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Sure shot steady approach to compete RRB examination

By on November 14, 2013

Are there any short cuts to competitive examination?

There are no short cuts to success in RRB examination for different group C recruitment. The ratio of vacancy to candidates appearing in the examination is 1:10000 and that make the chances of getting selected equally tough. There are two types of examination namely Non-technical and Technical. Both the examination is objective and the copies are evaluated through computerized method. There is no chance of influencing someone and bringing any unfair means to get qualified in the examination. The system of interview has been taken away, and therefore, there is no subjectivity in the evaluation. The only thing that matters is preparedness to proof that you know the subject by answering correctly the objective questions. Therefore, to be one amongst 10000, there cannot be any short cuts and instead you have to be different in the crowd.

What are different posts, job profile and salary structure has been given in a few other posts on this website itself. In case you have a technical degree / diploma/ITI, then options to take examinations go up. Therefore, make your selection carefully. The preparation for RRB/RRC examination is sufficient for many other examinations.

How are you going to be different?

You are different if you construct your frame of mind differently. Changing the frame of mind requires following attributes and discipline.

  1. Self Commitment that I deserve to succeed in the competitive examination
  2. That I am competent for the position
  3. That I can focus all my energy in one direction
  4. That I can keep myself away from unnecessary gossips around, wasting time on TV/social sites/video games etc.
  5. That I will listen to DD/All Indian Radio news which is generally to the level necessary to keep my general knowledge up-to-date and discussion on Lok and Rajya Sabha TV. News at private channel are made juicy to improve TRP
  6. Any other way you decide and remain committed to it till the time of examination

How should I prepare for the examination?

There are many books/websites/competitive coaching classes offering services for the examination. These are good and of help when you are sure of  possessing good foundation. Most of the multiple choice questions in a competitive examination are simple but it is the speed and presence of mind that makes a difference.

  • Speed: Either you know the answer immediately or apply hit and trial method. It is the preparation that makes you go to reply right away. Hit and trial method is the process of elimination of absolute wrong answer. You are having about a minute to answer a question and if you know the answer, it will take about 20 minutes to read and reply. Your target shall be to answer minimum 50% questions correctly. Most important, not to waste any time on question which you neither know nor can answer by the process of elimination.
  • Presence of Mind: Mind roams around without purpose and you should have the ability to check and concentrate towards the examination. This is possible if you exercise your mind while also taking the mock exam.
  • After you have completed your studies, target should be to have at least 50 mock examination. Ensure that every mock examination be treated as final examination.

You should note that while taking mock examination, don’t break your score alone, but how you have applied your brain to make good speed and its presence. If you don’t have control of your mind, irrespective of knowing the answer, it will not turn out successfully. Application of mind for the short during of 1 hour is that what matters. Also remember that one or two marks can make a difference.

Find a company of at least two friends who are also preparing for the exam. The company helps in discussing/modifying/evaluation/sharing/motivation etc.

Best books for preparing the exam:

  • The syllabus is vast and there is always doubt from where to begin. That result starting preparing with coaching books. Coaching books should only be used for mock exam.
  • Even though you have either passed class X or graduate but you may encounter difficulty in answering questions from class VI to X books. It is there where the course for building foundation at least for Maths and English of all competitive examination lies.
  • It is very difficult to overcome self resistance to read class VI books again, but when you start, you will find that how much of knowledge in simple language is there yet to take. Therefore, read the books carefully and build your foundation for a period of 6 months.
  • Remember that now you are grown up and absorb knowledge much quickly. Reading these books again will be enjoyable as well as helping in building foundation.

When is the next exam?

Examinations are held once in two years for different categories. Examinations for all category has recently been completed after a long delay. Now is the time to prepare for the examination as enough of time is available. Believe it; this preparation will help you for all the objective type examination for different organizations. RRB examinations are never on schedule and you don’t know when the vacancies may get advertised with a short notice of one or two months. Now is the time to prepare and  be in readiness.

Good luck and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to raise.

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  1. Satishchandra says:

    Sir please provide old question paper for CMA post. I tried searching the web but in vain so I request you to provide so it

  2. Jayesh Deshmukh says:

    i m BE civil engineering final year student. How to prepare the technical subjects without going coaching …and how much time need I study par day …

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Are you talking of ESE or RRB examination? For RRB, you go through my posts carefully, and all your questions are answered.

  3. Rams says:

    Please provide Rrb secunderabad expected cut-off ntpc

  4. suhail parvez says:

    My name suhail,i am working ina private company,working hours would be 12hrs,my dream is to become a junior engineer in railways,i don’t have time to study i can be able make 2hrs of time for studies daily,i have one day weekly off,,if i stop working my family financial problems will raise,so how can o get rrb je job it’s my dream to achieve it,,pls help me.i have completed my diploma mechanical in 2015

  5. Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

    Don’t dream for a specific job of Junior Engineer. It is tough examination considering the number of applicants and vacancies. Even graduate engineers tries luck for this category. I suggest you to work for developing skill and proficiency in your job so that everyone looks for you. You can achieve success in a private company as well. Think of this only when you have the confidence of qualifying.

  6. rohit says:

    sir i want que.that i am electrical engineer prepare for various exam like gate psu and also railway but i think that railway preperation different and only railway exam i give so my written is clear and leave other preperation .this desicion is good or bad or if some other suggestion you have please suggest.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Gate is pure technical where as UPSC ESE containes general awareness/general studies. Large number of candidates prefer to change from PSU to Railways. I suggest you prepare for UPSC/ESE and simulatenously update for GATE. UPSC examination is not difficult except how you prepare it.

  7. nisha kumawat says:

    sir mene RS70 ka RRB GP D KA SURE SHOT PACKAGE PAID KIYA but mera package nahi open ho raha hai

  8. Suman Rawat says:

    Thanks for sharing test questions. help me a lot. please upload mode test papers. thanks a lot again.