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Job opportunities in Rail Transport – Assistant Loco Pilot

By on September 14, 2013

Assistant Loco Pilot is the most important Group C category of staff, of which 80% vacancies are filled up directly through Railway Recruitment Board. This group of staff consisting of Loco Pilot and Guard is called Running staff. Loco Pilots are also the forefront staff of the Railways. The average salary of running staff is much more as compared to non-running category of staff.

The average salary earned by a Railway employee of group C and D category based on the Indian Railway Book published by Ministry of Railways during the year has been as given in the table. It may be seen that the average salary is more than the supervisory category, and therefore, certainly attracts everyone towards this profession.

Category of staff Year 2012-13
Group D 3,85,254
Group C Artisan 4,83,057
Group C Supervisor 5,18,996
Group C Running 7,19,001
Source Indian Railway Year Book

There are about 15000 vacancies per year for which RRB conducts examination every year. There is no ban for creation of Loco Running staff, which depends in direct relation to the average number of passenger and freight trains run in the Railways. The number of trains is always on the rise and therefore, it is certain that the number of posts in all grades will certainly increase.  Recruitment for such a large number of vacancies provides a big chance for the job aspirant to choose the profession of Loco Pilot. There is no doubt that about 5-6 lakhs aspirants appear in the examination every year. It is likewise significant to mention that even the ladies are finding the job attractive and good number joining the profession. The job of guard is also called in Running staff with duties of travelling with the train from one station to another. There was a news the other day the a lady guard joined Central Railway.

“A 22-year-old, Ms. Shweta Gone, has become the first female to be appointed as a train guard on the Central Railway’s Mumbai division (CRMD). A commerce graduate with more than 80% marks, Ghone stood first in the training conducted for guards. According to the Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh (CRMS) representative, Mr. Vijay Nair, “Gone has been appointed as the guard for a goods’ train, thereafter she will be absorbed in suburban services and later on long-distance passenger trains”.

Ladies ALP joining the profession and undergoing training

Ladies ALP is joining the profession and undergoing training

While deciding to join the profession of Loco Pilot, very few know the job profile. It is, thus, important to bring in why one should join this profession and why one should not.

Job Profile is evaluated on following points

  1. Attractive salary and benefits offered
  2. Educational qualification
  3. Professional Risk
  4. Duty Booking  system of Loco Pilot
  5. Training Program
  6. Social Status
  7. Medical and Psychological Test
  8. Running Rooms
  9. Stability
  10. Prospects of attaining high positions

Salary and other Benefits

Average salary of Group C running staff as mentioned above was Rs.  5,83,000 during 2010-11 clearly indicating the better off status of running staff as compared to other category of staff.

There are two grades in ALP namely ALP 1 and 2.

  • ALP 2 Rs.5200-20,200/- GP Rs 1900/-
  • ALP 1 Rs. 5200-20,200/- GP Rs. 2400/- (After two years  and ALP1 and ALP2 are in the ratio of 20:80)
  • Loco Pilot Goods Rs. 9300-34800/- GP 4200/-B
  • Beside one gets DA which 100% of DA, Kilometerage (part of the salary is in-built in Kilometerage), Over time, NDA
  • Newly recruited ALP gets Rs. 25000/- and about 35000-40000/- after two years.
  • Salary of LPG and LP (Pass) is around Rs. 60,000-80,000/- per month
  • Another important thing observed that  promotion to the post of LPG taking just 5-6 years for the last many years but may not last forever.

