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Group B Services – One year of hard work for sure-shot success

By on August 19, 2013

A group B service is an important step in the entire bureaucracy of the Indian Railway system. Group A service is conceived to receive a mix of directly recruited officers through UPSC and those promoted from the cadre of Group C service. It is perceived that a mix of young and matured officers in middle-level management provides effective and efficient management control. This system also provides an opportunity to all in the cadre to excel and find promotional avenues to higher levels.   The mix is of 60:40 i.e. 60% of the direct recruitment and balance from the cadre. This is applied at the time of confirmation of group B officers to group A officer. This is explained with an example like this:

During the year 2008, X numbers of group A officers join in a specific cadre. A panel of group B officers to be empanelled in 2013 will be formed depending upon the years of service put in from all the railways. Number of vacancies will be assessed at 0.60 (X+Y) =X or 0.4X=0.6Y or Y=2/3*X

The group B examination is performed on a Railway depending upon the assessment of vacancies as existing and rising during the next two years. All vacancies in Group ‘B’ are filled by promotion on the basis of selection from eligible Group ‘C employees. 70% of the vacancies are filled by seniority cum suitability and 30% by option and selection. The procedure is defined on Indian Railway website link http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/codesmanual/IREM_VOL_1/IREM-Ch2_Data.htm

Pl suggest correction if any

It is necessary to understand the difference between LGS and LDCE

1 You are likely to be eligible when left with 5 to 10 years of service You are eligible after 5 years of Service
2 You are likely to rise up to the level of Sr. Scale before retiring You are very likely to rise up to the grade of Junior Administrative Grade and if successful on your first attempt of completion of 5 years of service, they may go up to Senior Administrative Grade.
3 There is only one paper of written examination and paper is much easier as compared to LDCE. Reading and writing at around 50 years of age is a tough option for all those appearing in the examination. There are two papers of written examination one after another on the same day making the examination a bit baffling. The success rate in the examination is just equaled the number of vacancies.
4 There is no specific syllabus. Read clause 204.2 *which speaks of the syllabus. How then, a syllabus is circulated by CPO in almost all the Railways. There is another question mark if there is no syllabus, how the coaching for SC and ST will be done.
5 The ratio of vacancies and candidates appearing in the examination is 1:3 The ratio is not defined but based on the earlier pattern it is in the range of 1:50, still much favorable as compared to IES examination conducted by UPSC
6 Success in the examination though brings happiness, but fear as well of likely entering into a transferable job as compared to to the stability generally found in Group C. That too when children are on the final stage of stabling. However, the advantage is posting in a slightly bigger place. Success in the examination is not by chance but a result of the hard and sincere attempt of display of knowledge, stamina, courage, hard work, support of family members etc. It is happiness all around.
7 Running staff is also eligible for Group B promotion in case of Electrical and Mechanical. They are generally not willing but the number is very large. Option from the eligible candidates is asked. If it is a non-serious option, it takes away the eligibility of non-running supervisors unnecessarily. Counseling is necessary. It does not matter
8 Promotion from Group C to Group B calls for an attitudinal change. A change in the approach to an issue. There is no specialized training to bring this change but it will be better for the promoted group B officer to mold himself to the changing environment. It is always better not to seek posting where you had earlier worked as a Group C employee. Even though you may be knowing and aware of all the grass root issues yet difficult to command respect and acceptance of you in different uniforms.

*204.2. The question paper for the written test should have a practical bias i.e. it should be designed to test the ability of candidates to tackle the practical problems they are likely to face rather than their theoretical knowledge. It is in view of this that no syllabus has been prescribed for the written examination except, the written examination for the post of Assistant Personnel Officer and the Railways depending on the local conditions/practices should set the paper.

How to approach for the examination?


  • There is a need for a disciplined, systematic and planned approach for the examination. A casual approach will never work.
  • Develop confidence, courage and generate support from the family to prepare for the examination.
  • Your grown-up son or daughter may also be studying and will certainly get encouraged to do better in his/her examination if you do well in your departmental examination. Our children get encouraged not by our talk, but by our action and watching us.
  • Plan one year in advance to the year of your turn in the eligibility list for LGS and immediately on joining group C service for LDCE.
  • There is no short cut and at least one year of study and writing dummy examination is necessary where you give examination and check your own copies.
  • Use of unfair means in the examination will never work as it is not possible to write content by this means for scoring 60% marks.
  • The examination is an art of displaying your knowledge in black and white and convincing the evaluator that you know the answer and allow me full marks. Master the art by practicing the steps that follow.


