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Simplifying Engineering Service Examination 2015

By on January 12, 2014

UPSC conducts Engineering Service Examination to recommend candidates to fill up need of Engineers in different departments of Govt. of India. The Main stream of examination is Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. There are about 800 vacancies for which 55000 candidates appeared i.e. approximately 70 candidates for each vacancy. There are about 50% non-serious candidates and therefore, for serious candidates, the ratio is 35 candidates of each vacancy. This makes it clear that if you are determined to clear ESE, you can do it. Following statistical data will  help in understanding your chances

  1. List of   different discipline for which the examination is conducted by UPSC
    • Civil Engineering:
    • Electrical Engineering:
    • Mechanical Engineering:
    • Electronic and Telecommunication:
  2. List of different departments for which the examination is conducted by UPSC
    • Indian Railways Main Stream like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Signal. All these discipline also find place in Stores Department as well. Main Stream is generally the first option. For more details read  http://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/group-a-services/
    • Central Engineering Services
    • Indian Defence
    • Ordinance Factories
    • Central Water Engineering
    • Border Road
    • Indian Supply Services
    • Central Power Engineering
    • Indian Telecommunication Service
    • And many others

But the first choice is Indian Railways for all discipline. Civil has more options with opportunity to rise to the top.

  1. Trend of candidates appeared, called for interview and number recommended are as follows:
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
No. appeared 17239 32753 51850 52867 52685
No. called for interview 1370 1137 1370 1719 2004
No. recommended 352 481 537 585 693
  1. There is doubt in most of the candidates  whether higher educational qualification like M. Tech. or PhD will help in qualifying the examination. As the trend of the qualification goes,   higher education does not matter. It is also observed that one can succeed even with second class. Of course it will need a change of  attitude. It is also observed that Second class holder success in personality test is almost the same as that of first class. Therefore, friends who passed with the second class should not get disheartened. However, only 7% is Second divisional holder among the total successful candidates.
Ist Division Other than Ist Division Total
Bachelor 531 42 573
High Degree 117 03 120
Total 648 45 693
  1. Associate and Graduate membership of Institutional Engineers qualifies a student appears in ESE and these candidates have also made their mark. During ESE 2011 Exam, 28 such candidates qualified for personality test and 7 were recommended. It is the determination of such candidates that make them to qualify the examination.
  2. Discipline-wise distribution of table at Sl.No. 3 above is as follows:
Discipline Bachelor High Degree Total
Civil 203 45 248
Mechanical 128 32 170
Electrical 97 15 112
Electronics and Telecommunication 135 28 163
Total 573 120 693
  1. Female candidates were only 35 i.e. 5%. This is mainly due to transferable part of the job which female candidates will certainly like to avoid. Central services  transferable options  is to any part of the country which   results inconvenience  of continuity of an education system for the children chosen. Education system varies from State to State.
  2. Entry Age plays a vital role in the career growth of the candidate. Lower the entry age, higher the opportunity for the candidate   to reach top positions in the organization. As per the statistical data, approximately 30% each were in the age group of 21-24 and 24-26 years. Therefore, friends don’t waste time finding opportunities all over and then start preparing for the examination. Plan when in 3rd year of Engineering so that studies for course subject is fully utilised to prepare for the ESE
  3. 55 vacancies were reserved for physically disabled persons (PH1-orthopedic disability, PH2 – Visually Impaired and PH3 – Hearing Impaired) in all disciplines put together. 455 candidates appeared for the examination, 75 appeared for personality test and 44 recommended (17 Civil, 7 Mech., 8 Elect., 12 E&T). Physically challenged Engineers, don’t get disheartened and you can make a good beginning in Govt. Job.
  4. 60% of the candidates recommended were from IITs, BITS, BHU. NITs etc. and balance from other Engineering College affiliated to different universities. There is general feeling among Private Engineering College that it is difficult to qualify ESE. But it is not so. Quite a significant candidates qualifying ESE are from private engineering colleges. It is you that matters.

So get ready and start preparing for ESE-2015

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  1. Mahesh says:

    Sir, do all the Group A Officers reach upto HAG level?

    • RailElectrica Admin says:

      Now a days the system of non-functional HAG has started in which you get the salary but not the promotion. It is mainly because of very large batches recruited without looking into their career prospects. There is no uniformity in assessing the posts and results into such situation. Whenever there is a situation of stagnation, pay commissions has tried to resolved the issue. No one knows what is there in store for future, but it is generally for the better only.