The running staffs are eligible for running allowance which depends upon the kilometer of train worked by him. However, you don’t have to spend any expenditure on the following account:

  • Free Medical at Railway Hospital for you and your family
  • Free Travel for you and your family ( 3 set of all Indian Passes)
  • Reimbursement of tuition fees of children
  • Railway accommodation

You cannot refrain yourself of making a career in this profession, if you know the average salary of loco pilot is more than the average salary of IT professional. http://topyaps.com/indian-railways?fb_action_ids=10153112995754292&fb_action_types=og.comments

Educational Qualification                                                                          

This is the best job option for a matriculate, ITI and most importantly even for Diploma Holders

Matriculation or its equivalent under 10+2 system and course completed Act Apprentice

(OR) ITI in any of the following specific trades recognized by SCVT/NCVT. Fitter, Electrician, Instrument Mechanic, Mill Wright/Maintenance Mechanic, Mechanic Radio & TV, Electronics Mechanic, Mechanic Motor Vehicle, Wiremen, Tractor Mechanic, Armature & Coil Winder, Mechanic Diesel, Heat Engine, Turner, Machinist and Refrigerator & AC Mechanic (Basically Electrical/Mechanical Trade)

(OR) Diploma in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Automobile Engineering recognized by AICTE in lieu of ITI

Professional Risk

  • Loss of life and injury is the most concerned professional risk. But with time, the introduction of technology has improved safety standards considerably. If one looks at the statistics, the chance of losing life or injury is very remote.
  • Loco pilot has to face the brunt of lawlessness and getting injured while working in militant infested areas, dacoits etc.
  • Losing a business for any mistake committed, which is related to safety is certain. Keeping oneself healthy and alert can help you to take care of such risk.

Comments: These professional risks do exist in every job and  not more than the risk in every one’s daily life. One need not get scared of such risk but it is important to know before deciding the profession.

Duty Booking System of Loco Pilot

  • There are two types of train operation, namely passenger and freight. Passenger trains run to time-table whereas there is no time-table for freight trains.
  • In the passenger segment also, there are two types of train namely Passenger and Electrical Multiple Unit or Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit. Passenger trains are operated by a Loco Pilot and Assistant Loco Pilot whereas EMU/MEMUs are worked by a Motorman (only one staff on board). Passenger Trains work to a time-table. Coaching links are prepared and LP/ALP is aware of their booking time. Passenger Trains are worked by Senior LPs who has been promoted from Goods Driver to passenger. Similarly Senior ALPs are deputed to work passenger trains. The advantage of working a passenger train is fixed working hours, knowing in advance the duty time to begin and finish.
  • A train is worked by a crew consisting of a Loco Pilot (LP), Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) and Guard. Booking of LP and ALP is done by the technical department, namely Electrical and Mechanical whereas Guard are booked by the Traffic Department. There is system of combined crew booking lobby where the guard and loco pilot are booked at the same place.  For this the crew reports to a Crew booking Lobby located near the Crew changing point. Look at the photograph of one of the crew lobbies.

Inside of Crew Lobby

Crew Lobby






  • Loco Pilot at computer console for signing on
  • LP and ALP sign on at this lobby and goes through different circulars issued by the management related to safety, technical, speed restrictions etc.A software called Crew Management System is installed at all the crew booking pointswhere all activities are of sign in and off are logged through this console. The crew also undergoes Breathalyzer test before being permitted to sign on and if found having taken liquor, means very likely to be charged with a major penalty and losing your job. Crew reports about half an hour before the schedule time of the train and completes basic functions. Some personality traits that help the loco pilot in his duty.
    • Calm and compose
    • Say big ‘NO’ to liquor
    • Go through the instruction carefully, particularly about any change of the signalling system,  latest speed restriction, major work going in the section etc.
    • Dressed comfortably and in full uniform. Always wear shoes that will help while moving over the ballast
    • Know your crew members and talked to them before the start of the journey
    • Go through your Line box that it has all items essential and  important for the journey
  • In case of freight train, there is no time-table. A train ordering is given by central control depending upon the expected arrival time, about two hours in advance. The crew lobby finds out the name of the LP/ALP/Guard who are in turn as per the last crew signed off, and sends him Train ordering advise. Now-a-days call is also served through mobile messages.
  • The crew waits in the lobby for the train for which rest facilities are provided.
  • The crew takes charge of the locomotive and works the train up to destination observing signalling, speed restriction, alert and exchanging signal. The duty hours for the passenger train is known in advance whereas freight train is worked up to identify next crew change lobby about 110-150 Km, a distance generally covered within 10 hours duty hour from signing on to signing off.