  1. There are many disciplines other than your field of working of which you may not have any knowledge but you have to learn. Even in your field of working, practical knowledge does not guarantee full marks.
  2. Always remember, having practical knowledge and expressing it in your answer are two different approaches. Therefore learn to express your knowledge in black and white.
  3. Never make a blunder statement in your answer because that will generate a negative impression. It is better to avoid by circumventing in some other way.
  4. Never forget that you have to score 60% marks. It was difficult during your student days even when the syllabus was known and you were preparing for the examination for the whole of the year.
  5. Always remember that unless you attempt all the questions asked for, you are unlikely to score 60% marks. It becomes all the more difficult for LDCE when one has to secure 60% marks in two papers. It is observed that around 10% qualifies in one or the other paper but only 2% in both the paper together.
  6. Arrange the following items beforehand
    • A comfortable study table and a chair
    • Last three years question paper or question bank
    • Talk to the last few successful candidates and seek tips
    • Decide the language you want to write the examination. Never feel bad if your English is no good. You may find difficulty in Hindi as well. Plan to write in Rajbhasa and there is no harm in writing commonly used technical words in English letters.
    • Practice for a few days of drawing a straight line, a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, arrow, symbol of – three and single phase transformer, DC-single and three-phase motor, relay, contactor, diode, thyristor, GTO, IGBT, capacitor, inductor, resistor, PT, CT, sign of earthing. Even though these are simple things, but practice it for at least one week daily as it will help you while writing the examination.
    • Remember examination is always a packaged deal and not answering a question in isolation. I have observed very efficiently, knowledge and intelligent SSE is failing to compete only for this reason

First Step

  1. Prepare five questions from your own field of working yourself. Remember that as soon as you successfully drafted five questions in your field of working, you have passed the mental block.
  2. Plan to write the examination on your rest day. Free yourself from all botheration and take the examination of three hours creating an environment of the real examination. It is a test of the coordination of your mental ability, soul and body. The mental ability works on the command of soul and body, therefore does not permit them to overtake. Sit for three hours patiently; attempt the entire five questions as if it is your group B examination. Remember that for LDCE, you will even require stamina for six hours.
  3. Sealed the answer copy in an envelope and relax. Keep it sealed for next week. During this one week, many of the ideas will come to your mind on what you have written? What you should have written? Why you have forgotten something important for the answer? Etc. and allow these thoughts freely roam around in your thought process.
  4. Now examine your own answer copy on the next rest day and allot marks as if you are the evaluator of your group B examination copy. Remember your mind shall now work in different reference frames.
  5. Correct, modify and add to your answer in red ink.
  6. Repeat this exercise one more time with a different set of five questions. Be honest in drafting your own questions which should take a minimum of 3 hours to answer.

With this you have almost covered all the questions that are likely to be asked in your area of work. Keep the answer as your notes for the final day of preparation. (Total time – 15 days)

Second Step

  1. For LDCE examination, basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering is also questioned. Just study recollects whatever you have studied during your diploma or engineering days. Select any five examination papers from question banks which are available on the net or competitive book available in the market. Seal them in an envelope and take the examination for five consecutive rest days one by one. Evaluate the answer copy truly sitting on the chair of examiner and award marks. Your target should not be less than 80%. ( Total time – 45 days)

Third Step

  1. Decide the second discipline you want to attempt
  2. Study for one hour every day for 15 days as per the notes/books/handout available or arranged by you. Visit these installations to see the equipment personally and talk to the concerned person. Take photographs.
  3. During preparation,
    1. Practice for making  freehand  sketches and I repeat never forget to practice it
    2. There may not be many formulas involved, but if there is any, make a note of it as it will help in simplifying the language of the answer.
    3. Preparation of even simple circuits and block diagram takes much time while writing in the examination. Practice it with a free hand. (I have observed candidates spending/wasting unnecessary time drawing circuits/block diagrams as if that is the only question to be answered)
    4. Remember nomenclature and abbreviations used in the subject you are attempting,
    5. Important dimensions and schedule of dimensions (be careful to observe the unit of dimension – there is a certain dimension which is commonly talked upon in feet and others in meter or centimeter) e.g. mast implantation in meters, the diameter of the wheel in mm and width of a coach in feet.
    6. What is to be covered in answering a question? Most of the questions (advantage/disadvantage, comparison, short notes etc) that you come across will require a mention, narration, explanations etc. The question can best be answered evaluating on the following platform. These platforms can help you in answering any questing efficiently.
      • Maintainability – easy or very high
      • Reliability – high, very high, prone to failure because of the large number of wearing parts
      • Standardization – easy to replace with new one or of different make
      • User-friendly – in terms of maintainability, troubleshooting, and operation
      • Propriety item or enough of competition – there is only one source or many in the field to result in cost reduction
      • Energy Efficiency – poor, moderate, very high due to negligible wearing parts
      • Redundancy – means that if one component/sub-assembly fails, then there is another to come into service automatically or manually
      • Availability of spares parts and consumables – easily available and no difficulty in storage and handling
      • Cost – Cost is high/moderate or less costly
      • Environment-Friendly – pollution, CO2, depletion of the ozone layer (halogen base refrigerants)

