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Understanding designation of Signal and Telecommunication for SSE and JE advertised by RRB

By on September 24, 2014

It is difficult for a non-railwayman to understand the designations mentioned in the vacancies advertisement for SSE and JE by RRB such as Signal and Telecommunication etc. There is no doubt that with the un-employment environment as existing, the job profile does not matter for many of the candidates. But there are many who will always be doing mental exercise to understand the job profile of each post. Joining Indian Railways is for life long and job profile knowledge can help you to peep into your future. It may also help you in opening full throttle to prepare for the competition.

Study Material on Environment and Pollution Control for SSE/JE by RRB

This is how each designation is presently valued and job profile including transfers, stability, hours of working, place of posting, etc. This will help in giving priority while filling up the form.

SSE (Signal) 121 and JE (Signal) 194

There exists Signal and Telecommunication department popularly named as S&T. The department has gained importance with the development of new technologies for safe running of trains and increasing sectional capacity. Even though candidates from many streams can appear in the examination but basically it is job related with application of low voltage electronic devices. You will be posted in a division which is generally at a big station headed by Divisional Railway Manager assisted by Branch Officers of different cadre, of which S&T is on of the department. SSE and JE are supervisory posts and you will be responsible for the maintenance of signalling assets installed at railway stations in a particular section. The job is technical in nature and command respect in the railway fraternity as subject of signal interlocking is in the knowledge domain of this cadre only. The posting is generally stable with few transfers in the division only. The experience makes you eligible for posting in Railway PSUs, metro railways and private sector. One has to be alert and always on his toes for attending signalling failures as it hampers train running. You continue to work in the same division till promotion to the officers cadre.

SSE (Tele) 65 and JE (Tele) 164

Communication is the most important requirement for safe and quick working in any organisation, and therefore, the responsibility. During old days, telephony was the only limited responsibility but with advanced technologies and high tech. appliances available, the responsibility has also advanced manifold. Beside safe one-is-to-one communication network for train operation between authorized persons, the responsibility assigned are wifi, TV, passenger information system through audio and video display at station etc. The technical knowledge and your updates make you in demand in the organisation. The job profile is technical and smooth as long as equipment works satisfactorily but requires day and night working during breakdowns. You continue to work in the same division till promoted to the officers cadre.Screenshot - 24-09-2014 , 08_24_44

There are other posts of Design and Drawing where the work involves preparation of drawing, estimates for sanctioned works and assisting concerned officer. The job involves stability of working in Divisional HQ with scheduled working hours providing satisfactory family life. The job in RDSO is the best out of the lot for the purpose of technical skill development, stability with no transfers and scheduled working hours. It is most suited for female aspirants in every discipline of Railway working.

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  1. hareesh says:

    sir,I did b.tech in electronics and comunication engineering……but in JE application they had given 2 options like degree in electronics engineering and degree in combination of any subsystem of basic streams in electronics engineering….so what i suppose to select

    • Vilas Tile says:

      Its eqiuvalent qualification what you have with the one which has been mentioned in advertisement . So you can apply without any doubt and you are eligible.p

  2. M.sarkar says:

    Sir,i got selected in sse(electrical) category at ser railway but i belong to ece stream…shoul i choose sse(telecom) or signal this time or should go for workshop…as i want er railway and no post is there without tele and signal

  3. Pardeep says:

    Sir, i am Selected as a je signal in chandigarh zone.which is good tele or signal???

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I have already explained the job profile of signal and telecom. But do you have a choice to change now?

  4. Biswajeet says:

    Hello Sir ,
    I’m a regular reader of your blog , your blog is very informative…………Sir , May you please tell me how many seats ( approx. ) are available in RDSO and Workshop for the students of Electronics and Communication stream…???….If any , then please also tell me about the working hours , stability in these cadres…???…

    * Thank you very much for the info ( in advance )

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The seats at RDSO and workshop for E&C candidates will never be much at the most one or two. I have explained the working hours and stability aspect in the post where you have posted this quarry. When the working hours are more, means you are wanted for the job and therefore, commands respect and authority. Therefore, working hours shall not be treated with dis-taste. Stability is generally there in all the jobs.If it is nil in RDSO and workshop, it will be 2 or three in field job.

  5. Shray saxena says:

    Sir i got selected as je electeical general and got jagadhari workshop as division sir i wanted to know about the work environment at jagadhari workshop will i get time to prepare for ese air other competitive examination??

  6. Hello sir
    Plz tell me what are the facilities for rrb je ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      What facilities r u looking for? Be specific and write what ever is there in your mind and I will give comments accordingly

      • Abhi says:

        Sir , I like your blog . Please provide info regarding holidays of sse , je telecom . I mean whether there is holiday on national holidays festivals etc . Unlike departments of c&w …trs …which don’t get holidays ? Is je , se telecom come under open line staff ??

  7. Ramu says:

    Sir , I appeared for sse exam before joining of je post . If I selected for sse will I need to take noc from railway ? If yes say about noc and procedure to take it ? Will railway ask to pay back stiped ? ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I understand you have joined JE (2014 exam) and now appeared in SSE(2015) exam. NOC is important when you want to take credit of your previous service. Suppose you are selected in 2015 and joins your new post, than the previous service should get linked. After you get selected, write to Sr.DPO/and your BO about your selection to the post and request for relieving. There should not be any reason for not relieving.

