This is about my career. Thank you.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        First thing, don’t go for lasik, it will be detected and you will unfit without any more checks. As regards the information collected, you are unfit for A3 but consult Railway Doctor by visiting the nearby Railway hospital.

    18. Ninad Adavadkar says:

      Mr. Jain, I have an urgent doubt regarding the RRB examination, due to be conducted this year.
      I have a B.E. Electrical degree from University of Pune.
      If I apply, for example, to RRB Chennai for TRD, RRB Chandigarh for GS and RRB Secunderabad for TRS, is this even valid? If yes, do I have to fill three different applications in such a case?
      Please reply soon.

    19. sanjib mullick says:

      give some idea about ACM LDCE exam in Railway, I am working in southern railway.

    20. akansha says:

      Respected Sir,PLz sent the detailed syllabus of Chemical metallurgical Assistance of each subject And also sent a study material of each subject.They have not even mentioned the detailed syllabus and not even books are published in market.Now say how we will get idea what to study.Please sent to my id.Hoping good
      response from your site.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Very simple, study what has been taught to you during your engineering course. This is the best I can suggest you and there is no need to run after detailed syllabus as no one can provide you more than what is mentioned in the advertisement.

    21. Sri says:

      Sir, in mechanical workshop they mention that 50% intake from only from mechanical engineer remaining post how can they choose all other branches like merit wise or category wise

    22. Pradeep says:

      I have applied for SSE as well as JE 2015 for RRB Bangalore.As RRB has started issuing admit cards. I didn’t get my roll no for SSE but I got for JE. Sir I don’t understand whom to contact please help me out.

    23. seemanna says:

      sir, my hall ticket is missing cen 2/2014 je post examination date 14/dec/2014

    24. Rupam Das says:

      Good Morning.I am Rupam Das.I am working in a Motor manufacturing US based firm (Marathon Electric) at Kolkata in Engineering dept.I have passed Electrical Engineering from B P Poddar Institute in 2008.Can I take preparation for RRB Senior Section Engineer for 2016 Xam?

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        You may check your age at the time of application if it meets the criteria. There is unlikely to have any vacancy of SSE in 2016 and it can only be 2017 or maximum 2018.

        • Rupam Das says:

          Thanks for the information sir.As I have seen 2015 application.the age should be within 20-34 years.How ever If i start reading and practising all the module for examination from now, it may help me in 2017 and 2018

    25. akhil says:

      Thanks for this wonderful website. I am SSE ELECTRICAL. please tell me how to access topics which require username and password to access.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        There is no topic requiring username and password for access. All posts are available to help all those interest. In case you want to share your experience, pl do so.


      Do you have any represant firm or man selling your solid stick type WFL system in Turkey ?

      Yours sincerely.

    27. Vipin says:

      I am selected as SSE in TRD department in Gunutr division. Please clarify 1) how many JEs work under an SSE?
      2) for TRD dept., how much distance(in km)of overhead line of a division will come under the supervision of each SSE?

    28. Vipin says:

      I am selected as SSE in TRD department in Gunutr division. Please clarify:
      1) how many JEs work under an SSE?
      2) for TRD dept., how much distance(in km)of overhead line of a division will come under the supervision of each SSE?

    29. rajesh says:

      Hi Sir,
      I am working in Railways as Senior Section Engineer, I am preparing for IES – 16 mech branch by self study.
      Sir is it true UPSC will change exam pattern of IES in 2016?
      Then when it will give intimation?, if it gives during notification day then there will be less time for aspirants to get prepared for the new exam pattern.
      UPSC has already fixed exam date for IES-16 in exam calender, so will there be changes?

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Yes, the pattern of examination is under review and will be notified shortly. It is likely to be on the line line of CSE where there is a preliminary examination followed with mains. The preliminary examination will include questions on engineer aptitude of all discipline. During the last two RRB examination of JE and SSE, the question paper was having questions of all branches of engineering and the same pattern may be followed here. Mains will have subjective examination on conventional subject. What I suggest you is the refresh the entire course studied in Engineering of all branches and general awareness so that the time is not wasted when the syllabus and pattern is notified.

