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Understanding Basics of RRB advertised SSE vacancies on 26th June 2015

By on June 28, 2015

Railway Recruitment Boards total 19 in numbers have advertised for 2199 posts of Senior Section Engineer (SSE) with minimum qualification of Graduate in Engineering in different cadres of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical and Metallurgical spreading all over Zonal Railways and Production units on 26th June 2015. The online application will  close on 26th July 2015 with the online examination to be held between 22nd Aug 2015 to 5th Sept 2015.  It is surprising to find that even though all the formalities related to the examination held in the month of Dec. 2014 still not completed yet fresh vacancies have been advertised. Therefore, this advertisement for recruitment cannot be without a specific purpose and objective.

Indian Railways is experimenting “On Line Examination” and the best cadre suitable for such online examination can only be where the minimum educational qualification of the appearing candidates makes the experiment successful. Indian Railways is certainly in a hurry to develop this system so that the recruitment process is simplified, transparent, without any chance of manipulation and completed within the minimum possible timetable. This system will certainly help in ensuring yearly recruitment in all cadres instead 18-24 months presently being taken. This is the beginning of Digital Indian in recruitment process in Indian Railways and the success of this experiment will benefit all concerned.

But unfortunately the vacancies assessed is highly skewed and the aspirant has to choose the RRB carefully to serve his objective first. Look at the analysis of the vacancies of SSE in different cadre

  1. There are no vacancies advertised from RRB Mumbai i.e. CR and WR to meet the requirement of Mumbai, Bhusawal, Vadodra, Pune and negligible from Muaffarpur and Patna etc. On 6th July RRB Mumbai has issued an amendment No. 1 and 2 advertising Mumbai vacancies. Waking up in time.
  2. There are total 449 vacancies for Civil Engineers, of which SCR:147, SWR:43, SR:40, NR:45 and SECR:46 accounting for 70% of the posts advertised with almost nil from many of the major Railways such as SER, ER, ECR, ECOR, WR etc.
  3. There are total 269 vacancies for Mech Engineers, of which 58:SER, 41:NER, 26:DLW, 24:SCR, 23:WCR, 22: SWR accounting for 65% of the posts advertised and almost nil from NWR, WR, CR, NER, ER,ECoR etc.
  4. There are total 262 vacancies for Electrical Engineering of which SER: 64, SR:43,SWR:15, NR: 15, NFR: 13  accounting for about 58% of the posts advertised and almost nil from NWR, WR, ECoR, CR, ECR, ER etc.
  5. There are total 107 vacancies for Electronic Engineering, of which SR:29, SCR:23, ER:16, SER:11 accounting for 75% of the posts advertised and almost nil from 10-12 Railways.
  6. There are 25 posts of Chief Depot Material Superintendent 19 are from three units mainly SER, SWR and DLW.
  7. The vacancy position from NFR increased, most probably received at the last moment and added by 13 in Civil, 16 in Mechanical, 20 in Electrical and 18 in Electronics and Communication.
  8. There are 75 posts of CMA i.e. Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant advertised by NCR: 30, SWR:10, WCR:13, RCFRBL:8 and SCR:14. The minimum educational qualification is a Degree in Chemical or Metallurgical  but with grade pay of Rs. 4200/- which is equivalent to JE for another category.

There is a suggestion to Railways, that the number of vacancies advertised shall be uniformly distributed over all the RRBs and Railways so that each region get equal opportunity and the cut off is not highly skewed. The vacancy arising of different railway can at the most vary by plus minus 20% and not more. During 2014 examination also, NFR advertised large many vacancies as compared to other Railways.

Which RRB to choose?

Each RRB conducts examination considering the vacancies of the zones/production units allotted to it e.g. Kolkata: SER, ER, and CLW Bhopal: CR and SECR Gorakhpur: NER, DLW and RDSO. This will give you the fair idea of the likely posting place if you get selected. Therefore, if you are very sensitive to posting near to your home place, than select the RRB which covers your dwelling place. If that is not the criteria and finding a job is the most important priority, choose the RRB advertising maximum number of vacancies. This will improve your chances of selection based on the basic principle of probability. Don’t be in the impression, that once posted, you can plan for transfer to the place of your choice. This is very difficult if not impossible.

