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De-mystifying designations of posts advertised for SSE and JE in Civil by RRB

By on September 23, 2014

It is difficult for a non-railwayman to understand the designations mentioned in the vacancies advertisement for SSE and JE by RRB. There is no doubt that with the un-employment environment as existing, the job profile does not matter for many a candidates. But there are many who will always be doing mental exercise to understand the job profile of each post. Joining Indian Railways is for life long and job profile knowledge can help you to peep into your future. It may also help you in opening full throttle to prepare for the competition.
Study Material on Environment and Pollution Control for SSE/JE by RRB

This is how each designation is presently valued and job profile including transfers, stability, hours of working, place of posting etc. This will help in giving priority while filling up the form.

Senior Section Engineer (773 posts) and Junior Engineer (971 posts) in Civil Engineering

These are cadre post of Engineering Department. Civil Engineering is called Engineering Department in Indian Railways. The cadre for which the posts advertised are P-way, Works, Bridge, Drawing, Estimator, Track Machine etc.

Permanent Way (SSE-282, JE-517):

This is the most valued functioning of engineering professionals. The knowledge bank is specific to Railways. The Railway track is called Permanent Way. The first posting will be in a Division from where you will be posted to a sub-ordinate office. Every SSE/P-way  overall in-charge is having a jurisdiction of about 40 RKM to maintain in a Division. Independent posting is given depending on seniority as there will be large many SSE/P-way in the Division. However, every Independent SSE/P-way is having two sectional in-charges maintaining about 20 RKM. The place of posting is distributed at about 10-15 locations all over the division including large many small places. The work profile is engineering in nature, maintenance intensive, monitoring, 24×7 hours working and highly challenging. One can understand his role in safety of train operation as the first doubt for any derailment goes to permanent way defect. SSE/P-way commands respect in Railway fraternity. He is also called upon the man management of sufficiently large manpower, one might have observed trackman in orange uniform working on railway track. JE works under SSE with few kilometre of independent control. In earlier days, it was called Permanent Way Inspector, a designation  still followed in verbal talks even today.

Works (SSE-208, JE-185):

Maintenance and construction of offices, residential colonies, railway stations, hospital, road, water supply etc. are the prime responsibilities and function assigned to this cadre. This is equally an important cadre with every railway man looking for a friendship with this cadre to seek favour for quick attention to his need of repairs. He is  also equally harassed person as required to call upon duties in each functioning of Railway work, which makes him an important person as well. Manpower under this cadre is reducing day by day and work is outsourced. The posting is generally at Divisional or Sub-divisional HQ or at important station. There is generally stability in posting with personal and family life comfortable. It is 16×7 hours working, at least not much disturbance during the night.

Bridges (SSE-54, JE-185):

Bridges is considered a specialised field of railway engineering, and therefore, a separate cadre. He is responsible for the maintenance of bridges in the Division. Bridge workshop and bridge Construction are also a major activity involved with this profile. There is Dy. CE/Bridge in a Railway and all SSE/Bridge works under him with a responsibility to maintain bridges in an assigned  section. The transfers are limited and with stable posting. This is about 12×6 hours working.

Drawing and Estimator (SSE-26, JE-184):

This is highly technical in nature requiring preparation of drawing, estimation of quantity and preparation of work estimate. He does not have a large manpower under his control and works in Divisional Office directly under the control of Divisional Engineer. Place of posting is in the Division with stability. Experience gained is having good market value. This is about 10×5 hours working.

Research (SSE-2, JE-6):

With RDSO becoming a Railway, it has been possible for RDSO to indent directly. Earlier, all these posts were filled on option from Railways. The post is technical in nature with posting in RDSO/Lucknow and complete stability.The responsibility is of individual working with no work force under him. This is about 8×5 hours working

Track Machine (SSE-79, JE-114):

This is a highly technical job involving maintenance and operation of track machine over the Division. The cadre is centralised in the Railway with beat matched with that of SSE/P-Way. He travels along with the machine for track maintenance. The personal and family life is tough because he has to move along with the track machine where camping facility may not be adequate. This is about 10×7 hours working but long hours away from home.

Screenshot - 23-09-2014 , 18_16_51

Magnificent Bridge – Trolley Inspection of SSE/P-way – Track Machine track packing – Magnificent Station Building Proud to be part of Engineering Department

Workshop (SSE-1):

There is engineering workshop in each Railway for manufacturing of specialised need of the engineering department. There are not much posts but with stability in posting. This is about 8×6 hours working.images (2)

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  1. Shoaib says:

    Are the posts you mentioned here in this posts arranged priority wise? I want to know the priority for posts in RRB for Civil Engineering.
    What are NER, RDSO, RBL, etc.? Which one is good?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      NER is North Eastern Railway with HQ at Gorakhpur, RDSO is Research Design Standard Organisation, RBL is Rail Coach Factory located at Rai Bareily. I cannot priorities the post at my end. I have only given the job profile to all of you choose as per attitude, interest and liking so as to work happily in railways.

