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Understanding job profile of SSE and JE in Electrical branch advertised by RRB

By on September 23, 2014

It is difficult for a non-railwayman to understand the designations mentioned in the vacancy advertisement for SSE and JE by RRB such as GS, TRD, TRS, RS etc. There is no doubt that with the un-employment environment as existing, the job profile does not matter for many of the candidates. But there are many who will always be doing mental exercise to understand the job profile of each post. Joining Indian Railways is for life long and job profile knowledge can help you to peep into your future. It may also help you in opening full throttle to prepare for the competition.
Study Material on Environment and Pollution Control for SSE/JE by RRB

This is how each designation is presently valued and job profile including transfers, stability, hours of working, place of posting, etc. This will help in giving priority while filling up the form.

Senior Section Engineer (350 posts) and Junior Engineer (738 posts) in Electrical Engineering

These are cadre post of Electrical Engineering Department. Electrical Engineering is one of the important departments responsible for the maintenance of electrical locomotive, traction distribution and overhead equipment, train lighting and air conditioning, power supply etc. and posts are also advertised in these areas.

Electrical General Services (SSE-259, JE-479):

This is the oldest of all the responsibilities of Electrical Engineering from the time first electric lamp was lighted and today playing an important role not only in electrical services but in a train running as well. You will be posted in a division, normally located at important locations or sub-division generally at small place. You will be responsible for the maintenance, operation and utilization of all assets related to electrical energy in your area of jurisdiction. Asset utilizating electrical energy means lighting, fans, air conditioning, water pumps, etc.  The post commands respect and responsibility in maintaining power supply and maintenance of assets in good condition.  You will be in demand for any functioning of railways except train running. There will only be one regret that you will not be associated with anything which is directly related with train running except maintenance of electrical assets at the Railway station. In some divisions, the responsibility of train lighting and air conditioning is also associated with you. There is stability of posting and transfers limited in the division. You will continue to work in this cadre till you have the opportunity to get promoted to Asstt. officer.

TRD (SSE-47, JE-88):

It is one of the most significant duties of electrical department in a train going to supply power to running electric locomotive through traction distribution (TRD) and overhead equipment. You will be posted in a Division or its sub-section with a jurisdiction of the electrified section for its maintenance. The maintenance of OHE is done using tower wagon and a group of staff. The tower wagon is equipped with tools and spare parts. The post commands responsibility and deference in the cadre. There is limited stability involving few transfers within a division. You are 24×7 hours official and can be asked to be present any time of the day or night to attend breakdown and quick restoration. Except attending breakdowns and its responsibility the job is rather easy. This is a specialized job for Railways, and hence, in demand by PSUs and private sector.

TRS and RS (SSE-19, JE-92):

TRS or RS is same called Traction Rolling Stock or Rolling Stock. The responsibility is for maintenance of electric locomotive in shed and at outstation. You will be put up in a shed which are generally 3 to 4 in a Railway. The working hours are quite stable and you remain in that shed all along with no transfer. The experience is having value outside railways as well. The job is technically satisfying with pleasure of associating with highly technical work.

Drawing and Estimator (SSE-25, JE-79):

This is highly technical in nature requiring preparation of drawing, estimation of quantity and preparation of work estimate. He does not hold a large manpower under his control and works in the Divisional Office directly under the command of Divisional Engineer. Place of posting is in the Division with stability. The experience gained is having good market value. This is about 10×5 hours working. There are posts of RDSO cadre as well, which is very stable with no transfer throughout railway job. In other posts, one has to face transfer when promoted to officer’s cadre.