Screenshot - 28-06-2015 , 18_05_31

How to prioritize the options?

The designation of the post advertised is not so easy for a fresh graduate from an Engineering college. He cannot understand the meaning of P-way, Works, etc. in Civil, GS, TRD, TRS, etc. in Elect., C&W, Diesel etc. in Mechanical. It is also not clear why to advertise in this manner when the syllabus is same and there is no way a candidate can make his opinion about the post which suits his temperament. I have posted the job profile, likely place of posting, stability, opportunities to contribute in the development of Railways, hours of working, acceptance in the society etc. of all the posts advertised when vacancies were advertised during 2014. You will not find difficult in searching this content.

If you are looking for stability, fixed working hours, peace of mind than the most suitable post is of RDSO, CLW, DLW, RCFRBL, Workshop, TRS, Diesel etc. Chief Depot Material Superintendent is also one such post. The post of SSE/Track machine is quite a tough working requiring to be away from your place of posting for a  considerable time.

Syllabus for the examination

Be careful in observing the syllabus. For technical ability and general science, accounting for 90 marks, the syllabus for all posts is same except CMA which is Basic Concept of Science (Class XII standard), Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Environment and Measurement and Engineering Drawing/graphics. You will find it difficult to grasp and accept easily when you are required to read the subjects which are not part of the branch you have graduated. But it is a fact. Remember, you have studied all branches of engineering during the first two years and I think that it should be enough for RRB syllabus. Indian Railways consider that knowledge of all branches of engineering  a must for you to work satisfactorily in Railways.   Environment and Measurement Engineering is generally not studied during Engineering course, and therefore, I have compiled study material of environment engineering along with mock drill online test and similarly for measurement engineering, on-line mock drill test is available and knowledge bank on the subject is given in the remarks column of the test result.

60 marks relate to your general awareness, arithmetic and general intelligence and reasoning. Current affairs knowledge will help you in general awareness. Arithmetic of class VII standard shall be sufficient, and memorize simple formulas to handle such questions. There are many books providing a question bank of general intelligence and reasoning and attempting three to four mock drills shall be OK if you score 80-90% marks in such tests,

What level of knowledge is enough?

The questions will not be very difficult, but it is the wide range of syllabus which is a tough call for you. It is always better to make a group of 4-5 friends of each branch of engineering. They should share the knowledge of his field of engineering with others and help him in preparation of the course and each one of them contribute in preparation of others. After you finish your syllabus, attempt at least 10 mock drills online test. Online practice will help in building confidence, the essential part of your preparation for the examination. You will find such tests on this website shortly.Online-Exam-Form-Entry-img1

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  1. ABHIMASI says:

    Is the job of TRD stable.Do we have to work always 24*7?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      TRD stands for Traction Distribution responsible maintenance and operation of over head wire you must have observed over railway track. The schedule working hours are fixed and stable. During failures, you have to rush and required to reach the point of assembly within 15-30 minutes to attend to breakdown. This calls for alertness and non-availability during this period is always view seriously by management. In this way 24×7 hours alertness is required and not to do work.

      • ABHIMASI says:

        Thank you for your reply sir.One more Doubt.Which is more technical(i am from ELECTRICAL)?
        TRS or TRD I mean for future growth prospects(demand in PSUs)?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Future growth keeps on changing. Today there is good demand of TRD experts but what will be the situation tomorrow is not known. There will be locomotive and metro rakes manufacturing in private sector coming up, and may open opportunities in TRS shortly. Both are technically demanding.

  2. Ganesh says:

    I m mechanical engineer .my doubt is if I choose rrb Bangalore to appy . but I wanted to compete for all other rrb also .then should apply other rrb seperetly

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Read carefully the instruction : Candidates are required to apply through ONLINE mode to any one RRB ONLY, separately for SSE and/
      or JE group, depending upon their eligibility, on the website of Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) as indicated in Para 16.
      Detailed instructions for filling up ONLINE applications are available on the website of RRB(s). Brief Instructions to fill up the
      same are given in Para Nos. 5 and 5 (A) of this notification. Application to more than one RRB for the same group will
      lead to rejection of all the applications for that group.
      Be careful about this aspect.

