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Help to understand job profile of NTPC vacancies advertised by RRBs

By on December 28, 2015

Indian Railways had opened up an excellent opportunity of 18252 posts for graduates in any subject to join Group C service of Indian Railways. There are additional provisions for Visually Handicapped (111) orthopedic Handicapped (301) and Hearing Handicapped (88). This is an opportunity of lifetime but believe it, not less than 18 lakhs candidate with educational qualification of PhD, Post-Graduation, Degree in Engineering, etc. will appear in the examination making it one of the toughest competitive examinations. Your luck, hard work, and the knowledge gained from the time of school to college days will play an important role in getting through this examination and making a new beginning to your life.

Salary and Perks

The starting salary is of the order of 26000/- month (7th Pay commission) and will beat what the big companies pay to the freshly recruited candidates. If you are extra-ordinarily intelligent and have high ambitions then this is not the job for you, and better to look for Civil Service Examination or Executive Job in Private Industry. The perks are limited to House Rent Allowance, Travelling Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, etc. But you will also be eligible for Night Duty Allowance, overtime, etc. depending on your posting

Decoding the Job profile

There are 9 different streams for which the posts have been advertised, and it is very unlikely that you know what the job profile is and how you are going to shape your career in Railways.

There are basically three cadres for which the post is advertised namely

Operating:  The posts that come under this group are Traffic Apprentice, Assistant Station Master, Goods Guard, and Traffic Assistant. These posts are under the control of the Senior Divisional Operating Manager of the Division and are responsible for the safe and smooth running of trains over the division. For understanding the job profile

Visit: https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport-assistant-station-masterguardtraffic-apprentice/

Commercial:  The posts that come under this group are Commercial Apprentice and Enquiry- cum Reservation Clerk (ECRC) and are under the control of the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager and responsible for commercial earnings of the place of his posting, passenger amenities, and public interface.

Finance: The post which comes under this group is Junior Account Assistant cum Typist under the control of the Senior Divisional Finance Manager and responsible for maintaining accounts of earning and expenditure along with typing work.

General: The posts of Senior Clerk Cum Typist and Senior Time Keeper are not cadre specific and you may be considered for posting in any of the departments mainly Personal under the control of Senior Divisional Personal Officer responsible for human resource development of the cadre. There are many other departments such as Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Signal and Telecommunication and can be posted in these departments for clerical works.

How to prioritize the category of the post?

Even though all posts are almost equal, as regards pay and perks. But everyone is always eager to know the job profile and the career prospects and the same is given below:

Commercial Apprentice: On being selected, you will undergo about one year of training at Zonal Training School with field training. On completion of training, you will be posted as Goods, Parcel, or Booking clerk at any of the stations in the Division and will be rotated in between at intervals. Indian Railways consider these posts sensitive posts and do not allow anyone to continue for more than a specified period. The initial posting is in a small division, but you had a fair opportunity of getting transferred after about 5-8 years to a big city. From the same cadre, one can be selected to perform the job of Commercial Inspector responsible and monitoring of the earning of a station.

ECRC: On completion of one-year training, you will be posted in any of the Passenger Reservation Centre and will be responsible for booking reserved tickets. The initial posting is to a small location, but vacancy arising being dynamic, you had a fair chance of getting the posting of your liking during the exercise of compulsory rotation or natural vacancy arising.

Traffic Apprentice: On completion of one-year training, you will be posted either as Station Master or Section Controller in the control office. The posting as station master, in the beginning, will be at a smaller station but as Section Controller, you will be posted at Divisional HQ with stable posting. The job profile is tough with very limited free working hours and an opportunity to leave the work table at any instant. From this cadre is chosen Traffic Inspector who works as Supervisor to a group of Stationmasters. There is direct recruitment of ASM as advertised and they work only at stations.

Goods Guard: Everyone knows and has seen the Guard waving the green signal for the start of a train. This group of staff is called running staff who works a train, takes rest at the destination at the running room and works back a train to his home station. This makes him remain out of station for about 24-36 hours away from family and makes the job tough. Importantly he earns a running allowance which is sufficiently a large amount in take-home salary. The job is of responsibility, authority, and respect.

Junior Account Assistant cum Typist: After completion of the specified period of training, you will be posted at Divisional HQ associated with the Accounts and Finance Department. This is a very stable posting with almost no transfers and workload limited to schedule working hours with no work pressure on holidays.

