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Multiple choice questions on Mathematics for competitive examination Test 10

By on September 24, 2015

This is Test 10 on Mathematics consisting of 20 questions for self check of your preparedness  for the competitive examination.

This is a set of multiple choice questions on Mathematics for competitive examination

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  1. OJR REDDY says:


  2. vaibhav patil jadhav says:


  3. Binaya Raj Pandey says:


  4. Amit Mandal says:

    just cheking quelity

  5. Amit Kapoor says:

    Very nice, Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ankit singh says:

    answer for question 13 is wrong.
    answer for question 16 is wrong.

  7. karankumar says:

    please give me question for deli pollytechnic cet

  8. rohan says:

    its good

  9. sanjeeda khatoon says:

    how find answer

  10. Jatin says:

    Good and tough questions

  11. Asim says:

    hello my name is Asim yousafzai i like this math questions

  12. Nilesh kumar says:


  13. suneetha says:


  14. suneetha says:

    so nice

  15. Karriku says:

    I like this but one suggestion that you are not showing any
    answer after we are doing all the questions