  3. selvam says:

    which is best book for preparing rrb sse?
    i am B.E. mechanical graduate…..will the questions be different for each branch in technical section or basics of all engineering disciplines will be asked in rrb sse and je exams

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I will posting shortly the previous examination on line mock drill test and you will have a fare idea about the type of questions. It will be basics of all engineering disciplines.

      • selvam says:

        thank u…let me know when u posted online mock drills.
        does B.E. AERONAUTICAL comes under degree in combination of any sub stream of basic stream in mechanical?

  4. disha paul says:

    sir,I got SSE trackmachine in bangalore for rrb 2014 exam.but not happy with the job profile.so giving 2015 RRB exam too hoping to get other profile.but if i join SSE TM,and then 2015 result came nd i got my desired post,can i terminate my apprenticeship as SSE TM and join the 2015 SSE i got????????

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Have you joined, if yes, better to take no objection from the authority. In any case, it should not cause any problem.

  5. disha paul says:

    sir I m ECE graduate,one more ques. sir.what if i attend the document verefication and also physical test………..but just at the end did not join training.In that case whether i have to pay penalty for that?????

  6. selvam says:

    does B.E. AERONAUTICAL comes under degree in combination of any sub stream of basic stream in mechanical?

  7. joyonto das says:

    sir,is it possible to change the post during document verefication???(if the post i want falls vacant due to absenteism)

  8. mamina dubey says:


    I applied from Mumbai RRB and now after going through this post i am worried as Mumbai does not have any vacancy. What should i do now. Should i go for modifying my application to some other RRB(as i can apply for only one RRB under the group). please suggest .. my branch is instrumentation, so which RRB will be the good to go with? And suppose for say if i apply under Kolkata RRB then do i need to go to Kolkata for the online exam? or i can give it anywhere in India?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      If you look at the tentative examination center in the advertisement, is common for all the rrb and Mumbai is also there. Therefore, I don;t think, you don’t have to go to Kolkata for this purpose.

      • mamina dubey says:

        Thanks Sir for that … But what about vacancies in mumbai and will you please suggest which RRB to apply for instrumentation branch (in terms of post availability),If any. Or is it ok that i have applied from mumbai RRB ?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          How you can apply for RRB Mumbai when no vacancy is advertised. You should apply for the RRB which have advertised vacancies.

  9. Vishnumurthy says:

    Iam mechanical graduate (OBC Category) . I belong to secunderabad region , if i apply for kolkata RRB , Will i consider for all the seats that are intended for OBC candidates OR Iam categorized under nonlocal candidates which I think very less in number..???

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think there is any category of local or non-local, so you should be OBC wherever you apply for.

  10. Amit Banerjee says:

    RRB Mumbai has recently released ist vacancies & that too with many high vacancies in both SSE & JE. Those who are having doubts may go through the Addendum no.2 given in RRB Mumbai website or verify from the application link. I am from Kolkata and at first I applied in RRB Kolkata. But now I changed it to RRB Mumbai. It is very easy.Just go to the application and click on “Modify”. After all more seats means more chances! Moreover now you can get exam centres near your hometown even if you apply to far-flung RRBs.

  11. Rahul says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have applied for Senior section engineer post for Civil stream at RRB (Mumbai).
    My question is, will the question paper be same for my stream (civil) and other streams (electrical, mechanical etc.) and if it will be same then how will be the marks distribution of that paper.
    Means how many questions will be asked from Civil stream, how many from Electrical stream and likewise (90 Marks).
    Also could you please share the exact marks distribution for General awareness, reasoning, etc. (60 Marks)

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It will be a common paper as mentioned in the advertisement where syllabus for each of the post is given. The common sense calls for equal distribution in technical section but there may be deviation. Best way to know is check the examination held during 2014. You can find by searching Mock drill previous year on this web site. Similarly you can find for general science, awareness and reasoning. I don’t think on this part, there will be equal distribution. Reasoning part may be less.

  12. Mayank says:

    Sir, what about the center of examination as in application they have not asked for center of exam. Will they allot the center as considering nearest railway station.

  13. hari says:

    plsss send me the best site for RRB preparation .for the mechanical Engineering B-tech

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Hari would you please explain me what you intend to mean site for Mechanical Engineering B-tech? Do you know best site for Civil, electrical, electronics and other subjects mentioned in the syllabus.