Can I earn more than I am entitled to?

The most important desire, a person is having to prioritize a post where he can make money by underhand dealings. There is no doubt that the post on which a Railway staff come in contact with the public who he pays for the facility of travel or transport of goods or supply of material or services to Railways can make quick money by favoring/ twisting the rules or when the public/contractor is not aware of the rules etc. India is certainly a high-level corrupt country and no one believes that anything can be done without paying a bribe. There is no scope for you to pay anything till the stage of document verification, but you will also be tempted to pay if there is anything wrong with your document, character or medical category.

Before planning to join Railways, one should know that if caught involved in corrupt practices, life will be miserable. Read more

Save yourself from Vigilance Case


Stages of examination and waiting time before final posting:

The selection for all the posts is based on one stage examination, whereas it is followed with aptitude test (similar to the one followed for ALP) and typing test for Senior Clerk and Junior Account Assistant. Except for the reason for the medical category, every candidate will certainly apply for each of the categories. A cut-off list will be drawn from the first stage examination and shortlisted candidates will undergo the second stage examination. Based on the second stage result and the option, the panel will be formed by each of the RRB category-wise with 30% more than the advertised vacancy for document verification. The final panel will be published after the document verification and advised to the concerned Railway but limited to the number of vacancies only.

On receipt of the panel, the concerned Railway arranges character verification, and thereafter, the candidates will be advised for appearing at the nominated Railway Hospital for a medical examination. You will be issued with the medical fitness category by the hospital and if it is the same or higher than the prescribed for the post you have been empanelled, then only you become eligible for the posting.

There is every possibility of a few of the candidates not making it to the final stage of posting. The total time period from the date of issue of advertisement to the final date of joining the premier organization will not be less than 18 months. Only when the concerned Railway finds it necessary to call for a part panel from RRB, the candidates available in the shortlist will get the opportunity, and generally, the concerned Railway never asks for the part panel. Therefore, never keep much hope if you are listed in the supplementary panel.

You may select the post as per your aptitude, interest in taking challenges, need for stability, interest in public interface, etc.

When can I become an officer?

There are two cadres of officers in Railways namely Group A and B. Group A is directly through UPSC whereas Group B is through promotion from Group C to which you are appearing in this competition. The selection for Group B posts is done once in two years. 70% of the posts are filled on the basis of Seniority cum Suitability and 30% posts on suitability called Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. You are eligible for LDCE after 5 years of regular posting, and the examination is not very tough except the ratio of candidates appearing versus vacancy is of the order of 50. As regards your Selection  cum Suitability your turn will come after about 20-25 years of service.

How to select the RRB?

RRBs function directly under the control of the Railway Board and the responsibility assigned is region-wise and not Railway-wise. Suppose you chose

RRB Allahabad:  Allahabad and  Lucknow  Division of NR, Allahabad Division of NCR, and DLW/Varanasi.

RRB Ahemdabad:  Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Vadodra, and Ahemdabad Division of WR.

RRB Ajmer: Ajmer, Jaipur, Bikaner and Jodhpur of NWR and Kota Division of WCR

Similarly the jurisdiction of each of the RRB can be found on RRB website at “About us”

Generally, the first reaction to selecting the RRB is which covers the place to which you belong. But you have to be careful to check the number of posts for which you are entitled to your selection. Suppose you belong to the UR category chose Ranchi then you will be competing for 282 vacancies as compared to 1388 vacancies for a person who selects Allahabad RRB. The probability of a candidate choosing Allahabad is more as compared to others. The table given below may help you in choosing the RRB if finding a job is more important than place of posting.

Thiruvananthapura THIRU 240 84 55 111 488
Siliguri SILI 138 44 21 76 279
Secunderabad SC 821 269 131 397 1618
Ranchi RNC 282 132 69 79 562
Patna PNBE 357 108 54 200 718
Muzaffarpur MFP 237 69 34 124 464
Mumbai MUM 1116 324 193 502 2135
Malda MAL 87 29 15 50 174
Kolkata KOL 700 213 124 371 1408
Jammu Kashmir J&K 82 23 17 49 171
Guwahati GUW 208 61 29 111 409
Gorakhpur GKP 154 44 23 96 317
Chennai CHEN 536 172 124 144 973
Chandigarh CHAND 152 30 45 77 304
Bilaspur BSP 156 45 20 83 302
Bhubhneshwar BBS 419 125 57 169 770
Bhopal BPL 585 183 92 301 1151
Banglore SBS 305 111 50 125 591
Allahabad ALD 1388 412 221 597 2637
Ajmer AII 545 178 75 289 988
Ahemdabad ADI 549 195 196 284 1171

Is it possible for me to get transferred to the place of my liking at a later date?

