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Why no steps to digitize issue of free travel pass and reservation?

By on November 5, 2015

Indian Railway issues free passes for journey over Indian Railways to its employee, dependent and also non-railway persons for variety of reasons as detailed in the gazette notification issued on 8th May 2008 with inclusion of all correction slips. 2http://www.ner.indianrailways.gov.in/uploads/files/1349074968630-1986%20(1993%20edition).pdf
The system followed for issue of pass has not undergone any change for the last 50 years wherein a record is maintained for each staff with an entry in the register, issue of pass in three colors namely white, green and pink as per entitlement of class of travel. To a Railway staff, the pass is issued either for a direct journey from place A to B or alternate route not exceeding 15% of the shortest route.
Depending upon the number railway staff, pensioners, issue of special passes to railway and non-railway person, the work load over Indian Railways shall not be less than 4000 passes/day and 8,000 reservations/day. To non-railway person, the passes are sent by post to his address. This engages sufficient manpower for issue and manual reservation. And similarly, with on-line reservation facility available to a passenger, why not extend to railway man. This only corroborates the hindi idiom “diya tale andhera”.
The system calls for having pass account number to each Railway employee working and retired similar to bank account. He logon to his account and submit his request for the issue of pass with all details. The application is processed and pass is issued with allotment of code and sent to his registered mobile number. The journey should be split into many as per the break journey demanded by the applicant and code given for each of the split journey. With these codes either individual or in multiple, he shall be able to make online reservation on IRCTC website.
This will certainly have benefit of.

  1.  Saving on manpower engaged in issue of passes and then spending time for journey to reservation office and  standing in queue for his turn.
  2. It will prevent any misuse of the facility
  3. Temper proof account of issue of passes and reservation made
  4. Proper account of free travel on Railways

There can be many other algorithms which can be designed but most important is the decision making. Decision making is not coming because no one is crying. The person in position or in service has the facility to use official time and resources for this purpose. The problem begins when the person superannuate.

The person at position does not feel the problem and person facing the problem is not at the position.

With digital India making advancements in the working of the Railways, the computerization of issue of pass and on-line reservation is unavoidable and may make a beginning any day.
If a  news posted on web is to be believed, than on-line reservation facility is on the card but not the on-line issue of pass. The process of digitalization will be half done.eitcket-pass-post

Initiate a campaign towards this welfare scheme for Railway man

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