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Job Opportunities in Rail Transport – Senior Section Engineer(SSE) and Junior Engineer(JE)

By on September 30, 2013


The next RRB-2014 examination of all centers for the post of Senior Section Engineer and Junior Engineers in Railways is announced and on-line application will start on 20th Sept. 2014. The examination for JE and SSE will held on 14th and 21st Dec. 2014.  All those possessing Engineering Degree are eligible for SSE and Diploma holder for JE shall start their preparation and be  ready. Check the branch eligibility for different types of posts. You may have many quarry about your eligibility, job profile of a category of a post, likely place of posting etc. Be free to write on the comment column and I will reply to the best of knowledge and information.

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There are following technical department in Indian Railways recruiting Engineers for supervisory level functions. The technical departments are

  • Civil Engineering popularly called in Indian Railways as Engineering Department. It should not be mistaken as the only technical department. The department is responsible for maintenance of track, bridges, buildings, water supply, essential amenities at Railway Station etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering responsible for maintenance, operation and production of coaches, wagon, diesel locomotive, etc.
  • Electrical Engineering is responsible for maintenance and operation of electric locomotive, electrical multiple unit, Traction distribution, general services, train lighting and air-conditioning etc. The department is also responsible for production of electric locomotive and associative role in production in mechanical shops.
  • Signal and Telecommunication is responsible for maintenance of signalling and telecommunication assets.

Minimum Qualification

The minimum qualification for SSE and JE  is Graduate and Diploma in respective branch  as mentioned in the  vacancy notice. There are many equivalents for graduation and diploma in engineering and eligibility shall be checked from the vacancy notice before hand.

Importance of Designation

Calling oneself as an Engineer is a feeling of pride in today’s professional market.  Designation plays an important role in defining the job profile of the person. In good olden days, the designations were like Inspector of Works (IOW), Permanent Way Inspector (PWI), Foreman, Signal Inspectors (SI) etc. Designations which are added with ‘Engineer’ have job pride along with associated market and matrimonial value. Therefore, on demand of association, the designations were changed as SSE, SE, JE etc. with job responsibility given in bracket e.g. IOW, PWI or Traction Foreman became SSE(Works), SSE (P Way) or SSE(TRD) etc. However, the earlier  designations were so popular, that even today, at many a times, these designations are used during informal chats.

One can find the office of SSE/P way, SSE/Works, SSE/Signal, SSE/TRD very commonly found near a Railway Station.

Importance of the Cadre in the organisation

This cadre is having functions and responsibilities  of Supervisory nature. A work force is assigned to him for maintenance, operation or construction works. Construction and part of the maintenance works are done through work contracts and the supervisory cadre ensures execution.  This cadre is an interface between Management and staff and plays a vital role. The cadre works in  the field and observing all functions related to maintenance and operation of  assets under his control.

The most important responsibility is ‘safety’ towards running of trains assigned to each level in this cadre. Therefore, vulnerable to disciplinary action  for any wrong doing.

50% of the total vacancies in the (SSE+JE) cadre are filled up through direct recruitment from Railway Recruitment Board. 20% of the posts are filled up directly as SSE with minimum qualification of Degree where and 80% as JE with minimum qualification of diploma in respective branch. The balance 50% is filled through department promotion from artisan cadre.

Future prospects and promotional avenues

Directly recruited SSE or JE are eligible for appearing in Limited Departmental examination (LDCE) for promotion to Junior Scale Assistant Engineer after completion of 5 years of service. There is every possibility of someone getting selected at the first opportunity, if it is so, he can go up  in the cadre almost on line with Class I officer cadre. It is generally observed that directly recruited SSE having sincerity, dedication and stamina to prepare for the examination can certainly find an opportunity to qualify in the examination within 10 years of the career.

Read more …http://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/group-b-services/

There is a possibility of graduate engineers joining as SSE and getting frustrated soon as the job profile may not match what they had in their mind while studying engineering. If they have the confidence of clearing LDCE examination within reasonable time, this is also an alternate opportunity for all those who otherwise could not qualify through UPSE to enter officer’s cadre of Indian Railways. Therefore, graduate engineers shall examine all possibilities with pros and cons and decide for their career.

It is important to note that a graduate engineer having strong desire to go only for Govt. job, may also look for option to appear in the written examination of JE as well. This is so because, he is  still eligible for appearing in LDCE examiantion, and if hard work associated with luck smiles on him, he succeeds.

As regards, diploma holders, this is one of the best job opportunities and shall prepare with all throttle   for the RRB examination.

Opportunity to go to PSUs on deputation

Indian Railways provide good opportunity to join Railway PSU as well on deputation or permanent absorption later on. The PSU organisations are IRCON, RITES, RVNL, DFCIL, MRVC etc. Beside this other PSUs related with Railway Transport such as Metro Railway Corporation also considers such candidates favorably.


The pay scales are well defined in the vacancy notice. Beside this you get DA which is presently 90% of the basic. 7th Pay commission has been announced which always brings good news. You are also eligible for

  • HRA but there is equal possibility of getting a Railway house if posted in sub-division.
  • Free Medical facilities in Railway hospitals
  • Maximum of three nos of free privilege passes for you and your family any where India along with 3 nos. of PTO where you pay 30% of the fare.
  • You get sufficient leave i.e. 30 day leave on average pay, 15 days on half average pay on medical ground, 8 nos.  Casual Leave, paternity leave etc. but the issue is getting sanctioned.