  • The crew goes to rest place at the destination called Running Room. Now-a-days running room is well equipped for a comfortable stay with facilities for sleeping, dining, bathing, recreation etc.  A slide show below gives an idea of the facilities.

  • Upkeep of running rooms is one of the priority areas of management and inspected at regular intervals. During Annual inspection by GM, one of the running room in each division is inspected by him. There is a system of awarding the best maintained running room even at Railway Board Level. Amla Running room in Nagpur Division of Central Railway is well maintained running room and this is what Sr.DEE/ TRO/NGP proudly says about this
  • The beautiful lawn is waiting for the winter in which various flowers enhance the look further. The quiet and calm scintillating atmosphere in chilling winter with fog will not be less than a hill station. Behind the running room there are several banana trees and pomegranate orchids and a teak wood plantation places you in the thick of the woods.

Ambiance of Running room at Amla 1 Ambiance of Running Room at Amla

  •  The author was working as Sr.Divisional Engineer Operation in-charge of running staff in Chakradharpur Division of South Eastern Railway. A photograph taken during the inspection of running room at Rourkela in the year 1985 is given below
Inspection of Running room at Rourkela during 1985

Inspection of Running room at Rourkela during 1985

  •  After a rest, LP and ALP are again ready to work back a train back to home station within about 6-8 hrs of rest. Food served and permitted to carry for the journey back is highly subsidized. Earlier, LP/ALP was buying grocery and the food was cooked to their taste. Now with the consent of all it has been changed to standard food, as it provides ample time for rest. Earlier waiting time was much higher.
  • He gets 16 hrs rest at Home station and again available in the roster to work next train.
  • Learning of the road i.e. a route where a LP/ALP has to work is given to familiarize him with section, stations, signalling system, gradient, level crossings etc.
  • One Loco Inspector (LI) for 25 numbers of LP to guide, counsel him and assess him at intervals about his performance. LI grades him as A, B and C category.

Training Program

There is a rigorous training program for newly recruited ALPs as well continuous training program at different stages of the career with examinations. It is compulsory to pass the examination.  The training program includes classroom lectures, simulators, in field training etc. Few photographs to give an idea of the training environment are given below:

A loco pilot working on a simulator with automatic assessment of performance

A loco pilot working on a simulator with automatic assessment of performance


A class room lecture with latest facilities

A class room lecture with latest facilities


Picture of a Training Center for Running Staff

Picture of a Training Center for Running Staff


Monitoring Training program

Monitoring Training program


Social Status

Till 90’s, running staff were called Driver and Assistant Driver. This designation was giving similarities to truck driver and a feeling of lower status in the society even though earning is better. During British period, Loco driver, Guard etc. were a prestigious position in the society with big houses in Railway colony. See the status of Film Actor Om Prakash in film Julie. Based on the strong representation by Running staff, the designation was changed to Loco pilot to bring similarity with Air Pilot. It was but natural also, because the similarity of  disciplinary standards. With good conduct, one can build a good social status and respect.

Medical and Psychological Test

The highest Medical standard  is required for running category. One should be sure of his medical fitness before planning for the competitive examination. In case you have a slightest doubt of your vision of even (-)0.25, you are not likely to clear the medical examination. The medical examination is done by the Medical team of Indian Railway and never underestimate them that one can dodge them.

Similarly is the examination for Psychological testing. Logical thinking, positive attitude, calmness in behavior are some of the attributes one should possess.

During the service, a Loco pilot undergoes medical examination once in three years compulsorily and if does not pass the prescribed medical test, he is withdrawn from running duties and an alternative posting is given. It has a brighter side also, that one undergoes a medical examination which otherwise many takes very lightly.

