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Science of Living – 21 Principles of Life Management

By on October 3, 2013

After completing my degree in Electrical Engineering in June 1973 from Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh, I joined the Indian Railways in Jan 1975. During my entire career spanning over 36 years with the Indian Railways, I came in contact with many distinguished personalities. Based on my personal experience and observations of natural phenomenon from the perspective of an Engineer, I have been able to identify 21 simple to adopt principles for better Life Management. Modern life is more stressful and more demanding now. It is felt that if we are able to take positive lessons from these simple principles based on scientific and natural phenomenon, it will enable us to bring mental peace and happiness to our lives and will enable us to lead a life full with positive energy on this beautiful planet.

The brief of 21 principles are listed below for appreciation:-

  1. Existence of super natural power: Voltage, Current, electric and magnetic field etc. are the fundamental constituents of electric engineering discipline and these cannot be seen by us. We are able to feel their existence.  Similarly God or super natural power is not visible to us but the natural day to day phenomenon occurring around us in this universe compel us to believe the existence of some super natural power  The designing capabilities of this so called super natural power are superb. The human body is so excellently designed that our heart can undertake 2000 million normal pumping operations in 70 years of normal life span of human beings. Our Liver is capable of producing 200 different types of chemicals on demand. With the help of more than 1 lakh filters, our Kidneys are able to remove toxic elements from our bodies. The above facts are really mindboggling and compel us to believe that some super natural power is running this universe systematically.
  2. Life follows a cyclic pattern similar to that of alternating current pattern where positive and negative cycles come in turns. We should not become complacent in positive phases of our lives and should not loose heart in negative phase and try to overcome the adverse effects of bad phase with strong will power One should remember the important formula of ac current that I average=Zero. Similarly in our lives also positive and negative phases will come in turns and overall effect will be zero. We have come to this world with zero belongings and will leave this world with zero belongings only.
  3. Resonating with nature. Trees can make their food by utilizing the sun energy.. Man has made Transformers, TV/Radio channels; solar water heaters, solar cookers, photo voltaic cells etc. are the examples of Resonance where energy flows from one medium to another without having a physical interconnection. Abundance of cosmic power is available in our universe. If we are able to learn the art of utilizing the cosmic power to some extent, then our life can become peaceful and purposeful. We should try to learn the art of Resonating with the nature by doing Yoga or Meditation.
  4. Become free Electrons or Neutrons: Atom consists of protons, electrons and neutrons having negligible masses. The nucleus of the atoms contains protons and neutrons and electrons continue to keep rotating in different orbits. If the electrons are able to overcome force of attraction between the nucleus and the electrons, then they can become free and can become the source of electricity. Similarly if the neutrons become free and are properly accelerated and bombard a nucleus of an atom, then they can become a source of large amount of nuclear power. A normal human being weighs around 60 kg or more and hence large amount of power as given by the formula E=MC² where M=mass, C=velocity of light E=energy is contained in him as compared to tiny atomic particles provided human beings are able to utilize the same.
  5. Keep company with good people to learn good things. If we want to learn to play a particular game professionally then it essential that we should learn the intricacies of the game from a knowledgeable coach who is able to teach the finer points of this game well. By keeping, company with good people, we are bound to learn good things from them. If we keep company with bad people, we are bound to pick up bad habits and as a consequence our life will become miserable.
  6. Excess of everything is bad. If an electric cable for example is rated for 1000 volts and is subjected to a voltage greater than its rated capacity, then it is bound to fail and burn The electric cable is expected to work satisfactorily if it is operated within its rated capacity  The electric and mechanical components are subjected to the duties ,which are well below their rated capacities. On similar analogy; we should always try to work within the limits set by our society and nature for us. Nature always invariably follows the set pattern and any deviation from the set pattern proves disastrous for the mankind and on similar analogy if we do not follow the limits set by nature and our society, then we are bound to face serious problems in our lives and as a consequence our life will become miserable.
  7. Friction is necessary in our lives and is reduced by lubrication.  Friction is a necessary evil. Without friction, we are unable to write and walk safely. Friction between roller bearing and motors shaft is required to transfer the torque from the motor to the load center. Continuous movement between the bearing and the shaft may wear them both. The adverse effects of friction in day to day operations are reduced by using lubrication between the motor shaft and the ball bearing. Similarly in our lives, friction between individuals, between organizations, between countries etc. is bound to arise. Friction like situations in our lives can be reduced by having negotiations. Sincere negotiations in our day to day dealings are analogous to use of lubricants in the rotating machines with a prime objective to reduce the friction and the wear rate of the rotating parts.