  14. Rahul says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have completed my B.E. degree in Civil stream and applied for Senior Section Engineer (SSE) at RRB mumbai.
    So, can I apply for Junior Engineer (JE) post at same RRB i.e. Mumbai ?

  15. suma says:


    I m Metallurgical Engineer. plz.. provide material related to Instrumentation & Measurement, Basic concepts of Fuel;

  16. pranav says:

    Sir,I am instrumentation engineer applied for rrb Mumbai it showed that allied branches of electronics can apply.does my branch come under allied electronics engg?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Yes, it should come. In fact what I understand, it is difficult to write so many branches in the advertisement and there are many branches which are close to electronics.

  17. dheeraj says:

    sir love your effort ,

  18. Arjun says:

    Sir, I have been got selected in electrical gs. My branch is electrical & electronics. At the time of filling the form I accidentally filled degree in electrical and electronics. Would it create problem in document verification. Thanks

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Have you appeared for sse also or je only. It can be considered accidentally if you have not appeared in sse and not have any intention of cheating. Rest is the attitude of the person doing the checks and document verification.


    Sir, as you told above that RRB Bhopal Conducts exam for CR and SECR. In above descriptions of seats, any seat of electrical engineering does not fall in any of these categories. Does this mean this year there are no vacancies in RRB Bhopal for electrical engineers? If there are vacancies, please correct me and notify me about the vacancies for which electrical engineers are eligible for Senior Section Engineer in RRB Bhopal.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Electrical Engineers are eligible not only for electrical but also in mechanical, signal and telecommunication. Therefore, search in the advertisement accordingly. Don’t go as per the posts given in the blog, as there may be some error in transferring the data.


        Sir, can you please tell me that whether electrical engineers are given same priority as mechanical engineers on mechanical seats, if numbers of the candidates are equal or mechanical guy will have a preference.

  20. VIKRAM KUMAR says:

    Sir I am mechanical engineering graduate. If any candidate just managed to cross the cutoff marks (as set by railways) then they will definitely get selection in RRB or vacancies are filled with topper candidates. Pls help.

  21. amit pal says:

    Alp and technician vacancy when come ? And also je and sse vacancy surprisely came in 2015 , but can railway advertise je snd sse in 2016 in last quarter !

  22. smritikana bise says:

    Sir i have recently got a call letter for document verification from rrb siliguri for sse post ..as i have cleared my online written exam..of the same.
    But i have a query that i have filled up my online application form for rrb sse post siliguri on 3rd july 2015 whereas the last semester graduation results of mine was published by wbut on 17th july 2015
    So would there be any problem for me on the document verification day..plzzz reply early

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The employment notice clearly states that those awaiting result need not apply. He should have requisite qualification on the date of filling on line application. I doubt you will be able to clear the document verification procedure.

    • sumit says:

      Is the work of sse signal a 24*7 work??? if so how is he remunerated for that?

      • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

        24*7 hours working does not mean that you are on duty 24*7 hours but means alertness beyond official working hours as well. In case of failure affecting train operation, you have to rush to the spot along with your team to attend within minimum possible time. Staff are posted at designated locations to attend immediately, but when it is difficult on the part of the nominated staff, your presence may be called for. Therefore, it shall be understood clearly that it is need of alertness, your immediate availability on call during failure or accidents etc. is the meaning behind 24*7 hours working. There are system of compensation and you will get to know of it after you join.

  23. gagandeep singh says:

    Sir. Is RRB SSE is conducted every year for mechanical ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      No. There is no time table for conduction any of the examination. But it is observed that it is once in two years. Last two SSE/JE examinations were back to back i.e. in Dec. 2014 and again in Sept 2015. I don’t think the next examination shall be before 2018.

      • Sanjeet says:

        Sir I am graduated in electronics and communications but I got the SSE mechanical in rrb Kolkata
        And I also selected in Airport authority of India as junior executive Air traffic controller……… I am in big confusion which one I select.
        Plz explain in details the merits and demerits of these two.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          I am not aware of the career prospects of ATC and that of SSE given in my blog.

