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Are you mediocre and preparing for Civil Service Examination 2016?

By on December 24, 2013

Are you mediocre and no one can bet on you for competence to crack Civil Service Examination? Don’t get upset and here are a sure shot way to succeed Civil Service Examination after three years. The minimum educational qualification for CSE is a second class graduate only that too even correspondence course can do. So being mediocre having done graduation in the second class is no impediment to your success. And what is required is yours

  • Dedication,
  • Commitment,
  • Single goal persuasion,
  • A determination that you can do it and will do it

Understanding yourself (10 days)

  1. It is important for you to understand yourself, your ability and limitations.
  2. Every one has a fully developed mind which can understand, apply logic, memorize and present his thoughts in the most desirable manner. Exercising mind and body for good mental and physical health is a difficult choice. The easiest option is to allow it to keep on idling in the name of relaxing which many of us do. The brain is always active but need application to focus to get energy.  All depends how you can handle your mind and focus towards the desired goalBelieve yourself that you are now ready to use your brain to its full potential.
  3. When you were a young boy, you may have failed to apply your mind towards logical end. It does not mean you cannot be better than your friends who passed the test with flying colors. Delayed application and use of the mind’s capability does not diminish its potency. 
  4. Meditate and discuss with your family member about your intent and request for support.

 Foundation Building (365 days)

  1. Promise yourself that you deserve to be occupying group A service post in Govt.
  2. Get rid of the baggage of any unsuccessful stories of the past.
  3. Change your attitude that you possess the ability to succeed, ready to work hard with determination, will never give up and make best use of mind in  a positive manner.
  4. That you are having three years to prepare and excel in the exam.

Preliminary steps

  1. Flashback and check how you have prepared and studied up to class XII. The knowledge bank in the course book from class VI to XII is exceptionally  high but very rarely anyone gains through it.  The objective of 10+2 studies was different, to score marks. Our education system does not encourage gaining practical knowledge of our day to day life, and therefore, the knowledge acquired is not very effective to many for competitive examination.
  2. It is difficult to open VI books when you are doing graduation, but you will agree that it will be very easy to learn and interpret these books again.  Reading and accumulating the knowledge available in books of Class VI to XII is the sure shot way to build a strong basis for competitive examination particularly Group A service.
  3.  Remember it is not glancing through the pages but understanding every line carefully. The books have been written by learned people drafting every line carefully. Attempt the questions presented at the end. You should target to complete VI to VIII in first three months, IX to X in the next three months and from XI to XII in another six months. This takes away one year for revising the entire course.
  4.  If you decide not to go for Science and Maths, then select the XI-XII course which suits your preparation for CSE.

Study English, Hindi, Social Studies, Science and Maths of Class VI to XII making you clear about the concepts

Intermediate and Continuance Steps

  1. Listen to AIR and DD news which is straight forward without any spices or TRP building strategy.
  2. Listen to Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha TV for developing skills of debating on strong foundations
  3. Develop the habit of writing one essay/month on the important issue observed during the month.
  4. Develop positivism in your approach to any problem referred.
  5. Try to avoid the habit of postponing things

World of Caution: Don’t bother for CSE examination during First year. This training will help you in many other ways.

Final Preparation Step  (2 years)

Final step is the step that you take for final preparation of the competitive examination. It is divided in two steps namely preparation and mock examination.


  1. With the strong foundation you have now built, it is possible to cover the entire syllabus within two years.
  2. Select optional subjects based on your capability and not the success rate of past years.
  3. Develop the habit of making notes
  4. Develop the habit of writing an answer in points such as 1, 1.1, 1.2 or 2 etc.
  5. Preparation of preliminary and final examination to go simultaneously.
  6. Join a coaching institute not for the purpose of revising the knowledge you have already gained and gaining experience of mock test/examination.
  7. Make one or two friends having similar understanding and determination for the examination. Share and talk to them often.

Mock Examination (Till you are selected)

  1. Make your own maximum possible set of question paper of the Mains CSE exam depending on the compulsory and optional subject. Try to get   many more question banks from the net / coaching institute. Keep these question banks as a complete set for the examination.
  2. Pick up one set and write the examination seriously for three hours as if you are appearing for the regular examination.
  3. Evaluate the answer copy. Check your mistake, steps missed, spelling mistakes etc. Take up mock exam one by one and evaluate your how hour improve your answer.Examination 2
  4. Understand that this exercise helps you build stamina, alertness, application of mind, feedback etc. Imagine the hard work a sportsman does in building stamina for the final. Exercise your mind, body, stamina etc. through mock examination has the same impact.

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  1. anand says:

    Thank you for this blog sir… I am working as SSE OHE in SR and preparing for the CSE from last two years amid tight work schedule. Your blog was really encouraging…

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Thanks Anand: Is it possible for you to share your experience of preparation which can help others who are sitting on the fence. There are atleast, 3 to 4 qualifying for IRSEE every year out of the batch of about 50. You can be one of them.