 Prospects of attaining High position

The earning of a running staff is significantly high and generally satisfied with the job profession and does not aspire to supervisory post. A loco pilot can come out of running duties and join stationary supervisory jobs such as

  • Loco Inspector
  • Crew and Loco Controller
  • Instructor in Training School

Beside this he is also entitled for appearing in a competitive examination for the post of Assistant Electrical or Mechanical Engineer depending on the cadre he has joined i.e. (Electric or Diesel Loco Pilot). If he succeeds, he may rise to the level of JA grade officer depending on the age he prefers to appear and qualify in the competitive examination.


Once you join the allotted  Division, one can be posted or  transferred to any crew booking lobby. But in practice, one can enjoy the stability with maximum of  2 to 3 transfers in his total career. Thus, one can enjoy reasonable  stability of working at a place in the profession.

Why one should join Assistant Loco Pilot

  • Respectable job with responsibility of highest order
  • Good salary
  • Educational qualification of Matriculation, ITI, Graduation (B.Sc., B.A.) or Diploma is enough to join the cadre. This educational standard is not enough in any other post to earn you this much of money.

Why one should not join the cadre of Assistant Loco Pilot

  • If you have high educational qualification i.e. post graduation, engineering etc. You may find it below your standard when called upon to feel the temperature of axle box or coupling of locomotive with train.
ALP touching axle box of locomotive for high temperature

ALP touching axle box of locomotive for high temperature

  • If you have any health issues, minor vision problem, poor control on sleep, lack of alertness etc.
  • If you have any psychological issues such high temperament, indiscipline, erratic behavior etc. and may undertake psychological test before aspiring this job.
  • If you are addicted to any drug, alcohol etc.

Read more on how to plan your preparation for the competition to be held in 2015

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    अगर डोक्यु मेनट वेरिफीकेशन के बाद रेल बोर्ड मेडीकल टेस्ट लेता है तो,
    aptitude test के समय, आय स्पेशालीस्ट से 6/6विजन सर्टिफीकेट क्यु मांगती है..
    वो तो ऊनहे मेडीकल टेस्ट मे पता तो चल जाता हे ना…

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    aptitude test me milne wale total no.
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    or last one

    aptitud test me koi bhi 5 test me se ek test me agr no kam ate he to kya aptitude me chlta he kya

    mera mtlb 5test ka alg alg cut off rehta he ya sub ka milake last me ek hi cut off rehta he…..?

  3. sandeep says:

    sir i have cleared my document verification for alp cen 01/2014, now rrbbbs declared final result, in that list my roll no is not there, so my doubt is on what basis there declared the result,how can i know my marks

  4. sandeep says:

    Thank u for u r reply
    regarding cen 01/2014 for ALP ,,,RRB released final list for alp and technicians,my doubt is there any possibility for releasing 2 nd list ,,i mean backup list, if yes how much time time does they take,(i mean after completion of medical exam if first appeared candidates,)

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  6. vishal tiwari says:

    please wanted to work an i m a hard work man so please sir grant me a chance for railways im from mumbai

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You have to appear in the examination of RRB and also to get it clear. There is no soft option for the post.

  7. Susmita says:

    Hi sir,
    I have completed my btech and diploma in electronics.I want to know how suitable is this job for females.whether they also involved practically? Or they allocate for office works.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      With the qualification you possess, you will find the job highly dis-satisfying. However, if you are desperate for the job, it is OK. The job is ok for girls as well and the administration takes care of the specific of arrangement necessary for girl employee.

      • Susmita says:

        Thank you so much sir for your reply.Actually I am not aware of the working duties for female loco pilots.
        I have few friends ,they have joined as alp.I have heard about the nature of the works from them and I got to know from them that these days girls are also joining .But I am not sure what is the responsibilities girls need to handle…Sir ,If possible please let me know this and also I want to know about the working hours,weekly leaves.Before preparing myself for the job I really want to know if I am suitable for that.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          I am complying your quarries and will revert back to your shortly.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          The trend is very recent and about 3-4 ladies ALP are there in every unit. The working hours can be explained as follows:
          Freight Train: The crew of a freight train consists of Loco pilot, Assistant Loco Pilot and Guard. There are nominated stations called Crew Base stations where the crew of a freight train is changed. A freight train is expected to arrive at a crew changing station at say 0430 Hrs. A call advise is send to the home of the crew two hours in advance during which he/she prepares his food, get ready and reports for duty at Crew Lobby. He signs in and goes through the latest safety/general circular issued about the running of trains. The crew is advised in advance the train number, destination etc. The crew takes over the charge of the train on its arrival and works the train to the next crew changing station. The crew signs off there and reports to the Running room where he takes rest, food etc (about 6-8 hours). The crew will be served call again for working a train to its home station. The duty hours of working a train from signing on to off shall not exceed 10 hours and depends from section to section. On return to home station, the crew is eligible for rest of 16/18 hours. I will suggest to visit website http://indianrailwayemployee.com/content/hoer-rules-running-staff for information on this subject. After signing off, and adding 18 hours of rest the crew is available for working a train. This record is maintained and depending on the availability of train and crew on roster, the next turn is assigned.
          Coaching Trains: The coaching train works to time table and therefore, the crew is assigned a link to which he works.
          The working system I explained of freight train above is certainly very tough for any lady candidates but I suggest you leave it to the administration because it is their responsibility to ensure safety and security of lady candidates. No one in the Rail administration will dare taking risk of booking a lady candidates on a freight or coaching trains which involves night working. And surprising, it is almost impossible to a have a working without night working, therefore, rail administration will be forced to keep lady candidates for stationary duty and day time light engines etc. As on date, IR administration has not made any policy for the working system of lady candidates and will certainly be made, if any, as per the convenience of ladies. Therefore don’t worry and proceed as per your convenience.

          • Susmita says:

            Thank you Sir for your very detailed and positive information.I really get to know so many things from your reply.Hope it will help me to take decisions.Thank you again for all this great information. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve given me.

  8. Yusuf Choudhari says:

    I have appeared for my SSC and passed with 54% and i want to join the railway department as a loco pilot so respected,Sir can u please tell me what should i do…?? About studies n other activities and sir can u please let me know if there is any specific college for loco pilot.. sir i hope you will reply and answer my queries as soon as possible.. i will be very greatful if u reply…
    Thanking you

  9. Dharm Veer Gupta says:

    Mutual for ALP
    Name -Dharm Veer Gupta

    Do Joining -06/10/2015

    Division- Nagpur SECR

    Wanted Division -Any Division UttarPradesh Bihar Madhyapradesh Uttarakhand New Delhi
    Contact- 9984 18 4942

  10. amit anthony says:

    Sir I am a student of mechanical branch . i have done 12th science and 10 th in higher English . I wanted to know how to become and alp and want to do as a guidance plzzzzz help me .

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Student of Mechanical branch means what? Is it ITI. Than only you are eligible i.e. ITI or higher technical education.

  11. My name is Sahadeb Debnath
    My father,s name is Guru pada Debnath
    my village name is ukiler hat ,bishalaxmi pur

  12. my namae is sahadeb debnath

  13. junaidsheikh says:

    my name is junaid. I am a mechanical engineer. I am deeply interested in working for railways. and I find the job of loco pilot interesting. plz tell me that am I eligible for the post of loco pilot.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The minimum educational qualification is ITI, and therefore, you are eligible. Check your medical examination, particularly eye sight. visit my blog “Have you checked your medical examination” Check the syllabus and start preparing. Wait for the next advertisement of vacancies and make the start.

  14. karan g says:

    It requires 6/6 vision and if someone has slightly less than it so there are chances of selection?

  15. amit kumar says:

    me asthma ka patient hu kya me ass loko pilot job ke lia apply kar sakta hu

  16. manish says:

    i completed b.tech from electrical and electronic engineering .am i eligible for alp post.

  17. mainuddhin says:

    my dream is to join Indian railway in asst loco pilot

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is no short cut for becoming asstt. loco pilot. If you want your dream comes out true, be prepared to do hard work if you possess the required qualification.