    30. Alice Chen says:

      Dear M/S. RailElectrica,

      We knew that your esteemed company is involved in Energy transport networks.
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      Most noteworthy is the 400 KV composite insulators with fittings that we supplied to Jordan NEPCO.
      Besides, we supplied Italy Alstom porcelain insulator strings for 500 KV substation and passed the test in CESI Italy.
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      Looking forward to cooperation with your esteemed company.

      Best regards,

    31. Raunak kumar says:

      Respected Sir,
      I have done B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from NIT Agartala. I have been selected as Junior Section Engineer (Research)Engineering at RDSO by RRB Gorakhpur. So,can you brief about the job profile & workload pertaining this post as i want to further keep preparing for the coveted Engineering Services Examination.
      Thanks & Regards
      Raunak kumar

    32. Raja Nadeem says:

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      ict registered with Islamabad Goods Forwarding Association we are also member Islamabad chamber of commerce & industry

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    33. kamal kumar prajapat says:

      can u provide Electrical circuit diagram with all protection /fuse for AT to CLS panel and any guide line about

    34. Lakshmipathi says:

      sir i got selected for JE electrical general in SR (chennai) , 02/2014 notification , i did not get call letter for medical examination till now. some of my friends of other dept. got call letters. i am very much tensed , i dont know whom to ask . kindly provide me any information regarding that .
      thank you.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        You may check with the personal department at SR HQ. But I will suggest to wait because no one can take away your selection. The process takes time and processed separately for different cadres.

    35. krishnkumar varma says:

      sir mughe rrb 14/12/2014 je ahmedabad ka result dekhna hai…but mera roll no gum gaya hai…mere pass reg no hai….mighe apna result kese pata chalega pleas help me…

    36. koushik says:

      Hello sir I applied rrb sse 2015. I working in bank from may 2015,when (JULY2015) form fill up I choose the option ”no”,ARE U WORKING IN PSU JOB OPTION. Now i am selected RRB SSE. if I not informing rrb &resign my bank job.there is any problem in rrb

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        I consider that you may check with the rrb when you go for document verification. It will take another 6 months before you get the final posting and you continue to work in thw bank. It may be possible for you to declare the same even now. You have not done any crime.

        • koushik says:

          Thank you sir
          1.During docoumt verification I hide the present bank job, not tellng the truth.
          2.Can I extend joining time in rrb sse for 1 or1.5 month ? what reason I show? as I already mentioned you I working in bank from may 2015 .
          Thanking regards

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            I am not clear why you want to extend the joining. RRB will form a panel and will send it to the concerned Railway. The concerned Railway than will arrange for character verification. Thereafter you will be advise to attend the medical examination to the nominated railway hospital. On being given medical fitness, you will report to the concerned Division where you are posted. There is always some margins available, you can stretch each of the activity.

            • koushik says:

              actually bank needs 30 days for giving releaving order, so I want extension joining time. sir,i dont understand in character verification rrb panel check my data .i.e mean police verification and then after medical check up.

    37. Sunil Kumar Sharma says:

      Dear sir,
      It a very good site for the analysis ,I want to know the empirical values for different types of locomotive mainly for WAP-7 and WAG-9 also i want to know the in train connection (AAR-H Type Tight Lock Couplers having Balanced Type Draft Gear) mainly force displacement characteristic .

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        No information available but keep a watch and will post as soon as I compile the information

        • Sunil Kumar Sharma says:

          Sir i am looking ur website for this information please kindly update soon.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            You should decide upon now itself. I don’t think you can change after the offer is given, because once change will result in large many changes and RRB will not take the risk. What I understand the logic behind your quarry is If you fail in medical test and fit only for C group, than it will call for change. If you are given an offer of TA and fail in the category of medical examination, means no more opportunity.

    38. Renjith says:

      Sir presently I am working as trainee sse in TRD department in SR at chennai division. But my core subject in B.tech was mechanical engineering. Sir is their any way to get transfer to the mechanical engineering department.