And the best way to remember these 10 points is “MR SUPER ACE”

  1. Now draft three sets of question paper with five questions each and seal it in a cover. Attempt these question papers during rest day taking three hours to answer the entire question ensuring examination environment in the right spirit. Seal the answer papers. ( 30 days)
  2. Evaluate three answer copies one by one on the successive rest day with total earnest and award marks. You should not score less than 80%. If less, find out the reason. ( 30 days)

Fourth Step

  1. Repeat the third step with next discipline. (75 days)

Fifth Step

  1. Repeat the third step with fourth discipline (75 days)

Sixth Step

  1. Repeat the third step for the subject of Establishment, Stores and Financial matters (30 days)
  2. The question on Rajbhasha is not compulsory but you should always prepare it because they are only a few chapters to study and you can score full marks. A list of question bank on Rajbhasha is available with Rajbhasha Branch of the Railways. (6 days)
  3. Question on general studies and knowledge shall be a continues exercise of keeping yourself abreast of what is happening around you, the name of places, person, abbreviation, Important dates, Ministers, the person associated with Railways. (Throughout the year and one week specific)

Last and Final Step

  1. Draft five question paper for Paper A and Paper B for LDCE and five question papers of one set for LGS.
  2. Keep them in an envelope with you.
  3. You will be attempting these question papers two months before the actual date of examination, one set on each of the rest days.
  4. Remember to sit for six hours with one hour break for LDCE examination.
  5. This is a work out of one year plus two months and sure to succeed in the examination.
  6. This will build your stamina of co-ordination of body, intellect, and soul.

Finding Problem in drafting your Question Bank



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  1. ravindra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a electronics & telecommunication engineer. I got selected in Indian Railways as JE -signals recently. Interestingly i have also been selected as TTA in BSNL & posting is at my hometown Aurangabad.

    I have passed the medical for railway and my posting is done in Bhusawal division.

    I’m also supposed to join railway division in August. So i’m in a fix

    right now, Presently I am taking training at BSNL H.O.,Nagpur.

    Kindly suggest Which job i should opt for? Which one has the better career

    growth? Where would i be more happy career wise?

    Right now 24 years old, so i just want to know where i have the better chance of reaching the top level amonsgt the two?

    What is the transfer policies if I join Indian railway as a JE-signal pos. ??

    What is my growth path in JE-signal post. & how much exp. I needed here to achieve it??
    What facilities I will get if I joined indian railway ?? apart from BSNL. ??

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I am not so sure of BSNL but JE signal in Bhusawal Division (near to your home town) will provide you a good opportunity of building a career in Railways. Happiness is one’s own choice and whatever you choose, remain firm on your decision and that what ever you have chosen, is good. You are already undergoing training in BSNL, and can find out options in BSNL. The job of JE signal will be quite demanding because you will be associated with running of trains and will be questioned frequently about the signal failures and detention of trains. However, such demanding profession, makes a man tough. In order to build a successful career, plan for LDCE for which I have summarised the action plan. Remember, if you go as per this plan, you will certainly be successful and attain class I officer status within 12-13 years. Keep in tough with the your decision so that others visiting the websites are helped.

    • durgesh says:

      Sir i am selected for sse in rrb bhopal.i am working as assistant engg. In mp power generating company.my grade pay is 5400.should i join railway as sse as its grade pay is 4600.can i become drm at retirement time?

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        As assistant engineer in MP you are working as an officer, whereas SSE cadre is of supervisory grade. If you do well in the departmental exam, you may be able to reach to the level of Junior Administrative grade. You can never become DRM. I will not suggest you to join in SSE as compared to your present posting. I am unable to understand why you opted for this exam and what was there in your mind at the time of filling the form. Please do share. However, I suggest you to prepare for ESE, which may provide you better options in your career.