  2. shashank gupta says:

    sir, I have applied in Allahabad rrb zone for SSE&JE separately.i want to ask that while applying for sse &je from a single rrb zone will let to rejection or acception . In case of rejection what should I do, I have done only payment but not uploaded scanned document for both form.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      If you look at the advertisement carefully, there is note which says;
      NOTE: – The candidates are advised to submit ONLINE application separately, one single
      application for SSE group and/or another single application for JE group, if eligible, for the
      post(s) of that RRB to which he/she wants to apply. Examination fee, if applicable, has
      to be paid separately.
      When there and between SSE and JE, it means you should be eligible for both.

      • shashank gupta says:

        sir,so i applied is correct or may i choose modified application .i have still this baffle.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Shashank I can guide you with what I understand from the advertisement. Now it is your turn to take a call.

  3. Shoaib says:

    Can we apply from same RRB for JE and SSE posts both or a a different RRB is compulsory for each post?

  4. Ramu Macha says:

    Sir, I am selected as SSE(senior section engineer) in Track Machine category in South Central Railways. I like to know about the job profile (type of work-is SSE also should work on field),timings, pay scale , medical standards ) and promotion to IES cadre(years taken and process) Regarding Medical standards, I would like to know what does it mean by power of lens 2D” .My eye sight is -1. Please tell me whether this is within the medical standards and is any other medical tests?. Please reply ASAP.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Track machines are used for mechanized maintenance of the track. You are required for the maintenance of the track machines and maintenance of track using these machines. Track machines are located in the section where the track maintenance work is going on. You or your sub-ordinate is required to remain with the machine. The machines is taken in to the section when traffic block is given. This sometime makes the job very boring but technically it promises many challenges. Life is going to be tough with no certain timings. There is no certainty of you spending night at your home and may not be more than 20 days a month. Pay scales are defined in the offer letter and you will be getting DA on the basic pay. There is no other pay element except House rent allowance, transport allowance and daily TA because you will be travelling every day for more than 8 Km almost of 21 days of the month. As regards medical standard, I will not be able to comment much and you may check with Eye Specialist but to the best of my knowledge, you should qualify. As regards promotion to IES ( I hope you intend to say that when you will be equivalent to the one who joints IR as IRSE through UPSC examination ESE), there are two ways. One is Limited Departmental examination which is conducted for 30% of the vacancies and anyone who has done 5 years of service is eligible. If you qualify this examination, you become Class II Assistant Engineer. Depending on Seniority, your case will be considered for empanelment as Group A officer which is generally not less than 10-12 years even when you qualify in your first attempt. In short, there will be a difference of about 10 years with the seniority of your Engineering batch mate selected through UPSC. The next opportunity is to wait for your turn as per seniority to be eligible for balance of 70% of vacancies and in this case you will almost 20-25 years with your engineering batch mate joining through UPSC. While working on this post, you will find it difficult to prepare for ESE. There are also opportunity to have stable posting, but will only be after having gained an experience of 5-8 years.

    • aswin says:

      how long did you prepare pls guide me for my preparation pls help i too want to succeed …

  5. Mahesh kumar says:

    When is the next SSE/JE examination of RRB expected?

  6. biswajit Ghosh says:

    Hello sir can u tell me for sse drawing civil, where I can get posted? Is it in DRM office or some project office? I heard that in design they ll not transfer.. But someone told me that if u r in project then transfer is there. Can u plz tell me abt the design post?? Thank you.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You will be allotted a division by the HQ. The division will decide your place of posting and most likely initial stage it will be in the Division. You job will be to prepare estimates/drawings for work undertaken. Later on you may be transferred to a project. Don’t be curious on such issues and let it come in its own way.

  7. Ajay Shankar says:

    Thanks for the info. For SSE Research (RDSO), will there be holidays on weekends, as you have mentioned 8X5 hours? As I see, it’s more of an official job than an on-field job.

  8. Habib ur rahman says:

    Sir, I am a graduate civil engineer and i am selected as JE Bridge in NFR. I am also preparing for ESE. So its better to join as JE or to prepare for ESE? Or its possible to prepare ESE while being as JE in Bridge section? Will i get time to prepare for ESE? Plz suggest.

  9. Raunak kumar says:

    Sir, What is the job profile & workload of SSE Drawing (Civil)? Will I get sufficient time for preparing Engineering Services Examination while in this job? Also throw some light on place of posting & working hours.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You are likely to be posted in Divisional Hq or attached with the sub-divisional office (Assistant Engineer). You should have sufficient time to prepare for the ESE. Tell your boss also that you are preparing for ESE when opportunity arises.

