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Job Opportunities in Rail Transport – Senior Section Engineer(SSE) and Junior Engineer(JE)

By on September 30, 2013


The next RRB-2014 examination of all centers for the post of Senior Section Engineer and Junior Engineers in Railways is announced and on-line application will start on 20th Sept. 2014. The examination for JE and SSE will held on 14th and 21st Dec. 2014.  All those possessing Engineering Degree are eligible for SSE and Diploma holder for JE shall start their preparation and be  ready. Check the branch eligibility for different types of posts. You may have many quarry about your eligibility, job profile of a category of a post, likely place of posting etc. Be free to write on the comment column and I will reply to the best of knowledge and information.

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There are following technical department in Indian Railways recruiting Engineers for supervisory level functions. The technical departments are

  • Civil Engineering popularly called in Indian Railways as Engineering Department. It should not be mistaken as the only technical department. The department is responsible for maintenance of track, bridges, buildings, water supply, essential amenities at Railway Station etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering responsible for maintenance, operation and production of coaches, wagon, diesel locomotive, etc.
  • Electrical Engineering is responsible for maintenance and operation of electric locomotive, electrical multiple unit, Traction distribution, general services, train lighting and air-conditioning etc. The department is also responsible for production of electric locomotive and associative role in production in mechanical shops.
  • Signal and Telecommunication is responsible for maintenance of signalling and telecommunication assets.

Minimum Qualification

The minimum qualification for SSE and JE  is Graduate and Diploma in respective branch  as mentioned in the  vacancy notice. There are many equivalents for graduation and diploma in engineering and eligibility shall be checked from the vacancy notice before hand.

Importance of Designation

Calling oneself as an Engineer is a feeling of pride in today’s professional market.  Designation plays an important role in defining the job profile of the person. In good olden days, the designations were like Inspector of Works (IOW), Permanent Way Inspector (PWI), Foreman, Signal Inspectors (SI) etc. Designations which are added with ‘Engineer’ have job pride along with associated market and matrimonial value. Therefore, on demand of association, the designations were changed as SSE, SE, JE etc. with job responsibility given in bracket e.g. IOW, PWI or Traction Foreman became SSE(Works), SSE (P Way) or SSE(TRD) etc. However, the earlier  designations were so popular, that even today, at many a times, these designations are used during informal chats.

One can find the office of SSE/P way, SSE/Works, SSE/Signal, SSE/TRD very commonly found near a Railway Station.

Importance of the Cadre in the organisation

This cadre is having functions and responsibilities  of Supervisory nature. A work force is assigned to him for maintenance, operation or construction works. Construction and part of the maintenance works are done through work contracts and the supervisory cadre ensures execution.  This cadre is an interface between Management and staff and plays a vital role. The cadre works in  the field and observing all functions related to maintenance and operation of  assets under his control.

The most important responsibility is ‘safety’ towards running of trains assigned to each level in this cadre. Therefore, vulnerable to disciplinary action  for any wrong doing.

50% of the total vacancies in the (SSE+JE) cadre are filled up through direct recruitment from Railway Recruitment Board. 20% of the posts are filled up directly as SSE with minimum qualification of Degree where and 80% as JE with minimum qualification of diploma in respective branch. The balance 50% is filled through department promotion from artisan cadre.

Future prospects and promotional avenues

Directly recruited SSE or JE are eligible for appearing in Limited Departmental examination (LDCE) for promotion to Junior Scale Assistant Engineer after completion of 5 years of service. There is every possibility of someone getting selected at the first opportunity, if it is so, he can go up  in the cadre almost on line with Class I officer cadre. It is generally observed that directly recruited SSE having sincerity, dedication and stamina to prepare for the examination can certainly find an opportunity to qualify in the examination within 10 years of the career.

Read more …//www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/group-b-services/

There is a possibility of graduate engineers joining as SSE and getting frustrated soon as the job profile may not match what they had in their mind while studying engineering. If they have the confidence of clearing LDCE examination within reasonable time, this is also an alternate opportunity for all those who otherwise could not qualify through UPSE to enter officer’s cadre of Indian Railways. Therefore, graduate engineers shall examine all possibilities with pros and cons and decide for their career.

It is important to note that a graduate engineer having strong desire to go only for Govt. job, may also look for option to appear in the written examination of JE as well. This is so because, he is  still eligible for appearing in LDCE examiantion, and if hard work associated with luck smiles on him, he succeeds.

As regards, diploma holders, this is one of the best job opportunities and shall prepare with all throttle   for the RRB examination.

Opportunity to go to PSUs on deputation

Indian Railways provide good opportunity to join Railway PSU as well on deputation or permanent absorption later on. The PSU organisations are IRCON, RITES, RVNL, DFCIL, MRVC etc. Beside this other PSUs related with Railway Transport such as Metro Railway Corporation also considers such candidates favorably.


