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Value Added Service to Long Distance Railway Passenger – Sr.Citizen

By on December 2, 2013

IRCTC has been given a daunted task of providing certain amenities to Indian Railway passenger. The services provided is standard in nature and generally does not meet the requirement of special class of passenger like Senior Citizens, Women and Differently Abled etc. IRCTC shall consider providing value added service to this class of passenger on demand like City travel, Porter and on board special catering services are some of the services generally in demand by Senior Citizens, women travelling alone and differently abled person.

City travel by Road

Comfort of City travel to and from station adds to the total comfort. City travel to the station most of the time Ok but not so from the destination station where touting and price bargaining is very common. It is here the senior citizen is looking for favor of booking taxi/auto-rikshaw through mobile instead the concept of prepaid taxi. Vehicle booked and confirmed on mobile and made available at the exit adds to the comfort of the senior citizen passenger. They will be ready to pay additional amount because it save at the cost of travelling of close relation to the station to pick them up.

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Porter Charges

Every senior citizen, women travelling alone or differently abled person is always looking for help of porter at the boarding and destination station. The find negotiating the rates very uncomfortable for two reasons

Railway Porter

  • Bargain starts at 3/4 times the official rate
  • Bargaining with porter, knowing well that he is  a poor person, puts them into discomfort also
  • Worried about security of belongings

Special Catering Need

This class of passenger has special catering need  such as diabetic, less oil, less salt etc  which is generally not available on demand on board even at stations. It is difficult to get sugar less tea at station because every one serves ready mix tea/coffee. How comfortable it can be if such service can be provided on mobile through the on board or at stopping station on charge.


IRCTC may consider value added service to long distance passenger for service though mobile

  1. Pick up transport at destination
  2. Porter facility
  3. Special Catering Need on demand

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