Loco pilot with one hand on master controller, another on Train Brake handle with Loco Inspector

Loco Maintenance


Locomotive maintenance in a shed









Coach Periodical Overhaul Shop

Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in a Shed

View of Loco maintenance shed from Crane

Traction Installation

Traction Sub-station Installation

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  1. ABHIJITH says:

    Please tell me what will be the job profile of the following posts(that i had applied for SSE electrical chennai unit
    Job Priority Job Name
    1 Sr.Section Engineer Electrical/ Electrical (GS) (SR)
    2 Sr.Section Engineer (Track Machine) (SR)
    3 Sr.Section Engineer / Dsl Mechanical (SR)
    4 Sr.Section Engineer Carriage & Wagon (SR)
    5 Sr.Section Engineer (Mechanical) (Workshop) (SR)

    Also was my priority correct?
    thank u sir

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I have given the job profile of all the post in respective post. Read Job profile of electrical, mechanical, Civil and you will get the idea. Your options are ok except track machine which is having a tough working environment and I have explained in the post.

      • ABHIJITH says:

        What do you mean by Dsl electrical?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Dsl is Diesel, an organisation looking after maintenance of diesel locomotive. There are areas of mechanical as well electrical discipline for the maintenance of the locomotive. There are two types of locomotive namely diesel and electrical. The diesel locomotive is looked after by mechanical department whereas electrical is looked after by Electrical department. Similarly there are diesel and electric loco sheds maintaining respective locomotive. The staff/supervisor/officer cannot be transferred from one organisation to another. Diesel electrical will look after traction motor, alternator, inverter/converter/rectifier and relays etc. whereas mechanical look after diesel engine, bogie, air brake system etc.

      • Arpit says:

        Can you pls give me the link of job profile of SSE (Mechanical Workshop) at ICF, Chennai?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          The workshop in Railways are meant to undertake major overhauls called POH of coaches, locomotive, electrical multiple units.When posted, you will incharge of one of the section in the workshop. The working hours are fixed and beyond hours are generally required. Stable posting, no transfer, job satisfaction depends on your own nature. No telephonic call or emergency beyond office hours.

  2. ABHIJITH says:

    What will be the difference in pay scale or any other criteria between a JE and a SSE?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You can workout the difference in pay by adding basic+GP+DA. JE is lowest in the supervisory cadre whereas SSE is highest in group C services. It should not any other explaination. However, it is important that after minimum of 5 years of service after confirmation, both JE as well as SSE is elgibile of LDCE, and if your hardwork, luck and commitment goes well, you may compensate the loss of joining as JE even though eligible for SSE.

      • ABHIJITH says:

        I have a doubt.You had sad that the syllabus for technical ability will have equal weightage for all branches.
        Does this mean that everybody(civil,mech,elect)will have the same paper?
        Was RRB SSE & JE syllabus always like this or is it a change introduced from this year?
        Thank you sir

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          I am not sure of equal weight-age for all the technical subject but you have to prepare for all the technical subject as mentioned in the syllabus there will be one question paper for a group of category as mentioned in the syllabus.

  3. Arun says:

    I am a B.E ( mechanical ) graduate. I have applied for sse.
    What is the order of the following posts from easy to toughness ?
    sse mechanical workshop
    sse carriage and wagon
    sse diesel mechanical
    sse diesel electrical
    sse electrical / electrical ( GS )
    sse electrical ( TRD )
    sse electrical ( TRS )

  4. Asmi Jain says:

    Hello Mahesh Sir,

    I have qualiified for JE secunderabad, category 59( Electrical TRS). I had not checked aerlier about medical standard and not that i have qualified I’m too worried as my eye power is -5.5 D. My last priority was Depot superintendent for which the Medical standard being C-1, -4D eye power is acceptable and if higher they just check if its pathological.
    My query is, is it possible to get my lower priority post although i’ve been assigned the higher priority post as per my marks? My priorities were as under. Also, is it possible in any way to get permission from the board for vision correction?

    Job Priority Job Name

    1 Junior Engineer (Telecommunication) (SCR)

    2 Junior Engineer (Signal) (SCR)

    3 Junior Engineer (Electrical/TRS) (ECoR)

    4 Junior Engineer (Electrical/TRS) (SCR)

    5 Junior Engineer Electrical/ TRD (ECoR)

    6 Junior Engineer Electrical/ TRD (SCR)

    7 Junior Engineer Electrical/ Electrical General (SCR)

    8 Depot Material Superindent (SCR)

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Whether they can allot you the lower priority in view of the medical standard, I am not sure. It is almost impossible to get permission from the Rly.Board for vision correction. At the most if your not satisfied with the medical assessment, there may be a provision to request for review by medical board.