This is the immediate question that will come to your mind. Following procedures exists as on date

One Division to another of the Same Railway is not very difficult as the application has to be decided by the same Railway. In case your concerned officer agrees to relieve you, it may not be difficult.

One Division to another of the different Railways is somewhat difficult. You will be eligible for applying only after 5 years and there will be a loss of seniority. Both the Railway shall agree for the transfer, which takes considerable time. There are cases when you transfer orders is issued by not getting relieved. Therefore, do not opt for the RRB advertising a large number of vacancies with the hope of managing transfer at a later date.

There is no possibility of a change of category at a  later date. In case you are offered ECRC, it cannot be changed to Commercial Apprentice later on.

Have you checked your Medical Category?

There are two medical categories A2 and C1. You may visit the website below before you are lured for the A2 category and later on find yourself unfit for A2  and fit for the C1 category.

Visit: https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/have-you-checked-your-medical-examination-before-looking-for-a-job-in-indian-railways/

Help for ladies for giving priority?

The most important requirement of a lady candidate to prioritize is based on safety, security, stability, working hours etc. With this, in view, I suggest to them the post for which she should give the least priority in descending order i.e. minimum for Goods Guard, ASM, and  Traffic Apprentice. Even if you are selected on these posts, Railway management accommodates the different needs of lady staff by ensuring working such that she is not required to stay outstation, difficult or isolated terrain, etc.

How to prepare?

The examination is online and objective type. The best option is to study and undergo as many mock drills as possible. Mock drills help in understanding the area of weakness and improving skills. You will find a mock drill exercise in General Awareness, General Science, and Mathematics on this website itself.

Visit: https://www.railelectrica.com/category/railway-job-test-preparation/

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  1. Veyil says:

    Hi, thanks for ur effort. Does Engineering graduates are eligible to apply for non -technical side? Is their career growth here differs from technical side?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Yes, there is no restriction as per the educational qualification prescribed.

      • Veyil says:

        Can u pls say about the comparative career growth of technical and non- technical?

  2. RD Sharma says:

    plz rply to this.
    i have the following doubts:(rrb ntpc 2015)
    1)sir if i fill snr. clk as my choice number 4 & goods grd as last choice.if i get snr. clk after CBT & called for typing test(8*vacancy) & i fail in typing test. & i have more marks in CBT then cutoff for GG then will i be considered for GG.
    2) if rrb calls 100%+50% candidates for a vacancy (e.g. GG) document verification, so will it leads to their non consideration for other posts.(e.g. if rrb allahabad calls upto rank 20 for the 13 CA(UR) posts & upto rank 13 candidates show all documents & are finaled, then will they(14-20) be considered for other choices they filled after CA)
    3) sir also can you tell aptitude test for ASM will be online or on OMR.

  3. RD Sharma says:

    sir thank you once again for such a prompt & detailed reply.
    so is this means that if someone fails in stage2 and has goods guard as last choice then he will be considered for it(i.e. whether he should be given gg or not by his merit of stage1)

  4. Rajkumar says:

    Dear Sir, Kindly answer me of my following queries.

    1. In general, what should be the criteria in candidates mind for selecting the RRB’s, On the basis of no. of vacancies or preference should be given to home area as you have cleared that transfer will be difficult from one Railway zone to another Railway zone ?? As i understand that if vacancies are more than of course there will be probability of more candidates comparatively means more vacancies – more competition, Is it true ?

    2. I am based at Indore (M.P.) and belongs to UR category, Considering this what should be my choice of RRB in your views ?

    3. Kindly suggest the name of books for preparation of Reasoning, Aptitude, mathematics, English, General Awareness etc. for written examination.

    Waiting for earliest reply in this regard.