The pay scales are well defined in the vacancy notice. Beside this you get DA which is presently 90% of the basic. 7th Pay commission has been announced which always brings good news. You are also eligible for

  • HRA but there is equal possibility of getting a Railway house if posted in sub-division.
  • Free Medical facilities in Railway hospitals
  • Maximum of three nos of free privilege passes for you and your family any where India along with 3 nos. of PTO where you pay 30% of the fare.
  • You get sufficient leave i.e. 30 day leave on average pay, 15 days on half average pay on medical ground, 8 nos.  Casual Leave, paternity leave etc. but the issue is getting sanctioned.

In any case, the salary is much better than any other option that both Degree ( from other than Premier or A grade institute) or and Diploma holder may be looking for.

 Why you should not Join?

There are only few reasons that I consider relevant and take be judicious call before  joining Indian Railways


Now days, there is only one examination for all the RRBs and therefore one should  submit his application for that RRB whose jurisdiction falls in that area where you are looking  for posting and working during supervisory cadre. Vacancies are assessed by Railway HQ for each division and forwarded to respective RRB in whose jurisdiction the Division falls. This will ensure your very likely posting in the  Division of your choice or at least nearby. Once posted in that division, you may be posted in any sub-divisional office in the division and may also undergo transfer whenever required. As per the prevailing trend, there is a stability of 5-8 years at one place.

Don’t join Indian Railways, if you don’t want to move out from your parental house.


There is no out of turn growth in Indian Railways and therefore, if you want to fly or looking for quick jumps, then Indian Railways is not a good option.


If you are a work shirker, you may be ok for few month/years but not sustainable. If you still join, then it will bother you with transfer, frequent firing, promotion and humiliation. Therefore, better avoid it. Shirkers cannot survive in Railways. Yes, you can possibly if you know the art of pleasing your boss or good in works which calls for managing work with other department or liaison work.

Understanding Boss

All along your career in Indian Railways you will have a boss. There is no organised training for management of boss.  If you don’t have the skill and understanding of boss management, it may be sometime be very frustrating. The best and simple way to manage your boss are

  • Boss is always right
  • Never Argue and always be in agreement to his suggestion; you may politely tell him at a later date if his suggestion does not have a value
  • Keep you ego away from the profession and 100% percent away while dealing with the boss

 Working Environment

  • Maintenance of Railway Assets
  • Maintenance of Track, drainage system etc.
  • Maintenance of Signalling
  • Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in a Shed
  • Maintenance of Equipment in a Workshop
  • Training institute for Signalling and Telecommunication Engineers
  • Maintenance Shed
  • Maintenance shed for Electric Locomotive
  • Workshop for maintenance of Electrical Multiple Unit
  • Rewinding Workshop
  • Rewinding workshop
  • Level crossing Gate - Maintenance intensive asset
Maintenance of Railway Assets1 Maintenance of Track, drainage system etc.2 Maintenance of Signalling3 Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in a Shed4 Maintenance of Equipment in a Workshop5 Training institute for Signalling and Telecommunication Engineers6 Maintenance Shed7 Maintenance shed for Electric Locomotive8 Workshop for maintenance of Electrical Multiple Unit9 Rewinding Workshop10 Rewinding workshop11 Level crossing Gate - Maintenance intensive asset 12
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  1. Sudershan says:

    Respected sir I am selected in extra candidates for post of je after written exam cen .02/2014 how many chances are there to be selected in main list after document verification process.and if I select as standby candidate after document verification then will there be any chance to get myself in final merit .because medical exam also take place after document verification process in which a few candidates may become ineligible for final merit.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      After the document verification, the panel is furnished to the concerned Railway. In case someone fails in document verification, than there is immediatee chance. After the list is sent to the respective railway, the character verification and medical examination is the responsibility of the respective railway. In case, some one fails here, than joining will be of lesser candidates as compared to the vacancies but reconciliation takes considerable period and I am doubt if you will get any opportunity even if any one fails in medical.

  2. Sudershan says:

    Respected sir,
    Thanks for your nice reply.If you don’t mind I have another query regarding selection process.

    In C.E.N no. 02/2014 there were both types of posts I.e junior engineer and senior section engineer.there is a great possibility for the candidates selected in S.S.E to be selected in J.E also,and of course in that case they will choose S.S.E posts.So do you think there are more chances of extra candidates of J.E list to be selected in main list of J.E. And in that case are common candidates (common in list of S.S.E and J.E result after written exam) considered as absent in J.E exam as they will opt for S.S.E rather than J.E? And how are they adjusted in final empanelment of S.S.E and J.E categories?

  3. Nisha says:

    Sir, i want to know if RRB will allow us to fill prefrence again .?
    and being a civil engineer and female candidate will railway staff will co operate me in my work… Means will ask me to go to far flung sites ??

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think you can change the preference. But you will get all the cooperation from the co-person and will not ask duties which is difficult for a female candidates.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think you can change the preference. But you will get all the cooperation from the co-person and will not ask duties which is difficult for a female candidates.