  5. Vipin says:

    I am selected as SSE in TRD department in Gunutr division. Please clarify
    1) how many JEs work under an SSE?
    2) for TRD dept., how much distance(in km)of overhead line of a division will come under the supervision of each SSE?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You will undergo training which includes class room and on the job. During on the job training, you will be working under some experienced SSE before being given independent charge. When given an independent charge of a section, you will have about 3-4 JE under you and a section about (RKM) 40 Km involving OHE of (TKM)100 Km.

  6. Shray saxena says:

    Sir i got selected as je electeical general and got jagadhari workshop as division sir i wanted to know about the work environment at jagadhari workshop will i get time to prepare for ese air other competitive examination??

  7. Ramu says:

    sir,will you explain what is electric loco trip shed and type of work done there je / sse ?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Electric Loco Trip shed is located at major terminus station where passenger and freight train locomotive is interchanged. The locomotive goes to the trip shed where the JE incharge of the shift checks the locomotive for schedule functioning, repairs the booking made by the driver and safety checks. Thereafter, he give the locomotive fits for service. There are about 3-4 staff under him and he attends about 2-3 locos during the period. He is also required to rush to the station for any problem with the locomotive of the running train.

  8. Raunak kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have done B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from NIT Agartala. I have been selected as Junior Section Engineer (Research)Engineering at RDSO by RRB Gorakhpur. So,can you brief about the job profile & workload pertaining this post as i want to further keep preparing for the coveted Engineering Services Examination.
    Thanks & Regards
    Raunak kumar

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It will depend on the lab to which you will be attached. The job will be simple without any hassles and will be similar to what you might have observed the job of Lab assistant while you did your engineering. You will have plenty of time for your preparation for IRSE.

  9. akash says:

    sir. , i want to know job profile of sse mechanical in track machine

  10. Ravi krishna says:

    Sir, i am selected as je (track machine) in chennai division.but i am andhra people(tadipatri). so,what is the nearest division of chennai to my hometown.? What are the ways to go another departments?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Chennai is the nearest. There is negligible chance of change of category and it can only be possible for appearing in the examination again or qualifying for AEN LDCE examination at the first attempt when it is due (after about 7-8 years of service)

  11. Akshay Kumar says:

    Sir, I have been selected as Sse in mechanical workshop gorakhpur zone. Kindly tell me about the incentives and allowances besides salary of a Sse working in mechanical workshop . Pay band is 9300-34800 but why initially 12450 considered for 1st year instead of 9300. After 1 year of training how 12450 becomes 13054 although the grade pay remains same i.e. 4600.

  12. Praveen kumar says:

    R/ sir,
    I am selected for sse electrical in rrb ranchi. My document verification is also completed in 2 decmber 2015.
    sir, how much time taken by railway for joining, after document verification.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It will take around 1 month for RRB to make a panel and forward it ECR/SER. The respective railway will arrange for character verification which will take around 1 month. Thereafter, you will be given notice for medical examination and than you will report to the Sr.DPO of the division where you are posted. It should take total 4-6 months.

      • praveen kumar says:

        with Thanks
        I want to know that how many days of probation period for sr section engineer in railway.
        And after how many years sse promoted in AE post.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          There is no system of probation period. You are likely to be confirmed after one year during which you will undergo institutional training and also on the job training. Through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination are eligible after 5 years of service after confirmation; but is a difficult examination to qualify (Read more to understand why it is tough – https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/group-b-services/). You will get another opportunity in which the candidates are called as per seniority and any one joining as SSE is likely to have his turn after about 20 years of service.

  13. Aniruddha Ghosh says:

    Is there any chance to recruit SSE through GATE from coming year?Because all the PSU’s are recruiting through GATE.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is no such thinking as on date. You may tweet your idea to MR Sh. Suresh Prabhu.