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You are from Indore, better give Mumbai which may offer you an opportunity of posting in WR and even in Ratlam Division. Indore is located in Ratlam Division of WR. There are many books which you can go through. Even online test on web is also available. This website also provides on line test in Mathematics, general awareness, general science covering the content of what you have studied in school.

  5. prasenjit says:

    Sir, my first opt is sm and i called for aptitude test.but ifailed in the test.
    Then i shall called fpr next opt

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Read the post carefully. Your quarry has been answered there. The panel will be formed after the second stage examination is over were ever applicable.

  6. Maulik says:

    Hello sir ,
    My question is that which rrb is good for getting chances of trasfer to surat gujarat for NTPC
    Rrb mumbai or rrb Ahmedabad?
    You are requested to give response about the matter.
    Thank you sir.

  7. prateek says:

    Ydi kisine pref 1)Asm 2)JA 3)TA 4)CA diya h….
    Nd result me sari post ka cutoff clear kiya ho… Lekin 1st prefence ASM ke aptitude ya medical me fail ho jaye to 2nd post ke liye eligible rahega ya recruitment processes se bahar ho jayega…..????

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Read the post carefully. Your question is answered there. There is also one more quarry on the same subject.

  8. Faraz says:

    Sir,please tell me about the promotion of sr. Clerk cum typist post and also about the posting. Is it posting at station or any other place?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Sr. Clerk cum typist are posted in the Division attached to any of the department. The promotion is to Head Clerk, Office Superintendent etc.

      • Faraz says:

        Thanks sir,
        Please also tell me which post are not notcome under shift and which post are under shift?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          ASM- Shift duty; Guard- any time during 24 hours; Goods,Booking,Parcel Clerk-Shift and all other day time working hours.

  9. Anil kumar says:

    Sir, During training CA and TA got salary or stepend? If stepend how much?

  10. FARAZ says:

    sir, with due respect i specially want to know about the CA and TA are in shift or not? if they are in shift, then this shift process is only in training period or it will be continued after the training period?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Initially for about 10 years it will be in shift only. After that there are some supervisory post, you if you are selected, than it will not be shift working.

      • Faraz says:

        Thankyou so much for the given information, but sir you have posted in your blog that there is a LDCE after 5 year of regular posting, so this LDCE is for all post means (junior account cum typist, senior clerk cum typist , CA and TA) or for some specific post?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          All the posts advertised belongs to different department and the eligibility will depend for the posts advertised by that department. The posts are generally advertised once in two years and 30% of the total vacancy earmarked for LDCE where the ratio of aspirants to vacancy is of the order 100, therefore, it requires handwork, luck, intelligence and dedication to succeed this examination.

          • FARAZ says:

            thanks sir,
            the departments which you had mentioned above means (commercial, financial, operating, general) which department has good and fast promotion ?

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            It always keep on changing and no one can comment

  11. Faraz says:

    Thanks sir,
    1.please tell me about the transfer process if anybody apply for rrb gorakhpur and he is selected for izzatnagar division but he want varansi division(both division are in rrb gorakhpur), so he applies for transfer immediate after the selection or a specific period is defined by the railway? Also is there any mutual transfer process?
    2.if anybody is applied for the junior account cum typist post as his first preference and he is selcted but he had not a background from accounts, so he can manage the job or not?(consider with reference to future promotion)

  12. aditya says:

    Plz suggest is it possible to start preparation and cover GK portion?

  13. sunil says:

    Can I change my post preference TA to CA in merit basis

  14. vinod says:

    Sir pls tell me can I change my order of preference when I am selected as rrb NTPC RECRUITMENT

    • vinod says:

      Sir pls reply me

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      If you read the advertisement carefully, change does not appear to be admissible. Therefore, given option carefully, particularly on the issue of your medical category.

      • vinod says:

        Sir I am given the post preference by mistake wrongly selected. … when I got CA or TA cut off marks eligible or not… I am given first preference asm second as GG

        • vinod says:

          Is there any chance to got the job CA when I got CA cut of marks. .. I have given first preference ASM second as GG

          • Ramu says:

            Sir I am selected for je gp 4200 . Still didn’t joined . Applied for rrb ntpc notf . Will I allowed to join this if I crack this ? By the by I wrote 15 je also ? Thank you for your valuable information

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            While applying for rrb ntpc, there is no clause which ask about the examination you appeared in the past and the result. Therefore, it does not matter. You can appear in any of the RRB examination and can decide which one to join.