  4. Yograj says:

    dear sir,
    your website gives ful insight into railways , thank you for your effort and replies.

    I got selected as JE in mechanical workshop in cen 2 2014 yet to join .
    I got selected as SSE and CDMS , in 1 2015 rrb banglore . but I don’t know which deportment they have alloted .

    I had given CDMS as first preference .
    1) is chief depot material superintendent job profile is gazetted post ?
    2) what type of quaters will they get ?
    3) I am planing to give UPSC exam for IRSS . so I choosed CDMS post.
    4) is it group B post ?
    5 ) how is the work profile of CDMS?
    6) which one will be good CDMS or SSE workshop. ( I have degree in ECE)
    7) I am planing to give GATE and enter into PSU like BHEL NTPC IOCL , which option will be better . to stay in Railways or PSU?

    Thank u sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I think you have not read the post carefully.
      1. All competitive examination conducted by RRB is group C post and by UPSC are group A post except for Sector officer for Railway Board which is group B post.
      2. You will be entitled for type IV house but it will not available and you are likely be to be given type III.
      3. For appearing UPSC, it does not matter what you choose as Group C post.
      4. It is not group B post. On promotion from group B post to Assistant Officer it is called group B post till you are absorbed as Group A.
      5. I have given the working profile of CDMS in my post on cheif depot material superintendent and search the same on the web and you will get the answer
      6. SSE workshop will give you more satisfaction.
      7.SSE/Workshop and CDMS will given you enough time to prepare for GATE and UPSC.

  5. yogesh says:

    dear sir ,
    if I have six fingers in leg , will I be medically fit for CDMS ?
    figer is in right leg from birth .

  6. Akshaya says:

    Sir, when can we expect the next notification from the rrb for sse/je vacancies? On an average how many applicants are interested to attempt this examination in rrb chennai?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think next notification will be before 2019 as two exams were conducted back to back. It is very difficult to say how many applicant will show interest in rrb/chennai. I will only say that it will not be less than 80 per vacancy.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Next notification not expected before 2019 as there were two back to back examination in 2014 and 2015. On an average there are 80 applicant for each of the vacancy.

  7. NEL ANAND says:

    thanku sir for guiding us.sir,i have been shortlisted in sse in diesel mechanical in rrb jammu.what are the working condition for diesel mechanical post.sir,i will get time for preparation for EES.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      RRB Jammu recruits SSE/Diesel for the maintenance of diesel locomotive in Ferojpur Division. There is one Diesel maintenance shed located at Ludhiana and another for DEMU at Srinagar. You are most likely to be posted in Ludhiana Diesel Shed. There are also many out station points. You may be posted most likely at Ludhiana. There are few posts which are in shift, but generally the posting to shift post after some experience. I presume, for two years at least, you should be able to get time to prepare for ESE.

      • ANKUSH says:

        thank you sir for your guidance .I have been selected as JE mechanical NR .Can you please tell me something about job profile and will i get enough time for UPSC preparation.

  8. Sandeep says:

    Dear sir ,
    I got SSE TRD in SWR .
    Is there allowance for working for extra time ?
    I also heard like some Branch people work for 15 days(24X7) and take rest for next 15 days, is it true ?
    Thank you sir

  9. sumita says:

    I m pursuing BE in EEE what are the chances of getting job in railway group c for a girl

  10. fardeen says:

    Sir SSE post come under group b please tell I am in confusion

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      No confusion please. It is Group C post. From here you gets promotion as Group B and after working for about 8-10 years as group B you get confirmation in Group A.

  11. arun says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanx for such valuable information in so lucid manner. I have been selected for DV (SSE) in Guwahati region. below are some concern of mine please do answer
    1-My eye sight is -2.75 for both eyes. Am i fit for Visual Standards which states—”Distance Vision: 6/9,6/9 with or without glasses (power of lenses not to exceed 2D)”.
    2- can i get it corrected by lasik.?
    3-what are the procedure for getting a transfer in other region.?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      With power of lense 2D, if your vision is 6/9, it is ok.
      With Lasik, you will be unfit
      You want transfer from NFR to other Railway. You can make an application after one year. Both the Railway had to agree for you spare and accept you. You will lose the seniority and it is not certain how much time it will take for transfer to materialise.

  12. Vivek says:

    Sir currently I have recruited as a J.E.Civil in municipal corporation of Greater mumbai (M.C.G.M.)And I have called for Document verification for J.E.IN Rrb Mumbai which option is more promising? I have a degree in Civil Engineering.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It is a very difficult question. It is very difficult to predict the future and compare at today’s perspective. The best way to decide is stability, security, opportunity to learn and benefit of learning for future. I understand MCGM with give you the stability of living in Mumbai only whereas Railway, if you are posted in Mumbai Division, than only the stability in Mumbai otherwise it can be Poona, Bhusawal, Nagpur, Sholapur (CR). In JE there is an option of offer for Works and P Way. The nature of job in works may be similar to MCGM but P way is completely different. Pl check from the person already working in MCGM about the promotional prospect and as regards Railways, i have already given the idea in many of my posts.