In any case, the salary is much better than any other option that both Degree ( from other than Premier or A grade institute) or and Diploma holder may be looking for.

 Why you should not Join?

There are only few reasons that I consider relevant and take be judicious call before  joining Indian Railways


Now days, there is only one examination for all the RRBs and therefore one should  submit his application for that RRB whose jurisdiction falls in that area where you are looking  for posting and working during supervisory cadre. Vacancies are assessed by Railway HQ for each division and forwarded to respective RRB in whose jurisdiction the Division falls. This will ensure your very likely posting in the  Division of your choice or at least nearby. Once posted in that division, you may be posted in any sub-divisional office in the division and may also undergo transfer whenever required. As per the prevailing trend, there is a stability of 5-8 years at one place.

Don’t join Indian Railways, if you don’t want to move out from your parental house.


There is no out of turn growth in Indian Railways and therefore, if you want to fly or looking for quick jumps, then Indian Railways is not a good option.


If you are a work shirker, you may be ok for few month/years but not sustainable. If you still join, then it will bother you with transfer, frequent firing, promotion and humiliation. Therefore, better avoid it. Shirkers cannot survive in Railways. Yes, you can possibly if you know the art of pleasing your boss or good in works which calls for managing work with other department or liaison work.

Understanding Boss

All along your career in Indian Railways you will have a boss. There is no organised training for management of boss.  If you don’t have the skill and understanding of boss management, it may be sometime be very frustrating. The best and simple way to manage your boss are

  • Boss is always right
  • Never Argue and always be in agreement to his suggestion; you may politely tell him at a later date if his suggestion does not have a value
  • Keep you ego away from the profession and 100% percent away while dealing with the boss

 Working Environment

  • Maintenance of Railway Assets
  • Maintenance of Track, drainage system etc.
  • Maintenance of Signalling
  • Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in a Shed
  • Maintenance of Equipment in a Workshop
  • Training institute for Signalling and Telecommunication Engineers
  • Maintenance Shed
  • Maintenance shed for Electric Locomotive
  • Workshop for maintenance of Electrical Multiple Unit
  • Rewinding Workshop
  • Rewinding workshop
  • Level crossing Gate - Maintenance intensive asset
Maintenance of Railway Assets1 Maintenance of Track, drainage system etc.2 Maintenance of Signalling3 Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in a Shed4 Maintenance of Equipment in a Workshop5 Training institute for Signalling and Telecommunication Engineers6 Maintenance Shed7 Maintenance shed for Electric Locomotive8 Workshop for maintenance of Electrical Multiple Unit9 Rewinding Workshop10 Rewinding workshop11 Level crossing Gate - Maintenance intensive asset 12
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  1. Kiran says:

    What does a JE in Mechanical workshop has to do , what would be his inland pay after training ? Please answer as I m married and I want to know the salary ?

  2. abhi says:

    I had written the rrb exam of 2015 for both SSE and JE.My document verification for both had been over by december 2015 and it has been 10 months since.Last month i went to chennai rrb and enquired ,I got the reply that my name has been sent to respective Divisional CPO office and they were not willing to share further information.Can you please tell me how much more time it will take after the list is sent to respective division from the rrb.Thanks in advance sir.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      About 6 months time.

  3. abhi says:

    I had received the documents from chennai rrb and it says that i have been allotted to railway electrification/MS under CPD/RE/MS as SSE (TRD).I have no idea of the technical terms .So please can you elaborate what it is ?Also if the nature is same as TRD alone.
    After being alotted a division,is there a possibility of transfer to another division.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Railway electrification organisation undertakes the work of construction of 25 kV rail electrification whereas the divisional organisation undertakes the maintenance job. I am not aware if the CPD/RE is having a permanent organisation of supervisory staff. Generally it is not, because after the work is completed the organisation winds up. It may be possible that you have been allotted to MS division and they have posted you under CPD/RE/MS against the temporary vacancy. If so, you will go back to MS division as the lien and cadre is with MS division. You would be able to get the answer after you report there. In any case, the career in Railway is permanent and need not be worried much.

  4. aman raj says:

    aman raj
    sir ,I m 2nd year student belongs to mechanical department .what should be do for SSE preparation. please send some tricks $sample paper

  5. Kiran says:

    Sir , if getting posted in the city @ mechanical workshop department as a JE , is it good to continue or shall I think of PSU exams , and do I get time if I start training from next week @ SRC,Jhansi



  7. Bhavana Ambar Gharpinde says:

    If anyone selected for one division. Can he transfer to another division on demand basis.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Very rarely a transfer is done on administrative interest from one division to another. However, on request, it can be considered in that case you are not paid any benefits attached with the transfer on administrative interest.

  8. raja says:

    Rrb SSE 2017 vacancy this time ???

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Very doubtful for RRB SSE 2017 advertisement and even in 2018. Two back to back examination has filled up all the post and may be over flowing.

  9. Sumit Burman says:

    Respected Sir,
    I applied for ALP n JE both post(CEN 1/2018 n CEN 3/2018), i have been selected for ALP from ER elect, but i couldn’t attend CBT 2 of JE exam properly.
    Sir, my question to you that can i be JE through ALP by departmental exam?
    What is its competition level?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You may check with the personnel department and in my opinion, such provision is not there. You may appear for inspector post in elect. operation.