          • Sanjeet says:

            As I am graduated in electronics and communication but I got SSE mechanical in rrb Kolkata.
            Sir I have a query upto which post I can be promoted ,my age is 25 yrs right now.
            And sir how difficult would it be for me to clear the ldce exam as my background is in electronics and communication engineering.

          • Sanjeet says:

            Thank you sir for your response,I want to know as I am graduated in electronics and communication but I got SSE mechanical in rrb Kolkata, sir upto which post I can be promoted .
            My age is 25 yrs right now.
            And sir how difficult would it be for me to clear the ldce exam as my background is in electronics and communication engineering. Is there a lot of questions that comes from the mechanical engineering ( subjects of 4 yrs degree) in ldce.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            You need not worry for your background and the job you will be assigned. You will pick within a very short time the skill and job requirement of the new profession. As regards LDCE, the present system is that you have to qualify in two papers securing 60% marks with syllabus not very clear and most of the question theoretical . That makes the examination a difficult one. There are 80-100 candidates for one post of which atleast 10 are serious. That makes the examination tough. But if decide to join Railways and follows the guidelines I have posted about the preparation for group B examination, you will certainly succeed. The questions asked are related to profession.

          • Sanjeet says:

            I got Chittranjan locomotive works SSE mechanical,sir what are the job profiles in clw ?

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            Electrical locomotives are manufactured at CLW. There are many shops involved in the manufacturing. Every shop had different functioning. You will be posted in one of the shop and will be responsible for one of its functioning. Job is stable, fixed working hours, no botheration after shop hours, good environment for children education, medical facility etc. You may feel sometime that your educational qualification is no different as compared to officers joining through UPSC examination of ESE. You should not permit these feelings to dominate during your work and at the most you may continue to prepare for the ESE if you had the will.

          • Sanjeet says:

            Sir what are chances of promotion in clw to the higher post from SSE mechanical and is it possible that I can apply for the transfer to my native place that is in rrb Bhubaneswar in the mechanical Dept. like C&W workshop.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            Your priority is not clear i.e promotion or transfer. You can apply for transfer only after 5 years as I explained you in your previous quarry.

      • Sanjeet says:

        Thank you very much sir …….

        • Sanjeet says:

          Sir Could you please explain what are the criteria to get transfer to other zone and rrb.

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            First there is no transfer of zone at RRB stage. It only starts when you joined the Railway/Division allotted to you. A candidate is eligible for transfer after regular service of 5 years. His application is forwarded to Railway/Division where the transfer is asked for. On confirmation of the vacancy in the category of the candidate and related issues, a confirmation is sent the concerned Railway. Transfer order is then issued, relieving of the candidate and then his joining at the other division/railway. He gets the bottom most seniority in that cadre means loss of minimum 5 years of seniority.

          • Sanjeet says:

            Sir..I want to know the chances of promotion in clw as I join there as a SSE mechanical there and upto which post I can go if I cleared ldce exams……
            Sir plz explain how clw is familiar to conduct ldce exam……I mean ….is there good no of vacancy in clw for ldce exam and is it conduct in the time duration of 5 yrs or any delay..

          • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

            There are fare chances of clearing LDCE at CLW. But it is premature to think so fare about the number of vacancies and the promotional chances. Most important is to start a new life with a job in CLW.

  24. Nicky says:

    Sir is a student of environmental engineering is eligible for document verification in rrb mumbai

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Document verification is required irrespective of branch of engineering? As regards environmental engineering, pl check the advertisement if it is specified there.

      • Sanjeet says:

        Sir, I have completed my documents verification process for sse mechanical (RRB KOLKATA)CEN 01/2015.
        My marks is 20 marks more than cutt off marks.
        I have done btech in ECE and due to choosing mechanical as a first preference due to maximum no of seats during form fill up ….I got the same.
        But I want to change the stream to Electrical or Telecommunication as I have read this syllabus earlier and I am comfortable with this and it’s good for the LDCE exam.
        So sir kindly suggest is there possibility to change the stream through any procedure.
        Plz inform me sir……….I

  25. nicky says:

    Sir is btech in envienvironmtal engineering is comes under the required notification a combination of any substream of basic stream of civil engineering

  26. irshad md says:

    Nice info
    Thanks for sharing….

  27. premsingh says:

    Thanks for sharing this information