      • Vivek says:

        Thanks Sir for valuable suggestions. There are likely to be equal promotional policy in MCGM AND RAILWAY.so
        What will advantageous for technical experience??

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Advantage of technical job is get a job in private company if you are dis-satisfied with your govt. job or want to take a jump.

  13. Manasa says:

    hello sir!I’m information technology BE student I want to get into SSE post so under which qualification i should apply?to what al post I can apply in that?

  14. subu says:

    sir i wanted to know how long it takes to get the joining letter after docmnt verifn

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      A panel will be formed and advised to the concerned Railway. The Railway will examine the panel and will arrange for character verification. After this, allotment of place of posting will be decided by the concerned department. An advise will be send for medical examination in a Railway hospital nominated by the Railway and after you complete the medical examination and you will be issued joining letter. It takes around 6 months.

  15. rahul singh says:

    hello sir, i have one question- will a btech (mechanical) student can apply for sse and je as well? 2.) Will a candidate can apply for any region rrb(other than his home state)? ( 3.) One more question, i m belongs to obc category and have obc certificate of bihar(my birth place) but i am presently living in chattisgarh (from last 18 years)and done all my studies from C.G, suppose if i applied for rrb bilaspur(C.G) and during at the time of document verification i show caste certificate of bihar,will they accept or not? I am asking this query because í dont have caste certificate of C.G. (4.) may, i be eligible for filling the rrb patna form? My email id- [email protected], please mail me the answr. Thankyou.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      1.Yes he can apply for both SSE and JE The examinations were held on different days on for this reason. 2. Yes, but only one RRB. 3. You are eligible to file your RRB application from Bihar. I am not sure about the need of OBC certificate from Bilaspur, but it should not be, and Bihar should be acceptable. I will check up with someone having field knowledge of this subject.

  16. Jit says:

    Respected Sir ,
    I’m an avid reader of your blog….From your articles i came to know about RDSO….In another article you have mentioned that job in RDSO is very satisfactory for those who want to gain technical knowledge as well as want a stable family life with fixed working hours….but as i’m a student of Electronics and Communication (diploma) , will it be hard for me to get a job in RDSO….??..Please also mention the number of seats available for the students of ECE(diploma) in RDSO..

  17. Priya says:

    Sir, I am qualified SSE cen01/2015. I have done my btech in ECE.I give preference to the S&T as a female is that job is suitable for me.Pls give suggestion to me sir.

  18. sir is there any chances for the second list ragarding SE CEN 1/2015. sir i mean is there is any possibility for the failing of candidates for the document verification

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      No there is no chance to call any candidate from the failed candidates. Even there is a remote chance to call a candidate from the waiting list.

  19. Sasi says:

    Sir I have a doubt pls clarify it. I am qualified SSE Secunderabad cen01/2015. RRB can called all the qualified persons for DV r only the merit persons they call for DV. Till now I didn’t get any call letter for DV.

  20. P KUMAR says:

    Respected sir, I have chosen wrong preference (RRB NON TECH). I opted for Group ‘C’ post(but there are group ‘B’ posts.Later I came to know about it. Sir will RRB fallow as per my order or else as per rank?

  21. amit devra says:

    sir , i am in dilemma…. i got selected on the post of SSE (Mechanical) from Ahmadabad and also got selected on the post of Patent Examiner ( group A gazetted post ) . my problem is related to location of job ( in patent examiner post, i will be posted to metro cities only) , i am the only son of my parents, they don’t want to leave ahmadabad ……., if i choose SSE than i have advantage of hometown posting but drawback is of lower pay scale & group C post……………if i choose Patent Examiner than i got good pay scale, grp A status , very cool job but location problem …… it may depend person to person, for me i preferred happiness of my family ….. my question is “Does SSE (Mechanical) job is consider to be satisfactory job because i have read many bad things about this job, it is considered to be worst job with lot of tension ?? “,
    Kindly help me to take my decision……thank you

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is no comparison of Group C post with that of Group A gazetted post. Have you been selected to Patent Examiner through UPSC or what? There is every likely hood that if you join SSE, you will keep on cursing and this dilemma will remain all the time with you. There is no certainty of your posting in your home town except of certainty of posting in home state (Vadodara, Rajkot, Ahemdabad and Bhavnagar Divn. including small station posting) which are connected to RRB/ADI. As regards your question, whether it is considered worst job, it is not correct. There are many who are dying to get this job. You are listening and interpreting it as bad things because you have more option. Beside, the person working in these post, will always give an account of worst things. If I give you my example, when I got selected to IRSEE in 1977, I got a letter from my cousin also a Group A officer of 1964 batch, that don’t join Railways and better remain with BHEL, as Railways is no good. It is generally the experience of few, but not of you. If you ask me, take decision which is best for you in long run, keeping you happy, so that you don’t curse in the end that you have sacrificed your career for the family.