  8. ashish says:

    sir, l have been selected to the post of sse trd in allahabad division in 2/2014 and sse mechanical in dlw varanasi in 1/2015.please tell me which is most appropriate post to join.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      DLW post is a factory post where you will be attached to a workshop and many more will be working like you in this shop with fixed working hours without any disturbance beyond shop hours, no threat of transfer. As regards SSE/TRD, you will be incharge of a section for its maintenance and attending breakdown, you may be called beyond working hours and there is always a possibility of transfer. You may decide accordingly.

  9. Amit says:

    Sir I got selected in SSe and branch allotted electrical GS.but I hv done my graduation frm electronics and communication is dere any difficulty for me in electrical Gd and I want to knw abt the work load of electrical GS and duties and one more thing .where does the rrb Ahmadabad sse electrical GS training ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The posting will be in either Ahemdabad or Vadodra Division. There will not be any difficult in managing the work with the educational qualification you possess. The work load involved maintenance and monitoring of Power supply installation like Substation, distribution, illumination, water pumps, air conditioning etc.There are some division where train light and air conditioning is also maintained by SSE/GS

  10. Amit says:

    Sir I got selected in SSe and branch allotted electrical GS.but I hv done my graduation frm electronics and communication is dere any difficulty for me in electrical Gd and I want to knw abt the work load of electrical GS and duties and one more thing .where does the rrb Ahmadabad sse electrical GS training ? Can u plz tell me

  11. R. Bose says:

    Sir, I want to know which areas can I get posting if I apply from RRB Siliguri. Does it cover whole NFR region or is it separate from areas recruited from RRB Guwahati?? It would be very helpful if u could advice me on this….

  12. Rahul Bhosale says:

    Sir, I’m selected as JE15 in rrb mumbai but I’m in waiting list…Will the waiting list be cleared by how much percent% and will there be supplementary and replacement list henceforth?

  13. Siyaram says:

    Sir ,I am selected je loco in Central railway of rrb Mumbai . I have b.tech in electrical engineering. Sir tell me about my posting place possiblity in Central railway.

  14. Siyaram says:

    Sir ,I am selected je loco in Central railway of rrb Mumbai . I have b.tech in electrical engineering. Sir tell me about my posting place possiblity in Central railway. Or which division are allote me.

  15. dinesh nangare says:

    the statement, ‘The department has gained importance with the development of new technologies for safe running of trains and increasing sectional capacity.’ is not completely true. the department is important but still Indian railways do not have that much importance of the department and consequently the S & T employees.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I should not comment on the comparative importance of different departments but S&T is an important department and gaining importance. DG post equivalent to Member has been created.

  16. brindha rv says:

    Sir, am Brindha.Rv from tamilnadu I finish my BE in ece. I have to know the pass Mark and blueprint for sse exam.
    I have to try for this posting or anything else…

  17. Sunil kumar kasyap says:

    I am working in a nationalised bank as asst. manager (scale 1) from last 3 years around. Now selected as SSE (telecom). Pls suggest me whether I should join or not. I am B.tech and M.tech (Ece )

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I will suggest to avoid as compared to your present posting. You will not get any benefit because of b.tech or m.tech. I understand asst. manager is through probationary officer examination, even otherwise i don’t think you will like group c post.

      • Sunil kumar kasyap says:

        Thank u for your reply Sir.
        But what about technical and nontechnical job nature. Also tell me the family life as sse telecom.
        Waiting for ur reply sir

  18. SASIKALA says:

    Tell me the meaning of helper telecommunication in rrb

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Earlier, the post was called as Khalasi and Senior Khalasi as Helper. Now Khalasi post i.e. group D post is changed to helper post which is also Group D just to give some dignity to the post. The helper works along with the Artisan and learns the skill along with him.

  19. Executive signal and telecomnoida ec

  20. Akash Rathod says:

    Sir, i cleared both section engineer and je in nagpur metro, now i have interview, so please give me overview of interview, i mean will it be technical or general or both??

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      both and just revise the current affair of last three months and whatever technical subject you have studied. Just read about NGP metro and other Metro project idea.

  21. Rishabh pandey says:

    Sir I want to know that a person can be selected from railtel to work as engineer in DRM office telecom ..whether he is railway employee or railtel

  22. Mohammad farooq says:

    Sir I completed my b.tech in civil engineering If got selected in technicain post grade 3 can I have option to write JE Telecom exam

  23. Devanshu singh says:

    Sir, For JE in S&T which was better to choose in between Signal and Telecom

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      JE (signal) is challenging with responsibility as compared to JE(tel). The experience of JE (sig) will always be on demand in the pvt. sector whereas that of tele. is not worth as the same is no different as compared to what the industry offers.

      • Devanshu singh says:

        Sir please tell me what do mean by “always be on demand in private sector”.
        I got selected for the same JE in signal and also can you tell me about pros and cons of je in signal