  18. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    sir i have cleared, alp 2014 in ranchi zone but result is in waiting list though they have seen my certificate 2 months before. i want to know what are the chances of getting selected please reply

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Waiting list candidates are generally not called. Don’t wait in hope but plan some other job.

  19. ajay kumar says:

    Sir mene iss saal ece se last yr k exam diye h or result September tak aa jayega to kya m loco pilot ke liye apply kar sakta hu…or iski requirement kya har saal nikalti hai

  20. Imran says:

    Is there is a chance for loco pilot aptitude test failures in technicians post.

  21. Pratyush verma says:

    Sir I crossed all the levels of Alp of 01/2014 from Allahabad and Now I’m waiting for joining I got Northern railway but Medical is yet to set plz sir inform me that how much time Northern railway can take up to the joining because it really too late since 2014.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You will get a medical memo from the CPO/NR advising you to report for medical and than you will be asked to report along with the medical fitness certificate to the concerned Division. You will be alloted to electric or diesel cadre. You will be asked to report to the training center and it is at Ghaziabad for electric training.

  22. sundarraj says:

    I am waiting

  23. Sunil Pal says:

    My name is Sunil Pal.Sir me 2015 2017 years se ITI branch Fitter(Mechanical) se kar rha hu. Me Indian Railway loco pilot banna chahta hu.me loco pilot ban sakta hu. Please Sir reply ans my contacts Mo. No. 8234983523. Thanks.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      yes you can. Wait for the advertisement from RRB. Till such time go through the syllabus and prepare the syllabus so that it will be easy when the examination is held.

  24. rohit says:

    sir , i am btech electrical and electronics graduate can i apply for locopilot ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Even though graduate engineers are applying for ALP post and also qualifying but i don’t think it will be satisfying job for graduate engineers. You should first examine the very strick medical examination involved particular of eyes before thinking on the subject.

  25. monty says:

    sir i am btech EEE passed student can i become locopilot.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Even though graduate engineers are applying for ALP post and also qualifying but i don’t think it will be satisfying job for graduate engineers. You should first examine the very strick medical examination involved particular of eyes before thinking on the subject.

  26. mukesh says:

    sir i am btech eee passout student but i think it is very difficult to get job in core sector but it is easy for me to clear technician post in core sector but i have not iti degree .is it right to me to complete iti and get electrician degree to get job in core sector ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      When you are b.tech, than ITI is not necessary. The competion for SSE/JE/Assistant Loco pilot has recently been completed. The next advertisement for ALP can only be in 2018 and that for SSE/JE in 2019. You may go through the syllabus and start preparing right now itsel.I can only say that if you don’t have ego issue of higher educational qualification, than ALP/LP are the best paid staff.

      • hema kumar says:

        HI sir when did the ALP notification released

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          It is not a schedule exam with programmed notification of vacancies. I don;t think the next schedule will before mid 2018. The examination held in 2014, the appointment schedule is not yet completed.

  27. kumar says:

    sir i have crossed all stages of exams for alp 01/2014,and now waiting for medical test. so my doubt is,in 2004 apendix operation was done to me. its a laporoscopy operation,now i am fine maintaining good health but those stich marks are there on my body.so does it makes any problem during medical exam.if there make any objection means what i have to do.pls reply me sir.

  28. HARI HARAN .T says:

    SIR. I am studying mechanical engineer 3rd year how to apply the post for assistant loco pilot in railway department after completed my engineer course. THANK YOU SIR

  29. HARI HARAN .T says:

    I completed my school life 1to 12 in matriculation now i am 3rd year mech now I can apply for ass loco pilot exam paper.THANK YOU SIR

  30. AZEEM says:

    Hi Mahesh i have completed B-Tech(EEE) and i am presently working in a solar company… and i am getting decent salary in this org. Presently i got job as ALP. i am not able to decide whether to join as ALP or continue my job.. only thing i have attracted in railway is Central govt job…. i am fully confused……please help me out…

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The minimum educational qualification for ALP is Matriculate with ITI. The take home salary is good due to many allowances but the job is also tough. You will find uncomfortable being Graduate Engineer. Many BE are joining ALP because of no job, but will like to leave as soon as possible. I will suggest to build your career as Graduate Engineer and appear for IES.