      • amit devra says:

        thank you very much sir for the reply….. selection for the post of patent examiner is done through Nation Productivity Council not by UPSC ……

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          I don’t think it is a group A post as per the prevailing norms. Pl send me details of your posting order to understand it.

  22. Rahul says:

    I am in dilemma situation as I got selected as SSE in RRB ajmer as well as Management trainee in NPCC(national projects construction corporation). Both of these job are govt and paying almost same as npcc is paying E1 pay that is why I am so confused which organisation should i join ? Please suggest me to figure out best for me
    Thank you

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      SSE is group C post even though it is mentioned Senior Section Engineer whereas Management Trainee is of higher level entry giving higher opportunity to rise. As regards pay scale, even Group A candidate joining Railways may also be getting the same salary but the issue is the initial level to rise in the cadre. I under stand you are graduate in Civil Engineering and the experience of NPCC will come handy for a private job at a later date if required.

  23. Rahul ojha says:

    Sir , i m selected in kendriya vidyalaya for post of tgt(work experience) grade pay 4600 and je electrical/ trd which one to join sir..plz tell me..what r the chances of promotion for je ..also tell me nature of job of je electricsl trd

  24. Shantanu Banerjee says:

    I have been selected as JE 2014 in RRB allahabad for Northern Region. In the final result after the DV, it is mentioned in the footnote to contact the respective chief personnel officer, but no contact info is being given. It also said that an intimation letter is being sent to candidates by post. So should I wait for the intimation letter or go directly to the mentioned Northern Railways HQ ?
    And my dept is carriage and wagon, Kindly tell me how’s the job profile ? Is it office hour duty , or a hectic one?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I understand that RRB Allahabad will send a panel of successful candidates to CPO of Northern Railway. Northern Railway will arrange for character verification and Medical examination before you are asked to join the place of your posting. I am not aware of what is mentioned in the final result given by RRB or if you can send me its image. As regards job profile
      There are many types of job involved i.e,
      Carriage maintenance in the depot or at station: Responsible for the maintenance of coaching train
      Wagon maintenance in yard: Responsible for the mainteannce of freight train
      Carriage and Wagon workshop: Responsible for overhaul of passenger coach and wagons
      All the job involves alertness, punctual, intelligence, no short cuts etc. The job is hectic. Office duty is negligible and only a few are given jobs of record keeping, stores management and technical analysis which is only after considerable experience. So you have to make a beginning from a small station.
      But you should remember one thing that if you Diploma holder and selected to this post, it is the one of the best job opportunity. However if your graduate engineer and decided to join this post, you have to control your ego of being graduate and doing this job. Work hard patiently and enjoy whatever comes in the life with grace.

  25. Nasir says:

    Sir i have been selected as je 2014 presentely i am working as a clerk in state govnt from last 2 years i m not aware of the noc from the previous employee at the time of doc verification so i didn’t show my job to railways at the time of dv as well as in application form .
    will it be a problem or i can join without giving the previous job details by resign
    Or i have to forget about Je job . Both of my employers didn’t know about the other job. Should i give medical or not. Is there any chance of extension of joining of 3 month or any minimum time .Please give your valuable suggastion thank you

  26. aditya says:

    sir I’m selected in electrical TRD (je post) and preparing for state PSC ….should i join railways ?
    I’m worried…some body told me that railway does not give NOC for state govt jobs…

    sir if I’m called for interview in any state service i have to present NOC certificate from railway…?

    is there any rule that railway gives NOC only for central govt jobs and there is no chance of getting NOC for state govt jobs??

    kindly reply

  27. Amol says:

    After DV i have alloted SSE (MECHANICAL ) ….what job profile comes under it …i mean to ask wheather i would alloted workshop or anything else …kindly clarified it …..thank you

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Mechanical department is having following streams where the recruitment is made namely, Diesel Locomotive maintenance, C&W, Workshop, Loco production at CLW/DLW. From the description given, it cannot be loco, C&W and workshop. To me it appear that few of the Railways has not submitted their indent to RRB giving specific indent giving the sub-department. In that case, it is not clear to which sub-department you will be posted. Therefore, don’t worry, where every posted, accepted it happily.

      • Amol says:

        Thank you sir for replying ..still ther is little dout …..i got selected in CAT NO. 9 of CEN 02/2014 Advertisement ….In the final result after DV they have published separate result for SSE (C&W), SSE (DIESEL MECHANICAL ) ….there were no separate seats for workshop in our RRB board …can i assume i will get workshop by SSE (MECHANICAL )…?

