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Have you checked your Medical Examination before looking for a job in Indian Railways?

By on August 27, 2014

Do you know the consequences of Radial Keratotomy/Lasik surgery making you unfit for many job opportunities in Railways/PSU sector?

Before deciding to appear for UPSC and RRB examination, the candidate shall make himself clear about the medical standards applicable for different category of posts.  The medical examination is the last examination a candidate has to undergo before being made fit for the job. Failure in the medical examination when you have successfully cleared all other tests at the last stage is the most painful feeling one has to undergo. It is, therefore, even if you have a slight doubt about your fitness, better to get yourself medically examined to avoid such pain at the last stage. I am not an expert on the medical examination requirement and my post is basically to make you all aware of this requirement before making any application. 

The medical fitness details are given in the Medical manual followed by medical circulars issued from time to time. The medical manual is available at net http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/codesmanual/MMVol-I/Chapter5.pdf. Some of the details are as follows:

  1. The medical examination is listed separately for the gazetted and non-gazetted category of appointments. Section A details the standards for Gazetted group
  2. Section B details the standards for the non-gazetted group. All candidates selected through RRB has to undergo a medical test at nominated Railway Hospital.
  3. The candidate is given medical fitness in a particular medical category by Railway hospital. The medical categories are A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The medical fitness category required for a post is given in the advertisement. It is A1 for Assistant Loco Pilot and A2 for Guard and ASM.
  4. Wearing spectacles is very common, and therefore, the candidates shall read Visual Acuity Standard test very carefully to make sure of his medical fitness for the post he intends to apply for.
  5. A person with blind with one eye but the vision of 6/6 with second eye, he qualifies in C2 only.
  6. One shall notethatLasik/radial keratotomy or any other surgical treatment for vision correction will make him unfit for medical category A-1, A-2, A-3, and B-1. The Medical Manual para 512(9) states  “Candidates: having undergoneRadialKeratotomymay not be considered for recruitment to A-1, A-2, A-3 and B-1 categories. However, candidates with such operation may be considered for recruitment in B-2 categories and below, if otherwise medically fit.” This has been amended vide Railway Board letter to make it unfit for all class of A and B. http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/health/pdf/compandium-2013/Revision_11_11_13.pdf
    Radial Keratotomy/Lasik makes you unfit for many a jobs in Govt./PSU

    Radial Keratotomy/Lasik makes you unfit for many a jobs in Govt./PSU


  7. Non-acceptance of vision correction surgery is specifically mentioned in the employment notice like that of DMRC as stated “Note: – The above medical standards (criteria) are indicative and not exhaustive, and apply to candidates in general. For detailed information, refer to Indian Railway Medical Manual (IRMM). Candidates may note that for vision correction, Lasik surgery or any form of radial keratotomy is not permitted at all.”
  8. Colour Sensitivity: There are two tests for the test of colour sensitivity namely the Farnsworth Lantern Test and Ishihara Test. For Medical category A1,2 and 3 one has to pass both the test. In case, the candidate passes the lantern Test but fails in Ishihara Test, then he fails in A1,2 and 3 but passes in B1. The candidate who fails in both the test than falls in category B2, C1&2.
  9. Such instructions are not clearly mentioned in RRB employment notice and making the candidates ignorant of the clause.
  10. There are many instances where the candidates find himself in a lurch on being declared medically unfit and had to run pillar to post (Railway Board-CAT-Medical board). The two CAT hearing on the subject will tell the entire story and the pain of the candidate.
    Vishnu S.P., Nila, Avanavancheri … vs Indian Railways
    Sh. B. Surya Prakash vs Union Of India Through on 9 …
  11. I don’t know the outcome of the case but it is clear that Railway is very tough about the medical examination and one should not risk his career expecting a miracle.

Vision correction by use of spectacles is very common, but just check how important it is for you to choose the category of RRB competition before it is too late.

It is important to check your medical category before you fill your form for any competitive examination for a job in Indian Railways. Vision standards followed and the category of fitness is given below:


For better understanding of the above term you may visit http://www.myopia.org/ebook/09chapter4.htm which explains in detail vision like 6/6, 6/12 etc. and power in diopters like -0.25 or -1.5 etc,

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  1. Akshy says:

    Sir ,I have myopia defect only on my right eye with power 3.5d .In which category do I belong in railway medical test .pls reply

  2. Svyom Prakash says:

    Dear sir
    I want to know as my eye version is 6/6 and I used to wear glasses (-1.5D).

    Shall I eligible to fill the form of rrb je in the first preference of design department .

    Please do reply , I will be thankful to you .

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      you should consult a doctor along with the medical examination criteria provided for the post you are applying.

  3. Sathish n says:

    Sir i have a hernia, is it cause disaualified in medical test of rrb group d?
    Please help me sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      you should consult a doctor along with the medical examination criteria provided for the post you are applying.

  4. Niloy Das says:

    Sir, I have -3.75 in one eye and -4.25 in the other. In which ntpc post can I apply for?