        • durgesh says:

          Thank you sir for your advise.at the time of applying i was trainee .i thaught thru dept. Exam i could be prmoted.my present job has outside location as well shift job is there.one question sir can i prep. For ese with sse job.can you elobrate work profile briefly.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            I have detailed the job profile of all the post advertised in different discipline https://www.railelectrica.com/category/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/ for the benefit of all. I don’t know your discipline. Pl check this post and you will certainly be benefitted. The shift working is unavoidable here also, depending on the cadre. How you are sure of posting in your home town if joins sse?

  2. smith says:

    Dear sir,

    First of all, very nice information you have shared at this portal.

    I have been appointed as SSE Electrical in Traction Distribution dept at Bombay. My joining will in september-14. I have certain queries which I hope you will be in a position to answer
    1. which dept is better considering TRD or TRS, considering the working conditions & harsh nature of job?
    2. what will be my roles n responsibilities in TRD?
    3. what will be my roles n responsibilities in TRS?
    4. I am working in a reputed pvt organisation in maintenance dept since 4 years at Mumbai. Is it better to join railways considering growth & workload? at present the salary is same at both places.
    5. what is a career path for me in railways?
    6. Do they consider caste reservations while deciding promotions through LDCE?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      1. Both are equally good and having equal harsh working conditions. Railway relates to running of trains involving safety, reliability and punctuality. Therefore, you have to be on your toes all the time.
      2. Trd is Traction distribution. The department is responsible for maintenance and operation of traction distribution installation which you must have seen all around track. As SSE you will incharge of a section for maintenance after training and with some experience. If you are posted in Mumbai, the maintenance is mostly done during night. Your posting may also involve shift working.
      3. TRS is traction rolling stock responsible for the maintenance and operation of EMU and locomotive. These assets are maintained at Kalwa, Kurla, Kalyan, Sanpada, POH at Matunga. You may got posting at any of these location and after some experience may got full responsibility of a section. After that you will continue there with rotation from time to time in different section.
      4. Govt. job is certainly better and with that in your mind only, you have applied for SSE.
      5. There is a reservation for SC/ST on lines similar to recruitment. You can appear for the examination after 5/6 years of service.

  3. SAI says:

    Sir, A Candidate joining as a Junior Engg.(at an age of 25yrs) can rise upto which Designation till his retirement. Taking all the parameters into consideration like Place of posting, Dept, LDCE Test, Seniority, Reservations etc.. (Pls give the Min to Max Designation given).

  4. Baljeet singh says:

    Rally is enpotant job rally is an honastle job

  5. Vamshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    The LDCE is All India Examination, so will you pls suggest any Books for Mechanical Dept, any Materials n even prev papers..

    Even by completing 5 Yrs as JE that i am eligible(including 1 year Training at STC); From JE to SSE how many it will take.


    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I understand from the question that you have already working in Railways as JE. So you may be fully aware of the number of years of service required before eligibility to appear for LDCE. My information is 5 years after confirmation. LDCE is not a all India examination. It is zonal railway examination generally once in two years or less. I will again advise to go through my blog on https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/group-b-services/. You are having sufficient time and follow the schedule written there.

      • Vamshi says:

        How many Years from JE to SSE.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          It is not a time bound promotion and depends on vacancy. This will vary for department, division, time and cannot be assessed. Challenge for you to get through the competition or you will decide your intention to appear based on the years it will take for promotion.

  6. […] job helps in learning all aspects of Railway working. The knowledge bank helps CLA to do well in LDCE examination for promotion to group B posts just after completing the minimum waiting period of 5 […]


    I want to be prepared for LDCExam of APO in S.E.RLY . Now Iam working in OS post from 2013, july in src/Elect deptt, Kgp divn.Your directed way is very energetic and I wish tobe selected in one chance.I have no idea of any question. Pls suggest if any kind of tution available or necessary for sure shot.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      From your quarry, I understand you are from UR category and therefore, there will at the most 3-4 vacancies for which the examination will be conducted. It will be a tough competition and you have to target for securing minimum 70+% marks in both the paper. Now, once you have decided, the first step is to go through the syllabus carefully. I understand, there is a prescribed syllabus for APO exam. There are many books on establishment rules available in the market. Buy one of them or contact others for the same. Now go through the content carefully and making your notes. It should not take more than 1-2 months to read and understand the content. Now prepare at least ten question bank as if you’re the examiner. I have summarised the method for preparation of the examination in the post. Follow it, write the examination with the same intent as if you are writing for LDCE (this is the most difficult part, as it requires a lot of patience and stamina to remain tight for 3 hours and write the examination). Beside, this read general knowledge book along with current affairs book. Rajbhasha question is the simplest, and prepare and you can write in any language i.e. Hindi or English. All the best of luck.