  28. Ravi says:

    Dear Sir
    First of all I must thank you for your Railelectrica blog.
    I am in a great dilemma sir, I would request you to provide your suggestion.
    I am from Odisha and have masters degree from NIT. I got selected as SSE/PWAY in E. Co. Rly. I also got selected as SSE/WORKS in N. F. Rly. I also have another job as JE(QS&C) in MES which is a office based job. Sir I am unable to choose which one to join. I heard a lot of negative reviews on PWAY job. But it is in my home state. Whereas SSE/WORKS is in North-East states.
    sir should I join in my home state as SSE/PWAY or join as SSE/WORKS in a far off place.
    I should prefer office based job as JE in MES and prepare for ESE. But I am passionate to work in Railways.
    I am eagerly awaiting a reply from you.
    Thank you sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t know about the JE in MES and how are the promotion prospects along with career prospects. I have already written about the job profile of P way and Works in Railways. P way post is having more challenges as compared to works and I will always suggest to prefer P way as compared to works as he is directly involved in train operation. I cannot say how much it is important for you the posting in home state, but if you want posting in a better place, not directly connected with train operation than prefer works.

      • Ravi says:

        Will I regret if I join SSE/PWAY because I have heard very negative reviews. I understand the duty but will I be able to have proper sleep and quality time with my family.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          A person with masters in engineering and choosing a job of Supervisor in Railways, itself is tough for him to calm himself during day to day work. P way is the most important organisation of Engineering Department and always on the forefront of train operation. Your sleep will not be disturbed each day, but certainly more number of days as compared to other while color jobs. I can tell you one thing that you will regret in both the cases, because it is human nature. I will only suggest, that what ever decision you take, don’t regret it, because you have yourself chosen it. Such situation is there when there is an opportunity to choose. Imagine another person who does not have any job and dying for a job, he will only jump for SSE Pway and will distribute sweets to his relatives and friends.

          • Ravi says:

            Thank you very much sir. You are explaining to the anxious candidates very aptly. I am deciding to choose SSE/PWAY to take it up as a challenge and serve the nation. Rest depends upon god’s grace. Hope the decision is correct. I think since I am having choices I am viewing every thing through lens. I should prefer higher level job no matter how responsible it is than lower level job and try for better job if possible. As it is said shoot for moon even if you miss you will fall on stars. With responsibility comes recognition.

  29. sonu sharma says:

    hello sir , i have qualified wriiten exam for RRB JE MUMBAI. i will gonna have document verification on 20th may……. what are the all necessary documents dat is must .. i hav 10th 12th and b.tech ,,,,,any other certification like character certificate type ????? or any other ……..

  30. avi nayyar says:

    Respected sir i have been selected as SSE bridges in RRB chandigarh. Can you please tell me what all divisions i can be posted to as i originally hail from ludhiana punjab. Also i would like you to put some light on the working of SSE bridges and the facilities one gets as An sse bridges guy. I have heard that an SSE has to fight for even the basic requirements to be fulfilled and gets a step motherly treatment b the management. currently i am je cpwd and planning to give examinations for class 1 job.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      RRB Chandigarh recruits SSE for the requirement of UMB, Jammu and Delhi Division. It is a centralised cadre and you can be posted in any of the Division. Being in Railway service, learn to love the entire jurisdiction of Railways and love for the specific territory of your birth should be given up. Not the SSE but all recruits except through ESE finds it difficult in the initial years about the basic facilities of housing, transport etc. Step motherly treatment as compared to what? If you are talking about the direct recruit through ESE, than it is a complete different cadre and does not come in the category of step motherly treatment. Railways is a very large organisation and don’t except you will receive any specific treatment but it is upto you to show your worth with dedication, sincerity, job innovation, etc. and get a recognition. You should prepare for ESE, a must and much better option as compared to SSE for graduate engineers.

  31. Sairaj says:

    Dear sir iam selected in carriage and wagon post sir I completed my DV and next I have medical check up ihave eye sight -2. 75 forboth eye is am fit for job or not please tell mesir

  32. subu says:

    hello sir i wantd to know after how many days i can expect call 4 da medical test (final result declared 21.03.2016)

  33. Abhilash Sahoo says:

    Hi Mahesh Sir, you have been doing a wonderful job, really appreciate your work in helping candidates like me with railway specific knowledge,

    I am a btech in ECE from NIT Rourkela, I am a childhood railway fan being spent my entire childhood in ECoRly colony Mancheswar, Now I have got SSE signal in RRB secunderabad in 2015, I am happy to be in the core of my branch but people are cursing the job saying it’s 24*7 open line work, no holidays, huge chances of getting penalized etc etc, plz clear my doubts. 1)How much time on an Average it takes a good student and sincere worker to reach ASTE from SSE through LDCE or LGS considering I don’t qualify IES ? 2) is there any value of the work experience of signal for deputations to rail PSU or private sector ?
    3)Sir , if I can get 3 promotion in entire career and reach Sr DSTE level, dats good enough for me, how likely is this? I mean, how normally does it happen?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      1. It will be around 8 years through LDCE and 20 years through LGS.
      2. There is a huge value of work experience of Signal. Use the opportunity to gain experience with maximum of the equipment and its functioning.
      3. To reach the level of Sr.DSTE, you should work positively to qualify through LDCE.