      • rgbaruah says:

        sir, what is the work profile of Electrical General services….. will i get time for studies…….what is the workload and office timings?

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          Initially you will undergo institutional training at one of the training school and on the job training. After confirmation, you will be posted in one of the section and will be incharge of that section. If you are posted in the section which is responsible for power supply to VIP colony, Major Railway station, the demand for emergency work will be very high otherwise, there are not much issues.

  14. sky says:

    I want to know job profile of sse track machine in details. Can anyone tell me?

  15. sumit kumar says:

    sir I am selected for sse elecritrical in rrb guwhati cen(02/2014) and rrb secundrabad (cen 01/2015) anyone. I want mutual transfer in rajasthan. there has any person want mutual contact 9602644074( sumit kumar)

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The activity of mutual transfer starts from the division where you joins? There is no provision of mutual transfer at RRB stage.

  16. Deocharan dangi says:

    i have been finally selected as SSE Electrical(general) through rrb ranchi. After making panel my name has been forwarded to SER kolkata.
    Now i want to know, after how many days my character varification& medical will done.
    Which division/work place will alloted me. How can it will decide.
    Plese help me

  17. Deocharan dangi says:

    i have been finally selected as SSE Electrical(general) through rrb ranchi. After making panel my name has been forwarded to SER kolkata.
    Now i want to know, after how many days my character varification& medical will done.
    Which division/work place will alloted me. How can it will decide.
    Plese help me.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It will around six month period. After the character verification, you will sent an advise for medical examination. After the medical examination is completed in the nominated Railway Hospital, you will be alotted a Division in SER i.e. Ranchi and Chakradharpur Division.On joining in the Division, the officer in charge will decide about the place of posting.

      • Deocharan Dangi says:

        How can my division will be decided.
        Is it merit wise or anyother method.
        Presently where i communicate for joining/another process.

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          It will be decided by the Head of the Department at SER/HQ depending upon the vacancy and the prevailing policy for allotment of Division. You will report to the Division allotted to you.

  18. sushil says:

    sir, i am finaly selected as JE TRS by RRB chennai, please tell me job profile of JE TRS, and what can i do as i change my correspondence address, or whether they contact me through email.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I am doubtful if they correspond with you through e-mail. It is better to keep advised the postal authority of the previous address to forward all letters to you. As regards job profile, you will be posted in any of the division having electric traction. In the division, you will be posted either in the electric loco shed or for maintenance of locomotive when on line working. The posting in electric loco shed is stable posting where you will be attached to one of the section where some parts of the locomotive are maintained. You will have an opportunity to learn, involve and contribute in the engineering functioning. I wish you all the best.

      • sushil says:

        thanks sir,
        RRB chennai forwarded my name to SR, i want to know when SR contact me for medical and character varification

  19. Vedanand Saket says:

    Dear sir,
    I am selected for JE electrical Gs in RRB Chennai and also SSE POST IN RRB Guwahati. After seeing progress of RRB Chennai, I will join RRB Chennai earlier than RRB Guwahati. So sir my question is if I leave RRB Chennai training in middle of training and join RRB Guwahati, then I have to pay all stipend or I am exempted to pay stipend as I will to join same dept. Of railway?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I am not aware of the present rules in this regard. You have to check the conditions as stipulated in the bond.

  20. Bhargav says:

    Dear Sir ,

    Fantastic blog, I got all my doubts cleared in one go.
    thank you very much for your support .

    I have few doubts .
    1) whether Mutual transform is possible between two different caders ? ( workshop and Ele TRD) or ( GS and Ele TRD)
    2) I am done with medical and police verification, not yet joined for training . is there any condition for mutual like work experience or year of exam ?
    3) which one will be better ( JE workshop or SSE Ele TRD)

    Thank you

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Mutual transfer may be possible but the issue will be raised about your training and experience different streams. I am doubtful, if it will be agreed but there is no harm in making an application.
      In mutual transfer of the same cadre, you will get the seniority of the other candidate or yours which ever is lower.
      SSE is a higher rank post as compared to JE/workshop. SSE/TRD is somewhat tough job as compared to JE workshop posting. But you should opt for SSE post only.