      • Raunak kumar says:

        Thanks for the reply sir.
        Is it a 5 day job with weekend holidays as you have mentioned in your post as 10×5 working hours?
        Also please suggest which one to choose (keeping future prospects & preparation in mind) out of
        a)JE (Research) at RDSO &
        b)SSE Drawing at NFR

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          SSE/Drawing is higher scale post. If posted in sub-divisional office, than it will be six days working but if in the divisional HQ, it will be 5 days. JE/Research at RDSO is totally 5 days working. Both are OK.

  10. Santosh says:

    I have been selected by rrb Mumbai for Post of Sr. Section Engineer track machine. Can you tell me where possibly I might get posted? Are quarters provided to new joinees? Will I get some time to prepare for ESE? What do you think? Please guide.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You will posted in the cadre of Track Machine which is a centralised cadre. The track machine keeps on moving from one place to another attached with a camping coach. You will also be moving along with it. As regards quarter, you will be given one at the base station but depends on availability. It will be tough with the job profile, but if you have the commitment, no one can stop you.

  11. rajkoti says:

    Sir, Recently i selected as a je- track machine in scr region i want to know where are the possibility locations of my posting and working hours ,is there any possibility of changing my post later?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Track Machine organisation is a centralised organistion. You will be posted in one of the base station and keep on moving along with the machines for the maintenenace of track. It is a tough posting and generally the staff works continuously without rest and take longer rest later on. I don’t think change of category is not permitted.

  12. Dinakar says:

    I got selected as SSE PWAY in northern region. Iam also preparing for ese 2017. Suggest me whether to join SSE or prepare for ese since many are saying itz 24×7 job, waste of life if u enter it. So please give some suggestion.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is no comparison between the Group A post and the Group C post i.e. SSE. But do you have the option? If you want a job in Govt. sector and not selected through ESE, you have to take this job. It is 24×7 job, that is why very important and challenges. SSE job is of senior supervisor and not of Engineer as the designation says and should not in way be compared with you position if selected through ESE. One more thing, if you join, you will find your Boss rising the cadre with the same degree you possess and enjoy much more privileges as compared to you, and therefore, make it a point not to regret your joining.

  13. Sumeet Sinha says:

    Sir,I was very confused about this post and there was very ambiguity regarding this on web pages.Sir,this article is really fantastic and cleared all my doubts and dilemma about this post.Sir,I want to know about the present scenario of SSE Civil regarding Scale,Salary and Working Environment and it will be very helpful if u can notify me changes after 7th pay commission recomendations.Again,Thanks a lot sir.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I will suggest you not to worry about the salary you will get, because in no way you increase or even decrease if you work satisfactorily. This is the best job for graduate civil engineers, if you don’t succeed ESE and wants to join Govt. job. Forget all anxiety and join with full confidance that it is the best working environment.

      • Sumeet Sinha says:

        Thank u sir for reveting me back.Sir it is a very nice gesture and also motivational for students like us. Sir,there were rumors regarding this post that it was included as a Gazetted Authority in Indian Railways after the recent pay commission.Sir,can you reply me for the authenticity of this rumor.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          i have not heard about it. But is very interested to know some content of this rumour if you can share. In any case it is untrue.

  14. subu says:

    hello sir i wanted to know generally what privileges does a SSE gets during its training period

  15. Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

    no uniform code

  16. Habib ur rahman says:

    Sir, why there is 2 year training for Je Bridge in comaparison with other civil branch i.e. 1 year? And also stipend is less than other civil field Je ( Works, Pway and Drawing). Je bridge first year stipend is 29000 and second year 30000 but other one have 34500 stipend and they have only one year training. Why it is? I was not aware of it earlier but as i get my letter i get to know about that. Is there any other benefit to Je bridge? Or i chose wrong branch. Plz reply sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You may go into further detail and there is no reason for it to be different. The stipend and pay scale after absorption for all categories is same.

  17. Pratik Halder says:

    Sir can you please enlighten me regarding the post of Depot Material
    Superindent and Chief Depot
    Superindent. Please elaborate on working conditions, posting, transfer, risk, working hours and any other points you deem necessary.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I have explained the details of the post in this blog or you will also find in similar blogs related to RRB.

  18. Mani says:

    Can a SSE Pway be transferred to Works cadre? If so how ? If not why , can a case be filed in this regard?
    Thank you in advance sir!

  19. irshad md says:

    Thanks for sharing

  20. premsingh says:

    Thanks for sharing this information

  21. Jayasankar says:

    Sir, I have selected for JE/Civil/Workshops/SR. I like to know about the places(Workshops in SR) Where I can be posted and Job Profile.