  15. NEETHU SANURAJ says:

    iam from rrb chennai zone.After I edit my roll number ,my preference also changed automatically. I have a doubt. If I get 75mark in exam and it is not eligible for my first option CA, and is eligible for ASM my last option, is it any way to consider me as that post ASM? Please reply to this sir

  16. abhik says:

    Sir, I appeared for JE exam (CEN 02/2014) under RRB Guwahati. Written exam was held on 14/12/2014 and result was announced on Dec 1st week, 2015. Subsequent to that DV was done on Dec last week, 2015 and final panel was put up on 30th march, 2016. I would grateful to you, if you kindly let me now the next set of official procedures till appointment and approx time required in each step in details.

    thank you in anticipation

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      After the DV, respective RRB will issue a panel to the concern Railway equal to the vacancies with no provision additional candidates called for DV. The concern Railway on receipt the panel will arrange for character verification. On character verification, medical memo will be issued advising you the Railway hospital to report for medical examination. In the mean time, the panel received by Personal department will be sent to the technical department for allotment of Division. After the medical result is received and the candidate found fit for the medical category for the post, he will be issued with joining letter. The candidate will report to the Sr.Divisional Personal officer of the Division and than to the concerning technical Department. The technical department will arrange for the training which includes on the job training.

      • abhik says:

        thank u very much sir for the info….
        1) sir can you please elaborate the job profile of JE in mechanical workshop, NFR (my background is B.Tech mechanical ) and working time, 5/6 day aweek, stability, training centres (for 1 year), etc….
        2) second point is, medical examination is done prior to division allotment i.e. in NFR headquarter, Maligaon or in the division headquarter after allotment of division.
        3) What is the difference between mechanical workshop and engineering workshop ?

        Thank You

  17. hitesh yadav says:

    Sir can i change post preferene after cleared exam

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I doubt because candidates have been shortlisted based on the priority given by each candidates. Don’t bother yourself, accept what ever come in your way and dont know which one works out to be the best after 25 years.

  18. Sakthivel says:

    Hi Sir,Thanks for this detailed article. I have given my CBT. I would like to prepare for the second stage exam. I am not sure about the syllabus , pattern. Kindly provide some details and previous question papers. Thanks.

  19. abhik says:

    thank u very much sir for the info….

    1) sir can you please elaborate the job profile of JE in mechanical workshop, NFR (my background is B.Tech mechanical ) and working time, 5/6 day aweek, stability, training centres (for 1 year), etc….
    2) second point is, medical examination is done prior to division allotment i.e. in NFR headquarter, Maligaon or in the division headquarter after allotment of division.
    3) What is the difference between mechanical workshop and engineering workshop ?

    Thank You

  20. ravi varma says:

    if i am not selected for ( or not interested for ) my given top priority post in ntpc….will they consider my next priority preference post or i will be disqualified..

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The system first prepares the merit list and start allotting merit and option. In case you are not selected for first option, than you will certainly get a chance for the second one.

      • abhik says:

        thank u very much sir for the info….

        1) sir can you please elaborate the job profile of JE in mechanical workshop, NFR (my background is B.Tech mechanical ) and working time, 5/6 day aweek, stability, training centres (for 1 year), etc….
        2) second point is, medical examination is done prior to division allotment i.e. in NFR headquarter, Maligaon or in the division headquarter after allotment of division.
        3) What is the difference between mechanical workshop and engineering workshop ?

        Thank You

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          1.Workshop timings are generally five and half. It is a stable job and in house training. Mechanical workshop undertakes overhaul works of locomotive, coaches, wagon etc. and under the control of mechanical department. Engineering workshop undertakes manufacturing of parts necessary for the track works, bridges etc. and under the control of Engineering department that is civil.

  21. Abijith says:

    I had applied for chennai board of southern rrb.Is there any possibility i would get palghat,trivandrum or madurai division .Or will i be alotted either in salem,trichy or chennai division.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      RRB trivendrum does the recruitment for TVC and Palghat Division. So you will get either of trichy, chennai, salem and madurai.