  8. Mukul says:

    I will be appearing for ESE 2016, I am 25 years of age. Is Railways a right choice for me? I am very ambitious and want to achieve high post in my career.
    Since your understanding of ESE is exceptionally good, please guide me.
    Thank you

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Yes you should and Railways will give you excellent opportunity. However, if you want to achieve high post in career, than plan for CSE.

  9. Mukul says:

    Thank you for the motivation sir. Ever since my engineering days, my friends, relatives have created a very negative thoughts about CSE.
    I am an average student.
    I trust your experience above everything.
    Please let me know if CSE is
    attainable by me. Provided I give in a year or hard work.
    Is CSE really that tough to crack as people in general talk about?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You count yourself to be a average student as per your marks. But check if you are a a) intelligent b) hard working c) committed and focused person. If so, you can make it. The thoughts given by your fiends and relative is their perception based on many factors, but what is the alternative and with which post they have compared it. I have given a comparison why you should and why not you should prepare for the examination? The toughness arises depending upon the applicants and the number of vacancies. With private market sluggish, the applicants for CSE has gone up during the last two-three years. But you look at the list of the candidates selected, they are from ordinary engineering colleges, and climbed the position with their commitment.

      • Mukul says:

        Thank you Sir, for the motivation and knowledge you have shared. This is one of the few posts I have come across that gives the answer to the queries spot on. You are like an e-mentor to many.
        Thanks again.

  10. Jaswinder Singh says:

    Sir, I want to know the latest books of various authorse for preparation for departmental exam of APO/AWO (30%) LDCE exam. Please let me know the details of books.

  11. dhiraj says:

    bks helpful for exam of apos on ldce basis

  12. DEBABRATA banerjee says:

    I have been promoted to grade rs4200/(9300-34800) on 01-07-2013.when will I be eligible to apeear in Apo exam?where can I get previous year,s questions from website?

  13. rocky says:

    Sir, I have been selected as IRTS through CSE-2014. Training will probably start in December 2015. Sir, I wanted to know when can we expect our offer letters from railway. Or, we need to do any follow up with authorities

  14. Chandan Kanti dhali says:

    Suppose within bond period a sse clear ESE exam and selected for IRS service than what will the deficalty arise for such trajection?? & there will be perior permission need for giving ESE exam for a sse who is within bond period??

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It is always desirable to seek permission once you are in govt. job and appearing for ESE. It is generally never denied. You may get a pay protection if you were drawing more salary than the pay scale of group A service.

  15. Chandan Kanti dhali says:

    I have one quarry more.should bond money return to railway such sse (with in bond period)to ESE crade transaction.once again thank u sir for helping.

  16. Ashok says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I am following your website . it’s really fantastic .
    I have few doubts .
    I have masters degree from IIT,
    BE in ECE
    1) now ( 2015) result I got selected as SSE Ele TRD in RRB Bangalore . and JE (2014) in Mechanical workshop hubli.

    SSE——- —->B————>A
    1.1 Minimum how many years it will take from group C to Group B to Group A.

    1.2 After promoting to group B or Group A posts how the posting will be ?
    1.3 will it be in SWR only , or will it change ?

    2 I read in comment of yours like
    ECE branch students can change to PSU in later years .
    2.1 Is it better to take GATE exam and switch directly ?
    2.2 Is it possible to change to other organizations like DRDO BEL BHEL?

    3 ) assuming you are at age 26 and you are given chance of PSU and Railways which one you will choose .
    ( Branch doesn’t matter , purely your opinion )

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Have you joined SSE/TRD in Banglore or waiting for the comments from me to decide on this?

      • Ashok says:

        Thanks for valuable answer .
        Document verification is Over sir .

        I am preparing for ESE 2016 , I thought it will give me more insight into railways and service will be added .
        Also I needed one job as I can’t study by sitting whole day .

        One year training will be there and also they provide hostels during training . clasrroms will be there . soo I was about to join.