  8.  We should try to have a pleasant personality. It is a well-known fact that we require only 15 muscles to smile and 65 to frown or get angry. while frowning or in angry state of mind, the facial muscles draw the required quantity of blood from the brain and therefore quantity of blood supply to the brain reduces and as a consequence, the overall thinking becomes irrational. It is said that Anger is only D short of Danger. Therefore we should try to avoid angry and frowning situations to arise in our lives. We should try to have a smiling face with a pleasing personality. It is a well-known fact that laughter is necessary ingredient for success and therefore we should always try to maintain a smiling posture.
  9. Try to operate at 100 Degree Centigrade. Water boils only at at 100° C and not even at 99.9°C. With the application of latent heat, water can be converted into steam. With further application of heat, steam may become super saturated and can develop the required capability and strength to rotate the steam turbine and generate electricity. It is only with the application of latent heat to the boiling water, phenomenal changes in its capabilities take place. Similarly we should try to improve our lives with improvement in our inherent strengths. We should try to work like a thermostat having a capability not only to measure the temperature but at the same time control it.
  10. We should try to have a flexible characteristic like steel. Steel is the most flexible material used in our construction activities. With the application of stress, steel is strained If the stress is well below the Ultimate tensile strength limits and the same is removed, then, Steel will regain its normal condition. We should try to copy this practical behavior of steel in our lives .we should try to regain our calm posture; the moment stress factor is removed. There should be no crying over spilt milk.
  11. We should follow the difficult path of high resistance. Heat is produced only when the current passes through a high resistance path (Heat=I square R:where I=current and R=Resistance).In order to bring upliftment of the society, religious and spiritual leaders had followed the most difficult path of high resistance . Path of low resistance is invariably followed by average persons.
  12. Team working and social networking is an important factor for success. The big migratory birds travel long distances in winter. They always fly in V formation. These big flying birds bank upon each other’s upward thrust. The big birds flap their wings up and down to produce the upward thrust. By the time, upward thrust is produced, the particular birds goes ahead and  is able to utilize only 29% of its thrust and the remaining 71% of thrust is utilized by the bird immediately in rear. These birds thrive on each other’s efforts. From this practical example of birds flying in a V formation, we can learn the very important lesion of team working.
  13. Principle of displacement:  In physics, the work done = Force*displacement. Only on displacement, the work is being done. With displacement only, we become more experienced. We should not feel discouraged with displacement but welcome it.
  14. Control rate of change should be welcomed. With change of current with time, in an inductive circuit only voltage is produced asV=Ldi/dt. With no change of current with time, no voltage is generated. With the faster rate of change of current with time, surges are produced, which are considered dangerous for electrical equipment. Change is an essential requirement for our success provided it is within controlled limits. We should always welcome the change. Nothing is stationary in this world.
  15. Law of variation: Variation is the strong foundation on which this beautiful world stands today. For the proper functioning of the world, nature has created different colors, different species, different seasons, different organizations, different creeds etc. We should happily accept variation in our lives as it is. Without variation, our lives would have become monotonous and difficult one.
  16. Faith: Faith is central to life and it gives the greatest security to an individual. We should always have faith in our organisation, our superiors, our colleagues, our staff and our family members. A faithless person is unable to achieve anything in life.
  17. Humbleness and humility: Humbleness and humility are the two best ornaments which any individual can be proud of possessing. We should try to behave like a fruit tree. Each part of the tree is used for the betterment of the society. Fruits are used as food item for human beings and other creatures. Tree leaves can be used as fertilizers and wood obtained from the trees is used as source of creation of other items like furniture, paper, fire wood etc. We should try to work like a fruit tree which gives fruit even when you throw a stone on it rather than a thorny bush which gives pain to everyone who comes in contact with it.
  18. Caring attitude: All species in this world take care of their offspring. Like we take care of our children, we must take care of our fellow men. We should treat others with compassion and love.
  19. Acquire knowledge and be innovative. Knowledge gained is never wasted. We should always try to learn new things. We should not hesitate to learn from our juniors or subordinates. We should take lessons from our earlier actions. It is said that good judgment is from experience and experience is from bad judgment. Every failure in life gives us a good teaching. We should learn from our failures and take actions to convert our failures into opportunities.
  20. Feedback system: True feedback generates a certain level of stress in individuals. Performance of employee can be easily compared to the performance of string based musical instruments where with increase in stress within the permissible limits, the quality of music of a musical instrument improves. On similar grounds, with administration of stress to the employees, their performance is bound to improve. If we continue to increase the tension of the wires of a musical instrument without limits, then wire may snap and the musical instrument may become nonoperational. If the quality of a musical instrument does not improve with the increase of tension, then the musical instrument must be changed. On the similar analogy, if with the increase in stress level, the performance of the employee is not improving; then it is preferable to change that individual.
  21. Fearless and positive approach: If the above principles are followed in our day to day working, we are bound to develop a fearless and positive approach and which will in turn enable us to improve our overall personality and performance.