    39. AMRIT KUMAR says:

      NTPS GRADUATE CEN 3/2015

    40. firoz khan says:

      Sir, I have applied for the post for JEE(Civil) on Compassionate Ground in NWR zone. Railway Board decided, A3 medical Standard for all the grades of JEE & SSE in any stream from Direct recruitment. A3 specification considered 6/9, 6/9 with or without glasses and power of lenses not exceed -2D. Sir my medical has been done and doctors gave me fit in B1 medical category because my vision is 6/9,6/9 but I wear spec and its lenses power is -4D. Please tell me Can I eligible for the post for JEE(Civil works) on C.G. appointment? In the condition of fail my candidature for JEE Civil(works or Drawing) category, have I chance for an appeal to Reexamined for medical board?

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        There is always a provision of re-examination and for that you can make an appeal if certain of the wrong interpretation by the Medical test.

    41. Firoz Khan says:

      Sir, Thanks…..your guidance is very helpful for those candidate, who haven’t knowledge about Administration’s circular, but Talent. I Celute to you

    42. firoz khan says:

      Sir, I have applied for the post for JEE(Civil) on Compassionate Ground in NWR zone. Railway Board considers JEE works and JEE P.Way in Safety category. Medical standard for all grades JEE/SSE is Aye-3 (A3- vision 6/9,6/9 and lenses Power not exceed -2D.). I was found unfit for Aye-3, because I wear spect and its lesnses power is -4D, I am fit for B1 category according to Para no.-512 (Vision Test) of Indian Railway Medical Manual 2000. But over all Medical standard for the any appropriate post, Para no.-504 (Relaxation of Condition) of IRMM2000 says that, ” It shall be open to Government to relax any of the conditions in favour of any candidate for special reasons.” According to this para, “May I get any relaxation regarding for the post for JEE Drawing (Civil), which is not coming in safety category according Engineering Directorate of railway”? Please sir guide me it is the question of my life.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        For compassionate appointment, there shall not be such restrictions. You write to the authorities to consider you for JEE Drawing.

    43. Leena Electro Mechanical Pvt. Ltd says:

      We need 9 Nos of PTFE Neutral Section for Central railway, Mumbai as per RDSO Specification. Please give us the rates for the same at the earliest.

    44. Abdulla says:

      I would like to know how to sand sprayers work on locomotives and how the it can be calculated to increase friction.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        Sand is used for the purpose of improving adhesion when the adhesion between rail and wheel drops to the level where unable to exert the tractive effort and having tendency to slip. There is sand box in which the sand is filled up during halt of the train. It is a sealed box so that water does no ingress. Sanding can be done automatically when the wheel slip is detected or manually by the loco pilot. When wheel slip is detected, a electro-pneumatic value is energised which sends air signal to the sand ejector value which is connected to the sand box with gravity fall of the sand. When air pressure is applied, the sand ejects through the ejector box through pipe which extends so as to drop sand between the rail and wheel.

    45. Nirmal Roy says:

      Sir, I have eyesight power of – 1.75(RY) and 2.00(LY).so which post can I apply and will I qualify with this eyesight?
      It will appreciated if you reply soon. Thank you.

    46. rajagopalan says:

      Sir, Good Evening . Now a days no technical articles are being posted.I am looking forward to the same.

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        I am also feeling bad about it because of my busy schedule in my regular job. I am having many half finished papers. Now I should complete it and post them. Thanks for reminding.

    47. niraj kumar says:

      sir i have been selected for raiway je on diploma basis.
      presently i am 3rd year b.tech student.
      i want extension in my joining
      so what can i do?
      my joining is on18 april 2016

    48. somasundaram says:

      why train resistance is higher for empty wagons compared with Loaded wagaons as per technical circular No 27 issued by rdso?

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        The unit used is kg/T. In absolute term of train resistance, it may works out differently in absolute terms i.e. 3.52*23=80 and 1.53*86= 131 kg. While working out the train resistance factors-wise
        R= 1.333973+0.021983V+0.000242 V 2
        R= 0.6438797 + 0.01047218V + 0.00007323 V2
        than you will find out that for loaded train working at 60 Kmph, the factor a and b doubles but remain same for factor c.The factor a and b doubles because it is related to the natural wheel slipping at the point of contact, increased lateral forces on the track and wear etc.

    49. ROHIT KUMAR says:

      I am fresher electrical engineer .How i will get job in electrical engineering Indian railways.

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