        Thanks for clearing doubts sir. I will take-up ESE coaching and prepare for exam.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      A postgraduate from IIT generally will not prefer this job. It may not be satisfying in long run. Your quarries are answered like this
      1. The promotion to group B is through two different mode called ‘Seniority cum suitability’ for 70% of the vacancies and Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for 30% of the vacancies. The examination is generally scheduled once in two years and vacancies for 30% are in the range of about 2-3 only. There are 100 eligible applicants for each of the post. You will be eligible for appearing in LDCE after completion of 5 years of service after confirmation. In case, you get through in your first attempt, you will become AEE (group B) within 6-7 years. After working for a minimum 5 years, you may get empanelled as group A officer. It takes minimum 12-14 years to become a Group A officer if every thing goes as you wish.
      1.2 There is a big different between Group C service and Group B service i.e. climbing from Supervisory post to Officers post.
      1.3 What I have stated there that large many group A officer goes on deputation to other Railway related PSUs generally when they want to avoid transfer and need stability. All new metro organisation needs qualified person and work experience of IR will always be handy.
      1.4 There is no opening to DRDO, BEL or BHEL from Railways.
      1.5 PSUs will certainly be better as compared to SSE. But I find engineers finds themselves frustrated in PSU and has shown their inclination to dynamic organisation like Railways. Nevertheless, I suggest, you prepare for ESE/GATE etc. to have more satisfaction in life ahead. But once a decision taken, don’t curse and regret for the past.
      As regards comparing PSU and Railways, Railways is far better. The only advantage with PSU is stability which may be difficult with Railways. People prefer to find some PSU while working in Railways and Central Deputation because when spouse is working and transfer is difficult to carry out.

  17. Rohit Shrivastav says:

    Dear Sir, Please help me as per the below matter.
    Currently I am working in an MNC with 75000 in hand salary. I am selected in 2014 SSE exam and got joining now in May 2016. I am very much confused whether to join or not. Please help. Problem is I am just thinking about salary not other aspects. Please enlighten…. Waiting desperately for your reply.



    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think you will be better off joining SSE as compared to the present job. It would have been comparable with ESE only. The present job can drive you to have a successful career whereas SSE will provide a routine career unless you can crack LDCE examination in your first attempt and which is a very tough proposition. There is no advancement in SSE career if you add any educational or skill but it will matter with your present job.

      • Rohit Shrivastav says:

        SIr, what about after 7th Pay commission. Salary would rise a bit or not ?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Yes salary will rise, but it will impact the salary rise in private sector as well. If you read my post on Group A service, Govt job is slow and steady rise. Some people are attracted due to making money under the table but that does not work to make life better and comfortable. Choose on the following two basic fundamentals
          1. What is your passion and how you intent to achieve it
          2. Where you want to be after 20 years of work
          3. Do you want steady growth or quick jumps due to your efficient/intelligent/hard working buy switching organisation
          4. Do you have the enthusiasm of learning new technologies, skill, proficiency etc., if so the MNC job will benefit you.

          • Rohit Shrivastav says:

            Very well answered sir.. At last I just want to ask one final question. As per you then Railway Group C SSE jobs will be fruitful for those only who either working on a lower salary then SSE or those who are not having any job. It’s not good for persons like us who are having handsome salary but office hours are way 2 more like 10 am to never ending PM kind of.. Please enlighten.

            Thanks in advance sir,..



          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            If you are mediocre and don’t have courage and ambition to take a flier route, than also SSE is OK. As regards, SSE job also, about 5-6 days a week, it is more than the schedule time. It is good for those who want stability and is always afraid of losing job.

          • Rohit Shrivastav says:

            Ok sir.. I get it… Got selected as Assistant Commissioner of Excise. Joining that now. Many thanks for the enlightenment. I was thinking to do the job of Engineering cadre but it seems Railway has no future opportunities in joining Group C cadre SSE service. Its just for those who wants stability as per your views and experience. Many thanks again for your blog. It helped me alot.



  18. abhik kumar says:

    hello sir,
    1) When can a JE (mech workshop) sit for SSE exam through departmental exam…??
    2) While working as a JE, if he clears SSE (organised by RRB), can he join as SSE…??
    2) Can a JE (B.Tech mechanical) sit directly for group B exam bypassing SSE post…??

    Thank you

  19. rajan patel says:

    i have completed B.tech with mechanical stream and empaneled as a je in DIESEL ELECTRICAL (RRB JAMMU) . sir my question is what type of work have to do for a diesel electrical(je) & would i able to work as diesel electrical because my stream is mechanical but i have to work in electrical department????

    plz suggest me

  20. sarath says:

    Sir, I am presently working as je(c&w).I have also been selected for charge man (group b non gazetted)in Indian Navy.which should I select,as charge man is all India transfer liable job pay is same for both.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It is difficult for me the help you in this regard. You have to calculate the pros and cons in regards with the stability, transfers, place of posting etc. As JE (J&K) you are likely to be posted in Jammu, and very likely in Srinagar for the maintenance of DEMU rakes.

  21. abhik says:

    hello sir, previously my post was not answered, so m requesting once again to please clear my query regarding
    1) When can a JE (mech workshop) sit for SSE exam through departmental exam/ or the promotion from JE to SSE is time bound, n if time bound, the approx time required (m a gen category student)…??
    2) While working as a JE, if he clears SSE (organised by RRB), can he join as SSE…??
    2) Can a JE (B.Tech mechanical) sit directly for group B exam bypassing SSE post…??

