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De-mystifying designations of posts advertised for SSE and JE in Mechanical by RRB

By on September 23, 2014

It is difficult for a non-railwaymen to understand the designations mentioned in the vacancies advertisement for SSE and JE by RRB. There is no doubt that with the un-employment environment as existing, the job profile does not matter for many a candidates. But there are many who will always be doing mental exercise to understand the job profile of each post. Joining Indian Railways is for life long and job profile knowledge can help you to peep into your future. It may also help you in opening full throttle to prepare for the competition.

Study Material on Environment and Pollution Control for SSE/JE by RRB

Senior Electrical Engineer (510 vacancies) and Junior Engineer (1110 vacancies) in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Department as the name suggest is responsible for the manufacturing, maintenance (Division and Workshop) and operation of Carriage, wagon and diesel locomotive. All the fields are technical and challenging . There is no deal with the public, passenger and railway staff in general, therefore, working is devoid of these thrills.

Mechanical Workshop (SSE 186, JE 688):

Mechanical workshop and Mechanical appears to be of same nature. There is about 2 to 3 workshop in a Railway responsible for  major overhauls of rolling stock. All vehicle which rolls on track namely wagon, carriage, locomotive are called rolling stock. The job profile involves opportunity to develop technical knowledge and proficiency in Railway working. He is having large manpower at his command and the responsibility of man management. The workshops are located at big cities and stability in posting with no transfer till you become Assistant Officer. The working hours are also fixed with full night sleep at home. This is 8×6 hours working environment.

Carriage and Wagon(SSE 250, JE 542):

This is a maintenance intensive cadre of mechanical department in division responsible for schedule inspection and repairs of carriage (passenger coach) and wagon (for hauling freight). The opportunity to develop technical skill is limited. The Carriage depots are generally at divisional HQ or major cities but wagon may at small place. The posting is not having that much stability as that of workshop official. Transfers are limited from place to another in the same division. This is about 10×6 hours working environment.

Diesel/Mech. (SSE 39, JE 162):

The cadre is responsible for the maintenance and operation of Diesel Locomotive. There are about 3 to 4 maintenance sheds in a Railway where the locomotives are based for maintenance. Once posted in a particular shed, you stay there unless promoted to officer’s cadre. Therefore, there is stability and place of posting is also generally good. The job also involves opportunity to develop technical skill. This is about 10×6 hours working environment.

Diesel/Elect (SSE 25, JE):

This cadre is responsible for the electrical assets of diesel locomotive which are quite large in number such as traction motor, alternator, three phase electronics etc. Rest is like Diesel Mech.

Screenshot - 23-09-2014 , 19_03_39

Wagon under repair – Magnificent view of Diesel Locomotive – Workshop – Diesel Shed


It so happens that the posts are not named same in all the Railways. SSE/loco is also responsible for the maintenance of locomotive. RDSO posts are very stable with no transfer life long and you built your career there only with advantage or disadvantage of short cadre.

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There Are 29 Comments

  1. Ravindra says:

    Sir, for SSE, these are my preferences: Mechanical, Mech Workshop, Carriage and Wagon, Loco, Electrical, Track Machine.
    Any changes?

  2. Himanshu Verma says:

    Please help, what preferences should be given among these posts as I am B.tech in Mechanical Engg.
    SSE (Mechanical)(Workshop)(RCF/RBL)
    SSE Carriage & Wagon (NER)
    SSE/ Dsl Mechanical (NER)
    SSE/ Dsl Electrical (NER)
    Section Engineer / Drawing (NER)
    SSE Mechanical Design (RDSO)
    SSE Mechanical/ Dy. Car/ BG & MG (RDSO)
    SSE Electrical/ Electrical (GS) (NER)
    SSE Electrical Maintenance (RDSO)
    SSE (Track Machine) (NER)

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I have advised the job profile of each post. Now you should select as per your requirement. The posting of SSE/Mech RCF/RBLand RDSO is stable for almost for your total career in railways. The order mentioned by you is ok and balance depends on the opportunity in different cadre which is difficult to foresee and varies with time. You can leave it on your luck.

      • Himanshu Verma says:

        Sir, I forgot to mention that the options I have listed is as such as on website while applying online. You have provided very useful information but it covers only half the options in the application. Please provide order of priority among these 10 options. Please help because I am very confused about filling preferences.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          I know you have written without choosing it. Whatever order you have indicated is ok unless you tell me what are your priorities in in job profile.

          • Himanshu Verma says:

            Sir i want such post in mentioned above ten in which i can explore my ME engg. knowledge and i can learn lot of things and job should be stable so acc. to these requirements please suggest the priority order……

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            I have already indicated about stability that RBL, RDSO are the best and than DSL.

          • Himanshu Verma says:

            and also better chances of promotion and salary and reputation. Please suggest on these criteria.

  3. yadav prashant says:

    Please help, what preferences should be given among these posts as I am B.E. in Mechanical Engg.
    for rrb and in which rrb more vacancy for mecahanical engineer

  4. armaan says:

    sir i got selected for sse C&W in 2014 & now in 2015 i have again qualified wriiten n dv is schduled in march…this time my pref are 1. CDMS(Store),
    2. GS…
    so sir should i attend DV again….as i have heard C&W is one of the worst dept of railway…kindly help….
    what are the chances of getting posted in C&W workshop compared to openline?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      C&W job in the field is certainly a tough call. The chance of getting posting in workshop is by chance only and there is no rules in this regard.

      • armaan says:

        thanks sir for the reply…so is it worth to lose seniority by joining GS-electrical-2015 over C&W- 2014… my branch is electrical….
        also sir being from electrical will i face problem in promotions through LDCE in C&W
        ….sir please reply

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          you said you are joing GS/Elect. I am unable to understand what is the meaning of LDCE in C&W?

          • armaan says:

            sir i mean to ask….will i face problem in promotion in C&W dept. being from electrical branch?? bcz mainly mechanical candidates join C&W dept.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            Once you join a cadre, you are part of the seniority of that cadre irrespective the degree you possess.

  5. Ruchin Kumar says:

    I am selected as JE mech workshop in Modern coach factory, Rae Bareli. Where will be my training ??

  6. Prakash mahato says:

    What are chances of getting promotion from je to sse. I am currently working in psu bank as scale 1 officer. Is it advisable to leave po for je. In what time I can be promoted to sse. What is the minimum time period to be eligible for promotion to sse.

  7. Nitish says:

    sir i have been alloted sse diesel mechanical from firozpur division and je DMW Patiala,which i should join i am in confusion ,please sir give suggestion which i should join

  8. Himanshu Pandey says:

    Sir,I was allotted JE mechanical work shop in central railway. Where will be my posting and training.
    Which type of job profile it is?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The workshop is located at Matunga for Mechanial and Bhuswal for Electrical. You will posted to any of the workshop. You will first get training and than you will get good idea of work profile. However, it is schedule work hours without any disturbance during night hours. calm and ok job as compared to open line.

  9. Sasha says:

    What kind of job will be assigned for lady je track machine ?