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Minister of Railways – Tenure and Region

By on March 8, 2014

Railway Minister is a Cabinet rank minister and is the most sought portfolio after the   crucial four ministries namely Defence, Home, Foreign and Finance. Why it is so?

  1. Railways, a network of 64000 RKM spread all over Indian Territory provides reach, visibility and influence. It helps a lot to the politician to meet their political agenda.
  2. He is the only Minister other than Finance Minister having privilege of presenting seperate Rail Budget: The Railway Budget forms 70% of the country budget in 1924 and so was the impact of Indian Railways in the growth of the country.  It was separated   out allowing better focus on each budget’s priorities. The Railway Budget is now less than 10% of India’s national budget but still has the honour of presenting a separate budget. The presentation of the Railway budget, an annual ritual provides an opportunity to connect with public, media and TV debate through the introduction of new train services, fare changes and tariffs
  3. Indian Railways is having a very large workforce of about 13 lakhs providing an aura of power and influence all around.
  4. Providing employment opportunities to the people of  his constituency helps a lot politically. He can influence General Manger to recruit casual staff of his choice who normally are never terminated later on.
  5. He can influence decision making in earning as well as expenditure  of the Railway Budget for image building and party/personal gain

After 80’s, trends have developed making best use of opportunities listed above. This is the reason that Ministry of Railways has been termed in the press and media as milking cow also as used by many of the ministers in the past. Tenure of Rail Ministers

  1. Since 17th June 2013, Mallikarjun Kharge is the 42nd Ministry of Railways occupying this chair.
  2. Five Ministeres, namely T.A.Pai, Nitish Kumar, Mamta Banerjee, C.P.Joshi (one month each) and Bansi Lal had opportunity to occupy the position on two occasions.
  3. Total 37 individual personalities worked for railways.
  4. Minister of Railways encumbancy board starts from the year 1946 and  is of total duration of 859 Months as in Feb.2014.
  5. Nine Ministers worked for less than 10 months and  12 Minister of Railways had tenure more than 24 months as shown below:

Test 11

  1. Ministers from Bihar and UP had a dominant role for occupying the chair for 50% of the total period of occupancy. State Vs Months of Minister of Railways

Test 12

Color bands of State Vs Month on Time Scale Color Band of Rail Minister

 Test 1

 Minister of Railways from Bihar has decorated Rail Bhavan for almost 30% of the time. Has it really helped Bihar towards development?

The questions are

1. In what way, MR has succeeded in getting agenda of development  implemented for his State through Indian Railways in a sustainable manner?    

2. How does it help Railways if the MR is from Delhi with 24×7 hours availability?

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