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Sharing Experience with Sh. Arvind Sharma Ex Member Electrical/Railway Board/Ministry of Railways/India

By on August 23, 2013

Mr. Arvind Sharma is straight, simple, technically sound, planner and listen to his junior bringing out the best out of them. I took the opportunity of talking to him to share his experience while working in Railways. He narrates

I joined Indian Railways on 8-10-1965 and retired on 28-2-2003, a contended career spanning 37 years and 4 months. My career in Railways progressed along with  electrification and modernisation in Electrical Deptt. I am proud to say that timely decisions taken at that time is paying now.
I enjoyed every post. But most challenging was my posting as DRM-Samastipur. I joined in April 1993. In July 1993 a major accident took place in my division in which 22 persons died and more than 50 persons were injured. It was an experience of handling the trauma at the accident site beside visits by two Railway Board Members and Honorable MR to the site.

By the end of July heavy floods occurred affecting traffic on an important route

All these things made me resolve that Modernisaton in  the Division was necessary. Specialy in Signaling and Telecomunication area of  Samastipur Divison

Two things made me think in a direction of modernization. We had a few stations with modified non interlocking. At Hayaghat station it caused the Major accident. The Telefonica exchange was an old Stroger type and was to be replaced by a similar exchange through a Works Program item costing 27 lacks approved by the Railway Board. It was a major task to get it changed to a latest technology electronic exchange. An electronic exchange would have costed almost same if not less. But could be done by making persistent efforts at the Railway level and then at the Board level including convincing the then ML by arguing that we should go in for the latest technology provided the cost is same. We could complete  the same in my tenure itself. The other exchanges at Dabhanga , Narkatiaganj and Sahrsa also got converted by similar exchanges  during my tenure itself after the main exchange was converted.
The BG conversion of Samastipur Darbhanga was long pending item on the Division . The same was taken up and completed during my tenure. The original planing was to provide standard one interlocking with Semafore Signals. I insisted on provision of Colour light Signals and panel interlocking and the work was accordingly done. We had Steam traction and by the time I left three steam sheds were closed and the fourth one was on verge of closing.

Similarly all BG conversions were similarly done with Panel Interlocking and Colour Light Signal. By the time I left Division, we  had electronic exchanges and  panel-interlocking on most of important routes.

This made me to understand the impact of technology in improving  productivity. Evaluate technology with all sincerity and then implement without any if and buts and whole heartily. Hopefully one will succeed.

During my tenure as AGM Eastern Railway,  I could persuade replacement of mechanical interlocking whenever due by Panel Interlocking. In any case, I continued in my endeavor as Member Electrical afterwards.

I would like to mention some of the important decisions taken by Electrical Department which is paying dividend even today are

  • Planning and execution of Railway Electrification work on  Heavy Haul and dense  routes with gradients
  • Continuity of Traction
  • Roof mounted Air Conditioning Equipment
  • CLW meeting the loco production requirement
  • Setting up of Rail Bijlee Nigam to have our own  power generation for traction purpose.

My many thanks to railelectrica to persuade me to go back to my dynamic days from the present mindset of satisfied retired life and wording the experience.

I am thankful to Sh Arvind Sharma for his kind support in sharing his experience. He has also shared few of his photograph with Ex MLs


  • Arvind Sharma in Center and Sudesh Kumar Ex ML at his extreme right
  • Ex MLs Venketasan - Arvind Sharma - Santhanam
  • International Conference with Nitish Kumar Minister of Railways
  • Independance Day Celebration
Arvind Sharma in Center and Sudesh Kumar Ex ML at his extreme right1 Ex MLs Venketasan - Arvind Sharma - Santhanam2 International Conference with Nitish Kumar Minister of Railways3 Independance Day Celebration4
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  1. JAYARAJAN.D says:

