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CCTV Cameras in Ladies Coaches of Suburban Trains

By on October 5, 2015

October 01st, 2015, irctcnews.in

There was a new the other day that CR is considering providing security camera in ladies compartment.

Security of female passengers in the suburban trains will be enhanced, with the Central Railway installing the CCTV surveillance cameras with recorders in all Ladies compartments of one Mail Line Suburban train on the trial basis.  The suburban train will be introduced in service from 2nd October, 2015. The recorders installed have the capacity to store recording of 30 days.

Further provision of the CCTV cameras with recorders on 50 EMU coaches is planned during the current financial year.

The cost of camera has come down considerably. It is prudent on part of the CR to consider installing camera to record the front view of the running trains i.e. recording the aspect of the signal, OHE and trespassing.

Railelectrica has written in details on the subject


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  1. kendre p.m says:

    How many ladies coaches in suburban train.