    • Jay says:

      CEN 01/ 2015 – JE Document Verification Completed. Dear Bhargav I want to know what are the procedures after Document Verification result ? How much time it will take for Police verification & Medical ?
      Do they allow some 1 month time for those who are already employed in private sector?
      How order will come? Other than Post do they Message or e- mail?

  21. Deocharan Dangi says:

    after few days of document verification, our some friend get letter from various division for character varification and medical in march
    But till now ,i have not get any letter from anywhere.
    Now, sir what i do?
    from where i contanct?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It generally varies from department to department Your friends may be of different category. No need to contact and wait for some time. If you are desperate, than contact the CPO office of the zonal HQ.

    • Deepak says:

      could you please inform which railway board you are from

  22. Md Shahbaz says:

    Can one change his/her post priority (i.e. from GS to TRD or TRS etc) if he /she has already got GS (JE/Elect/GS) after clearing RRB exam? Is there any provision for changing the priority at the time of doc verification? Or any chance of changing GS to TRD etc after joining?

  23. sushil says:

    sir i am selected as a JE TRS in southern railway, those persons who are selected as JE ICF got correspondence from CPO ICF on 29 mar 16, but till now i got nothing please guide me what to do.

  24. Deocharan dangi says:

    After a long time today, i got a letter from adra division for character verification.
    I passed my rrb exam in category electrical general service. But in my letter, my job profile is tr/sse in electrical.
    What is this. Is trd or trs

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      TRD amd TRS is explained in the blog. You need not worry which category you are getting a posting. Job is important you will start loving your job very soon.

  25. Dilip says:

    Dear Sir
    Can u tell about work load and job profile of SSE Design/Electrical (T.I) ???

  26. Joseph says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m having M.tech in Ece and I’m working as Asst. Prof. in well reputed private college for a year.
    I got offer letter in JE TRD Chennai division – which I wrote much before my joining college.

    Which may be better ?

  27. Dilip says:

    Please tell about workload and job profile of SSE Design/Electrical (T.I).

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The workload is more of office work involved in preparation of drawing, estimates for works, works contract, monitoring of works, etc.

  28. Dilip says:

    Shall i get enough time in SSE Design/Electrical(T.I) for IES preparation .I heard from someone that it is 5 day job and fixed timing job,is it true ???

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You should be able to prepare for ESE. Most importantly it depends on the Boss. If you find boss good, just tell him your intention and seek help.


    hello mahesh sir,
    i read most of some comments here actully i want to curious to know.

    so many experienced peoples are available here.
    i want to clear RRB JE ELECTRICAL EXAM.
    so how can i prepapre for this exam.
    plz advice and give introduction to me.
    i hope anybody can help .

    my email is [email protected]

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think next advertisement before 2018 and therefore you are having sufficient time to prepare. You revise CBSE books from Class VI to VIII, Science Books from Class IX to XII, and read general knowledge books, newspapar, DD news etc. This study will help you in preparing for any examination.

  30. Pankaj says:

    Dear Sir
    Please tell about working hours and working day of SSE Design Electrical..

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      It depends where your boss post you. He may initially post your in the field, because it is but natural that field working is necessary for your to gain experience, than it will be ok on normal days but tough on 2/3 days a month. If in the office, SSE/Design Electrical may be required to sit in the office till such time Boss is in the chamber, as your service for any position may be required to any time.

  31. Pankaj says:

    Does Electronics and Communication branch is eligible for SSE Design Electrical ???

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The post of Electrical cadre also takes Electronics and Communication and therefore you are eligible.

  32. Pooran Meena says:

    Sir I did b.tech in me but I got je el TRS from Rrb jammu.
    Please sir tell me about job profile.
    Now am working in PNB as Clark.
    And selected as PO in syndicate Bank and
    SI in CISF
    Which is best……

  33. Amrit says:

    Sir , if i got selected SSE through RRB AJMER BOARD which conduct EXAM for NWR & WCR ….My question is that is it possible that RRB alloted me Northern Railway zone whether i got selected through RRB AJMER BOARD…???