  34. Ajay Deep Pathak says:

    Sir I have been selected as JE/Electrical TRD in RRB Allahabad 2014 . What is the profile of TRD and promotion aspect. Till which post he can reach till his retirement if he is an average employee. And till what grade pay? Thank you in advance.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It may depend on where your boss posts your i.e. OHE maintenance or Power Supply installation. Over Head Equipment is located above the track on through of the electrified section and therefore, job profile requires going in the section in tower wagon and attending schedule and un-schedule maintenance. Power Supply Installation is also located in the section but at few locations and you may required to go in the section to attend schedule maintenance and unscheduled maintenance. In PSI, unscheduled maintenance is less as compared to OHE. Till your retirement you may reach a level of Assistance Electrical Engineer or Senior Scale i.e. Divisional Electrical Engineer. If you qualify through LDCE, you may reach to the level of Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer.

  35. subu says:

    sir i came across such selected candidates selected as sse of the year 2014 but still they hv not received their medical letter if sir it is so sir then should we of 2015 batch have to wait that long too

  36. vinod says:

    I had an eye sight of -1.75 to both eyes,will i eligible for SSE ,not eligible means i planning to go for lasik

  37. Raghu says:

    JE to group A officer possible ?
    If possible how ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Yes it is possible and it is detailed in many of my posts. I need not repeat it and better you read from there.

  38. Akshay bhat says:

    I have been empaneled for SSE 2015. My document verification is over and i have been allotted Northern railway workshop. Please tell me how much time it will take for the medical examination call by the Northern Railway HQ. I have revived the letter of confirmation of document verification on 30/05/16.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It depends on how fast allotment of the candidate is processed by Personal Branch and approved by Mechanical Department. It may take around 3 months before you receive the letter for medical examination. There are many workshops namely Jagadari, Amritsar, Lucknow etc. Mechanical department will decide where to post you.

  39. navneet says:

    Dear sir,
    I have been selected in rrb patna for SSE(Track Machine) and my document verification is already over. Can any one tell me how long time, CPO, Hajipur generally takes to call a candidate for medical verification?

  40. Kiran says:

    Dear sir , I got provisionally selected as JE mechanical RRB Mumbai and got my DV done on 17th may I have few doubts
    1. What wud b the revised salary (7th CPC based)
    2. Place of training and posting ??
    3. Will I get time to prepare for gate 17??
    Your reply will be pleasing

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You should not worry about what you get, because when you are graduate engineer you will always compare it with what SSE/AEE gets. In fact, it does not appear to be your target and you are more interested to leave at the best opportunity. As regards time for preparation for GATE, I think you should be able to find enough of time.

  41. G.BHANU says:

    Respected sir,
    My Name Is Bhanu.I am From TIRUPATHI.I am Studying B.Tech Final Year,Mechanical Branch…I am Very Much Intrested To Work In Railway Department .Is There Chances To Women .Will You Please Guide Me How To Get Job In Railways.&Will You Please Posts the Vacancies Available Near Tirupathi CRS..Please Give One Chance To Prove Myself Sir.,I Will Try To Give My Best
    Thanking you sir..

  42. Nitish says:

    Sir i have been selected as SSE in diesel mechanical from Firozpur division and selected as JE in Workshop from DMW PATIALA .I am confusion which i should joln.sir,please give me suggestion which i should join

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You should join SSE Diesel Mechanical. Why there should be a confusion to choose between JE and SSE?

      • Nitish says:

        Thanku sir for guiding us,some sse are saying better you should join je workshop instead of SSE diesel mechanical therefore i became confused.After your suggestion i have no doubt.

  43. subu says:

    hello sir i wanted to know about the privileges that a sse gets during its training period

  44. akash says:

    sir plz tell what is the job opportunity if I want to switch in pvt organisation after working 5 years in railway..as SSE electrical department.can I get job opportunity in locomotive country such as Spain Japan..?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You may get the job in India in Loco factory being built at madehapura and also some of the newly built metro coach factory such Bombardier at baroda and alsthom at Chennai. I cannot say about Spain or Japan.

  45. Vivek Jha says:

    Sir I have been selected in sse c&w from rrb patna. Final result after verification of documents was given on 27th of may. I don’t know what is the next step in recruitment and how long do we have to wait for final joining?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The panel of successful candidates will be sent to Chief Personal Officer ECR at Hajipur. He will arrange for character verification and will also sent the panel to Chief Mechanical Engineer to allot the candidates to Division as per Vacancy. It may take around 6 months time.

      • Vivek Jha says:

        Thank you sir. I am big time follower of railelectrica. I wish to see more informations related to mechanical and civil engineering also. Thanks again sir for the guidance.