  22. Shahab Sakib says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have appeared for the examination and getting 70 marks and I am OBC is there any chance of clearing tha examination and if i clear do they check if i am already working in a private company (i have not mentioned though)

  23. Hi, thanks for ur effort. Does Engineering graduates are eligible to apply for non -technical side? Is their career growth here differs from technical side

  24. Neelam says:

    Railway job ..post. clerk…….physically handicapped

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is a provision of physical handicapped recruitment and a selection provess was done last year. This post comes under the category of NTPC for which one examination already conducted and results awaited. You have to wait for some time

  25. sanjay singh says:

    sir please I request you mera 65 no hai vh cat. Kya mains exam 2nd stage ecrc post ke liye qualify ho jayega ya nahi please mujhe bataye mob 9889443760 roll no 13314647320011 RRB ALD SE

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Please log in to the rrb result and post me the question paper, cut off marks and answer key. I will be able to comment based on that.

  26. kishan says:

    Does i change my job priority in rrb?

  27. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Sir mujhe senior clerk ke promotion ke bare me janna hai. Maximize kaha tak permote ho kar ja sakta hai.

  28. Vinay says:

    Does commercial apprentice have night shifts and Sunday working day?

  29. Piyush kumar shahi says:

    Sir medical me koi approach lagti hain..plz sir reply

  30. Mridul Nawani says:

    Sir i took my 2nd staze examination on 17th Januray 2017 (Shift 3) for RRB Mumbai and got 87 (+3 objections) What is the possibility? And what will i get
    My preferences are like asm,ta,ca..

    Sir please please reply so that I can work on other exams.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You should always be working on other exam. The number of candidates appearing in this exams is so large, that it is difficult to predict the outcome.

  31. gaurav yodha says:

    sir i appreciate ur responding to all d questions and here is mine . plzz sir tell me if for asm sunday is off nd what r d shift timings nd for goods guard after being on train , say for 36 hours what is rest limit they r entitled to

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      ASM duty hours in shift i.e. 00-08, 08-16 and 16-24 hours. Rest day is decided depending on the roster of the ASM. It need not be sunday. The passenger train timings are fixed where as good trains timings are not fixed. Initial posting is goods guard. Based on the expected time of arrival at the goods guard changing station, a call is given to the goods guard, who reports for duty (it can be any tme of the clock) works a train taking around 5-10 hours to reach destination. There are running room at the crew changing stations, takes rest andOn food. He is again ordered to work back a train to its home station. On reaching home station he is entitled for home rest of 16 hours and one long rest in a roster period.

  32. Kunal kumar says:

    Sir if selected for ASM …can I take study leave

  33. Gaurav says:

    Best railway coaching centre name.

    Please suggest me sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Indian Railway does not define any coaching depot as best or like that. The coaching depot located at New Delhi, Mumbai Central, Chennai, Howrah, Santragachi are quite large having all types of facilities which any one wants to learn.

  34. D Pritansha says:

    Sir, when I filled the form of RRB NTPC, I was in B.sc. final year. I selected the option as a graduation final year appearing student. Will it create a problem during document verification?

  35. siddharth says:

    sir i am selected for commercial apprentice ntpc railway 2017 . sir my question is in case i want to leave my c.a post in favor of some other ssc post before completion of 5 year bond period. how it can be done?

  36. siddharth says:

    sir with due respect i am selected for commercial apprentice in railway 2017 from bilaspur region. can i get transfer to kolkata region even after 5 year of my service.

  37. Shubham says:

    Got 86.93 marks ur category in gorakhpur zone …my preferece is ca ta src jaa gg not called for typing…my dv is on 28 aug 17 ..whatbshould i expect ca or ta?

  38. Kavita says:

    If I get 373 rank from patna zone and vacancy is 425 then what are the possibilities to get goods guard

  39. sujeet Kumar madhukar says:

    Sir I sujeetkumar madhukar sir I finally selected in merit list rrb ncr allahabad in asm physical quota but I don’t get the any further but my frnd get who belong go on medical date sir help my roll no is 13341365080006

  40. Dear sir,
    This is kishore iam selected GOODSGUARD inPHC (ONE ARM) Bhubaneswar division now
    the board is transfer in dervision panel to SC RAILWAY in vijayawada for documents verification as well medical test ,now my doubt is my PHC Percentage is 85% in my right hand disability so iam pass the medical test means iam. Fit in goodsguard or the board is allotted another suitable job for my disability please reply me sir