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  1. M. Sarkar says:

    I have done B.Tech in Electronics . I have applied CENTRALISED EMPLOYMENT NOTICE No.02/2014 for the post of JE and SSE. I have done B.Tech.am I eligible for JE post. Because some candidate are saying B.Tech is not eligible for JE.Please help me sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You are eligible and you should have received two admit card one for SSE and JE. The examination is on different dates and can appear in both the exams.

      • M. Sarkar says:

        Thank you so much sir. Actually some guys were trying to mislead me by saying that only Diploma holders are eligible for JE post and the B.Tech degree holders who also also have diploma are eligible for JE.That is why I asked the question. Thank you sir for clearing my dought.

      • M. Sarkar says:

        Thank you so much sir.Actually some guys were trying to mislead me by saying that B.Tech is not eligible for JE post and said B.Tech degree holders having diploma can only apply JE . I have not done Diploma .I have B.Tech degree only.That is why i was confused. Again thanks for clearing my dought.

  2. Ravi says:

    Sir I have selected in rrb je allhabad 2014, there is 30 percent extra student called for document verification, in list it’s not given who are these extra student. How much chance I have to go through final selection.

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      I am unable to comment on this. Generally, the list of candidates in Waiting list is clearly stated. Wait for the time.

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    You are required to be relieved from your present employer and they may create problem because you have not taken NOC. I suggest you ask for NOC from the present employer so that present employer does not call you a absconder or unauthorized absent and proceed with disciplinary proceedings. As regards, IR is concerned, it is important if you are looking a pay fixation with advantage of two years of service which is not the present case as your were in state government.

  4. Kiran says:

    Got final result of DV for JE 2015 RRB Mumbai and been selected for mechanical workshop category , sir can you tell me the what wud b the time span from date of declaration of final result to date of joining ??

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      About six months which involves character verification, finding out vacant posts for the panel candidates and then issuing medical memo.

  5. aditya says:

    hello sir
    i selected in rrb mumbai trs je 2015 in western railway .
    sir what will be my working location. and what type of working in trs plz reply sir…….

  6. Dhananjay Wagholikar says:

    21 Principles of Life Management – Nicely stated (Ref. : railelectira) . Warm regards