  5. Manohar says:

    Good morning sir
    One eyed man koin sa from bhar shakta hai ( 12th ) railway job NTPC
    Right eye 6/6 , left eye – only see 2 meter

  6. Lipsarani panda says:

    Sir actually my left eye vision is 6/60 and right eye vision is 6/6 ,can I apply for c2 criteria

  7. Sharan B says:

    I have -0.5 D vision but doctor says ur vision is 6/6. He says that’s temporary stress n no problem with that it’s common. I could read the alphabets
    Now am I eligible for alp ??

  8. Hemanth says:

    Pls tell me I have appendicts surgery so I can elgible or not for rrb ntpc

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Please contact a medical doctor along with the prescribed medical examination. as regards my personal view is concerned, it should not be a cause of concern

  9. Dolon says:

    I have 6 by 9 vision and high myopia of minus 9 power lense. Am i eligible to C2 category of RRB?

  10. Arun says:

    I have using -8 power lense. In which medical standard i am belonging

  11. Jiska one eye hai usko kaun SA post milskta hai

  12. World365 says:

    Sir, if a person is suffering from gynecomastia , will he be pass in physical test
    And also if he had surgery will he able to continue

  13. Adapala vasu says:

    Hii sir my father expired 02.04.2106 in railway I gotted post in cg grounds tech3(TRD)medical fit in A2&below IAM not joining the post I approach gm then give the goods guard then I go to the medical after 2yrs gap then unfit for appointment all categories due to heart probelm any suggestion for me after operation I can appeal for remedical for lower category like commercial standards in Cg grounds pls reply fast

  14. Adarsh says:

    sir i have qualified rrb technician for 10+2 post.I m having piles…am i will be fit fir medical standard for technician.. plzzz reply sir.

  15. Pavan says:

    Completed Appendix surgery in my 10 class so am i eligible for RRB ticket clerk jobs please give me answer

  16. Syed basheer says:

    Will i eleigible for the railwayjob if am tattooed..is tgere any restrictions.??

  17. Sunil says:

    Tell me Medical standard for this vision
    6/6 , 6/36

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Actually, I am not a medical expert and my post is to make all applicants before applying to avoid failure at the last time which has happened many a time with many of the aspirants.

  18. RJ Khaimchand says:

    Sir mujhe red & green mai koi different n lgta I m colour bliend to kya group D ke medical m pass ho jaunga kya eye 6/9

  19. Neshat ahmed says:

    Sir, i cant hear above 14k hz…i have qualified CBT 2..getting marks 79…should i go for psycho (alp)…can i get rejected in medical for alp???

  20. Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

    You have to contact Doctor and I am not the specialist to guide in this issue.

  21. D.Rao says:

    Is found fit in C1,c2

    medical category eligible for clerical job in Railways.

  22. DAYAL CHAND says:

    meri dono eyes -20 hai aur mein contect lens pahn ta hu aur mera govt job me selection hone vala hai kya mein eye medical exam test pass kar payunga central govt mts

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      For which post. The medical examination applicable for different category of post is defined. From the details you have given, you may not be eligible where the minimum prescribed if A and B.

  23. Shah khan says:

    Dear sir, i have applied for rrb je 03/2018 . I am overweight. With bmi 28 . Would i be rejected in medical examination..or i would be given some time?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Start reducing your weight now it self. Had the result declared? If not, you have sufficient time. Consult Doctor for advice based on the medical manual of Railways.

  24. Vignesh says:

    What are the blood test name are tested in rrb

    Any buddy pls reply me

  25. Srinu says:

    I was selected as goods guard in Cg grounds due to heart probelm I unfit for appointment after COA surgery I eligible for remecial lower medical

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I will suggest contacting the Medical Department of the division where you are posted.

      • Vasu says:

        don’t tell anyone not clearly sir 4yrs completed not got post till now after bypass eligible in CG grounds other persons ko milega kya

  26. Sandy Minz says:

    Sir I am left Fractured handed person. Am I eligible for Police constable or sub inspector post ?

  27. Lakhpati Gope says:

    Sir यदि कोई कर्मचारी कितने दिन loung absent करने के बाद में Re-medical के लिए भेजा जाता है । कृपा मुझें जानकारी की आवश्यकता है ।
    धन्यवाद लखपति गोप
    मुख्य गाड़ी लिपिक / धनबाद झारखंड

  28. Vignesh says:

    Sir ,do the power of lenses include both spherical and cylindrical for B 1. Category.

  29. C.1.one.madikcal.rec.ma’s.jonig.

  30. Satyam Kumar says:

    sir I am suffering from pterigium
    Can I qualify medical examination after surgery?
    Please reply me sir
    Thank you

  31. Santosh saha says:

    My spine is little curved and band therfor can i get the fit certificate

  32. Vasu says:

    I unfit for appointment in Indian railways CG grounds bcz of coartcation of aorta heart probelm after bypass surgery railway give the job like c1&2 tell me anyone

  33. Siva says:

    My left eye is nil and right eye 3.5 eye site can I qualify c1 medical test please give me reply sir