  46. aditya singh says:

    Respected sir. i have appeared for rrb je/sse 2014 exam from rrb chandigarh. I was able to clear exam in JE category but my name was in waiting list. I had my document verification on 28th march 2015. As i was in waiting list i lost my all hope of selection but this week i.e on 22-08 2016 i have recieved one letter from rrb chandigarh stating that i have been selected as JE(p-way) and i am being asked to wait for appointment letter from respective division. My questions to you are
    1.what is the job profile of JE( p way )?
    2. How much more time it will take before final joining?
    3.How much money a JE(p way) gets on training ?
    4. Will i be able to prepare for upsc CSE with the job ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      What was the previous offcer? The je(pway) offer may be from 2015 exam. Pl check this. I hope you are from Civil Engineering
      1. He shall be responsible for the mainenance of track and related items of a section allotted to hime under SSE(pway). The maintenance is arranged through a gang of track man.
      2. It will take around six months, during which character verification and allotment of Division and section will be done. Thereafter medical and appointment letter.
      3. It should not matter unless you have some other jobs in your hand. With 7th PC, salary is attractive looking for a Govt. Job
      4. During training, you should be able to. If you are serious about CSE and have confidance, than it may be difficult as it requires hard work.

      • aditya singh says:

        thank you for replying sir. No it is for 2014 only. Yes sir i have degree in civil engineering .At present i am not having any job and that is why i asked about the salary part in training. Do you have any idea how much a civil engineer will be paid during training ?. My main aim is to get into IPS and this job was needed for job security as this provide me with the kind of future security career wise i required to appear in CSE.2017 will be my serious attempt i hope i will get enough time in the training period to at least appear once with full preparation.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          You continue your preparation as the offer of appointment will certainly be not there before next six months and may check if you can get an extention in joining.

  47. Milind Chauhan says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have been selected for SSE Mechanical (DLW). I have some queries rgarding the post-
    1. What are the possibilities one can be transferred from DLW to other PUs or Workshops on request or by mutual transfer?
    2. Will I get a railway quarter immediately after joining or there is a waiting list for that?
    3. What type of quarter an SSE is entitled to; Type 3 or Type 4?
    4. Will I get enough time to prepare for UPSC ESE?
    5. What are the working hours in DLW?
    6. How easily one can get leaves in DLW?
    Thank you

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      1. It may be possible on mutual transfer or loss of seniority after a mandatory years of service in DLW. But it is time consuming and difficult work.
      2. Initially you will be on training and will get the house after that. Generally DLW posting is stable, and employee prefer to own their own house and I understand that it should not be a problem and finally it will known when your joins.
      3. Your entitlement will be type 4 but initially you may get type 3
      4. Yes, you should be
      5. It is a schedule working hours of 8 hours and six days a week. Some organisation may have five and half days per week.
      6. It depends on your immedaite boss.

  48. Kiran says:

    Sir I m selected as RRB JE in workshop( mechanical) WR , may I know where cud b my place of posting and also place of training as I m concerned to know about it and plan accordingly .ty.

  49. Rakesh says:

    Respected sir,

    I have been selected as SSE/TRS and called for a medical test. I am in a doubtful state of passing the fitness test. I have one-eyed vision and other eye has -4 D as power.

    1. Will I pass the medical test subjected to referral to a special panel??
    2. Is there any chance to provide me with some alternative appointment??
    3. Can the eye problem cause rejection in railways in future for Group A posts, if suppose I get into ESE ?? (I am B.Tech from NIT, my branch is Electrical)

    Thank You

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      1. I doubt, because one eye vision is -4D and will not pass A3 criteria
      2. How the special panel will help? The special panel is appointed when there is a doubt about the examination or its interpreation
      3. You may check the minimum standard required for eye testing. I will suggest to try your luck for IAS.

      • Rakesh says:

        Thank you for the reply.

        I have checked the internets but I found nothing related to one eyed vision.
        Is there any rule that says “One eyed vision” can not be admitted ?? (talking about ESE)

  50. Hi.sir!my name is Suhail,, my dream is to become a junior engineer in railway department,, I completed my diploma in mechanical engineering,, but I have sight of -5myopia,,I am a OBC candidate pls,,,help me the visual criteria in case of OBC candidate,, for the post of he(c&w or workshop)

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is no relaxation in medical examination for reserved category. With this vision, you will not qualify for A3, minimum for JE/SSE.

      • dharmendra says:

        Sir I had my dv for sse Ahmedabad but I m waiting for my medical. Other candidate’s with me already had a call from their respective division for medical some days ago. I am waiting .what can be the problem .I am on the main merit list after dv

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Dont worry. The variation is because of the department/post to which you are selected.

          • dharmendra says:

            Sir usually how much time it takes. Sir I have been selected for bank clerk .should I join it .if Rrb takes time. But if I join I won’t be able to leave it for at least 2 months. Please sir guide me.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            A difficult choice to make. You may visit CPO office of Western Railway at Church Gate and inquire about it. But I should say that certainly you will get the call shortly.

          • dharmendra says:

            Sir what if they call and one didn’t received it. Sir will be there any difference in seniority if someone gets call early. Sir I have problem in one of my ear there is a small hole in my eardrum. Will it lead to my failure in medical. And last question sir what will be the starting salary for sse after 7th CPC . And thanks for it earlier responses sir .