    Sir, the articles found very useful, thanks. Can you provide some guidelines for Group B LDCE in S&T department in Railways.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Simple ways to prepare for LDCE
      I have explained in detail how to go about preparing for LDCE examination and get success for a great career in Railways. For your benefit, let me provide some guidelines which may help you. This is based on my experience in conducting about 6 examinations during my working in Railways. These are
      1. The most difficult part is getting passed in two examinations with minimum 60% marks. This was difficult even during your student exams also. Getting 60% marks means attending maximum question and making sure that you write at least 4 pages for each of the question. It means writing 20 pages in a period of 180 minutes. Check whether you can write a page in 9 minutes of time. If it is not so, then increase your speed.
      2. I have observed candidates spending most of the time in one or two questions which they know well. They are stretching the answer to the extent that as if the examiner will allot all the marks in these questions. Don’t get engrossed in one or two questions.
      3. LDCE for engineering services required explanation through diagrams, circuits, sketches, formula etc. I have observed candidates struggling to draw a straight line; circle, crossover, square, network etc. therefore, practice drawing circuit and develop skill as it takes away lot of time. Competency in this area helps in completing the answer quickly and proving the examiner in the easiest way that you know the answer.
      4. Don’t commit blunder statement. In case there is any doubt, avoid writing gracefully
      4. For S&T department, there are two streams namely signal and telecommunication. You should collect all reading material on the subject and I understand it is available at IRISET.
      5. Making question paper is equally difficult. Therefore, make attempts of preparing your own question paper and then answer it. Can you make a question paper? If you can do it, it will be a breakthrough to lay a foundation for the examination.
      6. So if item 5 is clear, make a question paper. Keep the question paper for seven day. Take a mock examination with the question paper you have set earlier. The examination environment shall be the similar as you really faced in the examination hall. This will test your nerve, stamina, concentration and many other skills of writing a examination. If you attempt 5/6 such mock drill, it will help in developing skill of answer the examination.
      7. There is no prescribed syllabus for LDCE as per Railway Board circular. It states of examining the candidate in practical knowledge. There are general trend of questions like comparison, Notes, advantage/disadvantage etc. In the post of LDCE examination I have narrated the simplest way of answer such questions.
      Dont forget to read my post https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/group-b-services/

  2. Anish says:

    Dear Sir ,
    Please confirm For Electronics & communication Engineering :

    My specific queries are :
    1.) Which departments are preferred . Please advise a choice between these two : IRSSE & ITS with reason.

    2.) What are the benefits & Facilities in these 2 department.

    3.) Where is the place of posting in these 2 departments. As I know , IRSSE can be posted anywhere whereas ITS shall be posted in metro city only.

    4.) What are promotion aspects in these 2 departments

    5.) Which out of these 2 is good for Girls. Whether any problem if girls take IRSSE

    Anish Bansal

  3. Sandeep Sinha says:

    Dear Mahesh Sir,
    What does the following abbreviations describe from a designation POV, if an officer qualified from SCRA and is working in ICF:


    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You question is not clear to me. Pl elaborate it further.

      • Sandeep Sinha says:

        Hi Mahesh Sir,

        To clarify what I want to know: I have seen officers in Indian Railways, qualified from SCRA in particular, having these abbreviations attached in front of their names “PE/PL/Fur.”.
        I wanted to know as to what’s the full-form of these abbreviations (are they specific to job-roles in ICF or officers recruited from SCRA) and are they linked to certain years of service?


        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          There is no such standard system of attaching such letters in front of the name of any of the officer of any wing i.e. including SCRA.

  4. hari j says:

    hello sir,iam now working in nationalised bank as a clerk.iam an engineering graduate(mechanical engineering)
    i wish to prepare for SSE-MECHANICAL in railways.i need details regarding salary on hand for sse after 7th paycomission,transfer policies,work nature.can we get chances for transfer nearer zone?is it good to leave bank ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Why not prepare for ESE? Why you have chosen SSE to build career? I have detailed about the career prospect in my website. You can increase about 20% to have any idea of salary after 7th pay commission. The pay in banks will also rise with the implementation of 7th pay commission.

  5. poonam says:

    Please give contact number of Dr arvind Sharma…From s.k.goel agra

  6. porag jyoti dutta says:

    Sir ,
    Please post some solved question paper particularly for 30% LDCE Exam of Accounts department.

  7. Ayush Mishra says:

    I have cleared RRB Je examination and score good marks in ssc je pre. Should I prepare for SSC JE mains now or ESE/GATE as I already have railway JE in my hand. I am more interested in railways , however if SSC JE have significant advantages ove RRB JE, then please tell me, thank you.