      • AZEEM says:

        Thank u Mahesh…. for your valuable suggestion…. i’ll build my career as Graduate engineer…… now i am clear…. i’ll tell my opinion to my parents and convince them……once again thanks….. please keep in touch if i get any doubts i’ll ask u…

  31. Irfan says:

    12th PCB me loco pilot banna chata hu

  32. sir mai fitter se ITI karna chahta hun kya mai ALP me apply kar sakta hun

  33. Akash kumar says:

    Sir as i joined locopilot in year 2013 in kharagpur my qualification is matric and then after iti with electrician so i want to increase my qualifiaction so that it may help in promotion in future so kindly give me some idea how i can complete either 12 th or diploma or btech with continuation of this job.can i do correspondance cource of diploma from private collega or something else

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Additional qualification will not help in your promotions in any way. I suggest to enroll for correspondence courses and acquire more knowledge of the subject you like the most. It will be better to study the subject of dream which can be any thing.

    • vineet pal says:

      Sir please give me your mobile no…
      My mobile no is 9457277508

  34. vineet kumar says:

    Sor my name is vineet kumar and i m complet her engineering in mechanical and i want to make her carrier in loco pilot in railway..plz guid me
    And my mobile no is 9457277508

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Are you aware that the minimum education qualification is ITI and being graduate engineer, the job will be a satisfying one. However, if there is something else which interests you, than you go through the past notification from any RRB site, and go through the syllabus. Start preparaing yourself for the examination. Next examination is expected to be in 2017. Beside this, you should check your medical standard, because large number of candidates fails in medical examination.

  35. AMMAR QURESHI says:


    • AMMAR QURESHI says:


    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Study the previous notification of loco pilot examination held by any of rrb. Visit RRB website. You will get all the information required. The next notification is not expected before late 2017.

  36. Nripesh says:

    Sir maine vocational automobile three year ka diploma kiya hai kya main loco ke liye eligible hu Plz tell me

  37. VAIRAMUTHU.M says:

    My name I complete diploma mechanical engineering I am very intersted for loco pilot job in railway

  38. VAIRAMUTHU.M says:

    My name vairamuthu I complete diploma in mechanical engineering I am very intersted for loco pilot job in railway

  39. Gokul.Gl says:

    I finist ITI my name Gokul.Gl

  40. Nripesh says:

    Sir I have done complete diploma in automobile vocational three year sir can I apply loco pilot I m confilused for vocational so can I apply loco pilot plz tell me

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Visit any RRB website and explore the last advertisement for the vacancy where the minimum educational qualification is detailed.

  41. H.siddeshwara says:

    I am siddeshwara indian railways job very very intreastead plz give me ITI Fitter

  42. Iam chinchela eswara rao iti fitter one year trining completed please sir loko pilet job my call nambar9985451523

  43. Akhilesh says:

    Sir I’m the student of 10+2 now in science branch now I want to do ITI because I want to attempt the job for loco pilot so what course should be taken form ITI
    So please help me

  44. niraj says:

    Sir i m niraj.
    I completed document verification 27 jan 2015 alp 01/2014.is there any chance to get selected.
    Plz reply.

  45. niraj says:

    Sorry 4 in complete msg.
    I completed my dv in rrb chennai.as a additional candidate.
    Plz reply.thanku.now there are approx 150-200 candidates are still in waiting.

  46. B.Issac says:

    Hi sir/Madam,
    I’m B.Issac From Vijayawada (A.P) Krishna Dist.
    I Have Completed SSC in the year 2010 with 64% & Inter Also With 45%….
    Reacently I Have Completed Technical ITI (Fitter Trade) With 82%….
    plz Notify to me if any notification Is Updated plz forward to me…..
    Thank u