    Thanking you with regards

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      for your question 2 and 3, it is yes. I am not fully sure about your question 1. You will come to know as soon as you joins the job.

  22. I got 83 marks in 1st paper and 100 marks in 2nd paper resulting I failed

  23. Prateek says:

    My department is P-way and training starts this December. I want to know if the LDCE question paper same for every department.
    If not than would Civil Engineering paper consist questions from Electrical and Mechanical and how much is their weightage likely to be?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There are two papers and one has to score minimum 60 % marks in each paper. Paper is general awareness, general technical knowledge, establishment, works contract etc. which will be taught to you during training and after when working. Paper 2 is purely technical with professional knowledge of P way, Works, bridge etc. You should be sincere during training, and what ever you learn keep notes and improve with additional knowledge you gain during work experience.

  24. Shubham says:

    Sir Please tell me about Mechanical Junior Engineer in Railways and what are its duties and benefits he gets?

    And how to get Promoted to higher post from JE and how many years it takes?

    Thank you Sir

  25. Padhma says:

    This blog having the details of Processes running. The way of runing is explained clearly. The content quality is really great.

  26. Ponnambalam says:

    Sir, I am SSE in ET /RS/TBM, SR railway. My qualification is Diploma. As my qualifications is Diploma, will they consider me in AEE exam interview

  27. Tapas Kumar Choudhuri says:

    Thanks for the guidelines. I appreciate the the quality of writing. Superb

  28. Sir Maine 12th ke hai kya mujhe form fill karke railway main grade b main job mil Sakti hai

  29. sanjay h says:

    for jr engg exam will there be seperate question paper for each branches or not

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The exam held so far was one paper consisting of general, technical, maths, general science etc. for all branches. The reasoning given is that every student studies some part of each branch of engineering during diploma/engineering course.

  30. Soni says:

    Sir please give details about the post, work, and working environment, working hours , weekend and holidays for SSE telecom

  31. NARASIMHAN S says:

    please clarify;
    i am an Office superintendent ,aged 47 years joined in personnel branch on 13/09/2017 after medical decategorization from Chief Loco Inspector(elctrical).
    i have completed 27 years of service (20 years as ALP/LP/g/pass/mail and 7 years as CLI.
    i appeared in LDCE electrical for the post of ADEE/AXEE and passed them during 2008 and 2014 but not promoted.
    now after medical decategorization i joined personal brach as OS. now APO selection is called for 30%,
    please clarify, i am eleigible to appear or not ?
    kindly provide supporting docuument if any.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I am not sure about it. Pl check the eligibility stated therein on the advertisement

      • NARASIMHAN S says:

        the eligibility says,
        (i)the applicant must be a ministrial staff
        (ii) must have completed 5 years of service in Rs 4200 GP non-fotitiuous .
        but not said that 5 years in ministerial cadre only.

        i was repilied by APO/MAS that i am not eligible as i have not completed 5 years in ministerial cadre.

  32. Bhushan says:

    Sir iam placed as g.e.t in tata motors with 5.5 lacs pa and i am willing to get govt job.
    Is it good for me to go for rrb sse exam andwork as sse and leave tata motors job ? Plz suggest

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      NO, if you are interest go for Group A UPSC exam and not SSE/RRB exam.

      • Bhushan says:

        Why sir?
        Any problem in sse job?
        I have given ese 2018 but not qualified for ese mains and i think i have to get top 20 rank to get group a railway job. I dont know i can get top rank while working in tata parallely. What to do?
        Plz tell

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          kindly scan the answers given to manky ofthe query in the past on the same subject. You may visit the post of group A and see the comments.

  33. M.s meena says:

    please give me advised for preparation of departmentally Examination in Railway.
    I am working at Junior engineer in (Carriage )mechanical Department and i have qualified in electrical engineering(Diploma).
    so i am very confused to preparation of Department Examination and suggest me in further at your view.

  34. Akhilesh kumar says:

    I m an station master . In 2020 I shall complete my 5 years in 4200 grade. I like to prepare for grade B officer exam. Please suggest me study material and book and plz tell me where can I find books and 3 years exams question papers . Plz send me book shop address 9455838480

    I shall be very thankful for u.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You will not be able to find any such information except from those who have appeared in the earlier examination. But that will not help as the syllabus is very large. The content given in the blog shall help for the examination.

