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By on July 9, 2013

Indian Railways having history of more than 150 years have produced stalwarts who have lived and worked for Railways all their life. The railway is in their blood and the rhythmic sound of running train is music to their ears. They love this music and live with it. Their heart stops beating when this music stops.  Railways will keep its flag high for centuries to come with baton passed from one generation to another. There will be changes at the front of technology, management, human resource development, financial resources, transport management etc. with new innovations, investments, thought process to bring prosperity to Railways and in turn to the nation. It is always desirable to keep tag of the management principles which has given results and there cannot be any other person to express this other than those who have worked at the top positions of Railways.

This column will cover interview, views, and article etc. of those great personalities to benefit all those who also decide to make Railways as their profession.

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  1. Naresh Chandra says:

    Dear shri MK Jain,

    Thanks for your sms about the RAILELECTRICA and the interview with Shri Chenulu.
    I opened the website for the first time and gone through the interview.
    It is rich in information, covering all spheres of railway experience since probation period.
    A big salute to him for sharing all these experiences.
    And a much bigger salute to you for putting it in public domain through RAILELECTRICA.

    With Regards,

    Naresh Chandra,
    Director Technical,
    MRVC, Mumbai