  35. Indrajeet says:

    Dear Sir
    I have selected as TA in banglore division. At present I have join postal assistant at aligarh . I want to study for cgl. But my freind and senior say to join TA.
    I am in tense what I do for better future. Pls suggest me sir.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Let me recollected TA is traffic assistant and what is Cgl? what is future as postal assistant and to which do you belong?

  36. subhasis says:

    Sir ,
    I am selected in asm in Bhubaneswar division I am a b.tech student in electrical engineering .Is there any provision to get Senior section engineer in gdce exam.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      No, there is no provision for any change of category at this stage. Better to be contended with the job given to you and keep on trying for other competitive examination.

  37. A.Churchill Antony says:

    Dear sir,
    Iam working as JE/C&W/MAS from sep2015 onwards. I want to write group B LDCE exam what are the syllabus and how will preparation the examination.
    Please give idea for me

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think any syllabus is prescribed. What you should do is to take record of the notes given to you during your classroom training of all the subjects. Now with segregation of the Diesel from Mechanical to Electrical, you should check with the expectation from your departmental head about the streams now will be covered. Kindly share your knowledge on the subject with us also.

  38. Satyaprakash meena says:

    Sir currently i am working as a lobby operator(jaipur)/mech/4200gp.i had promoted to 4200gp recently and our cader is very small and from now there is no scope of promotion in this cadre.i am only 23 i want to become a group b officer…. Please suggest me some diploma courses which can be helpful in departmental exams.
    Thank you
    Satyaprakash meena

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Is it group d post now and how you have been recruited at the initial stage? For group B, one should be working as JE/SSE for the last 5 years in the technical cadre.

  39. ramu says:

    excellent guidence sir.. thank you very much

  40. ARUP SARKAR says:

    This is Arup Sarkar working as SSE at SANTRAGACHI Kharagpur division S.E Rly.Can you tell me is there any option to give exam equivalent to IRSE class 1officer from Group C (DIRECT SSE)?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      What is the meaning if exam equivalent to IRSE class I officer? There is no equivalent examination. As regards becoming Class I from your present level to Class I, first you have to qualify Group examination and then after working for minimum 5 years, depending on vacancies, you will be considered for group A service with the approval of UPSC. If you qualify in the first attempt, even then it will take about 10-12 years to get confirmation in Class 1.

  41. Rajiv says:

    Hello Sir, I was posted as technician-I and recently passed LDCE (25%) for the post of JE. Currently i am undergoing training for 1 year after which I will resume my duty as JE. Due to vacancies and retirements, it is very likely that i might become SSE in next 3 years. I had two questions regarding my upcoming future:
    1) Can I appear for LDCE(30%) for AWM/AME after becoming SSE and before completing 5 years of service as a supervisor?
    2) If i passed the AWM/AME examination, what chances do i have for promotion in future??
    Can i reach upto JAG or i would end up being a senior scale officer??
    Currently i am 26 years old

  42. C P K says:


    Exceellent tips given but difficult to implement

  43. Alam says:

    Dear Sir
    I had Joined Indian railway after qualifying rrb SSE examination in Nov 2013 . And my training completed in Feb 2015 . When will be eligible for ldce 30%.
    Please let me know when my 5 year of non fortuitous service complete
    Thanks and regard

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Check with the personnel department and wait when the vacancy is advertised. However, I suggest keep on preparing for the examination as if you have to appear in Sept 2019.

  44. S m Kulkarni says:

    Very useful n motivating information.

  45. Ashish Kumar Sahu says:

    Sir , if i join as ALP then what are the chances that i can get officer level post. I hate running job but for now i jobless. kindly advice as for now i am not able to figure what to do?

  46. Aju John says:

    Sir, Currently I am working as Senior Assistant Loco Pilot in southern railway with GP 0f 2400 level 4 with 4 year in service. When will I get opportunity to write the ldce exam. Whether I am eligible for the exam after completing 5 years or whether I need 4200 GP(level 6).

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I will suggest checking the qualifying service mentioned in the last LDCE examination held and normally the same will be maintained.

  47. SREENADH S R says:

    Sir i am sreenadh .working in southern railway group d post in enginering depatment.i have only bachelor degree in physics.how can grow my carrer

    • Munna Rajak says:

      After two yeas if service u can part in department exam. So plan accordingly from today and hit the target in planned way.

  48. Sir I am j k bairwa station superintendent I want prepare to aom exam sir mujhe sallybus or complite matter hindi museum me chahiye please arrange me

  49. Parth says:

    Hello sir i got selection as junior engineer in electrical department in railway at age if 28. What are the chances of promotions for me?