  34. pushpendra says:

    sir actually i want to know which books should i prefer to study’s about je electrical exam.
    as my knowledge rrb conduct a relative common exam.
    and cut off for UR

  35. rajan patel says:

    what is job profile of je diesel electrical ? sir i am of mechanical stream but got diesel electrical ,can this create a problem?

    your valuable suggestion plz i am waiting.

  36. Deocharan Dangi says:

    sir , i selected as sse electrical gs in ser, by rrb ranchi. मेरा document verification 2dec 2015 को हुवा. उसके काफ़ी समय बाद मुझे आद्रा डिविजन से character verification हेतु बुलाया गया ,character certificate जमा करने के बाद मेरा पूलिस verification हुवा. लेकिन अभी तक मेरा मेडिकल नहीं हुवा. जबकि मेरे साथ selected दूसरे candidate ने दूसरे डिविजन मे join कर लिया . मेरा अभि तक मेडिकल नहीं लिया जा रहा. पता करने पर क्लर्क कोई जवाब नहीं देता . अब मै क्या करूँ, किससे मिलूँ , Please help me .

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Don’t worry. This may be an administrative delay and don’t waste time in running around. It will certainly come.

  37. Jay says:

    CEN 01/ 2015 – JE Document Verification Completed. Dear ALL I want to know what are the procedures after Document Verification result ? How much time it will take for Police verification & Medical ?
    Do they allow some 1 month time for those who are already employed in private sector?
    How order will come? Other than Post do they Message or e- mail? Can some one Post Scanned copy of Order they received ? I hope their Privacy related content may not be show but I want to know other terms & condition?

  38. sushil says:

    Sir ,
    I am selected as JE trs in rrb chennai, on 21 Feb I got massage from rrb that further correspondence will be from cpo sr, but till now I did not get any correspondence please tell me what can I do.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You cannot do any think except to wait. CPO Sr when received the panel from RRB, arrange for character vertification. After the same is over, the Division is allotted for posting and issue of Medical memo to the nominated hospital. It may taken 3-6 months.

  39. Krishnakant sharma says:

    Sir i am working in sse trd in jablpur division ,sir will i get enough time for upsc in trd since sir u had worked in trd as srdee and at higher level u will have very known abt trd ,will i get enough time sirplz reply

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      You will have sufficient time to prepare for UPSC.The life is uncomfortable only during OHE failure which may not be more than a day or two in a month.

  40. Armaan says:

    Sir. I am undergoing training as SSE (c&w) open line since April 2016…selected through rrb-2014 recruitment. I applied for rrb 2015
    Before 2014 result was declared and now through 2015 recruitment I got DLW varanasi- sse-electrical general services. Now my query is which department is better?? Should i stay with cnw-open line or join dlw? My branch is electrical. Also kindly tell me what’s the procedure to change job(resign from cnw and join dlw) within Railways in same grade pay(4600)?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Electrical G in DLW may not be a large cadre and I am afraid of promotional prospects. However, the job at DLW is routine, without much challenges. C&W is challenging and good promotional prospects. You branch of study shall not be a issue because you join the cadre and learning C&W is not very difficult. You may discuss the instructors/principle of the training school.

  41. Abijith says:

    What would be the working hours of a sse electrical(general).Is it 24*7 or 10*5?Its not mentioned clearly above?Also is it a shift duty?

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      24×7 means alert all the time and you can be called at any time for attention to emergency. Since Elect G is not connected to train operation, the work pressure may not be that much. For field staff it is six days working. In case the posting is in office attached to Division, it will be 5 days. It depends where you will be posted.

  42. Dhruv Purohit says:

    Hello sir…I am selected in GDCE exam of JE{electrical) while at present i am working as assistant loco pilot(5200-20200+2400).In my releiving letter my allotted division gave me option to choose stipend of JE or substantive pay during training of JE.sir i want to know the meaning of substantive pay.will railway pay me Kilometer allowance(160 Kms per day)during whole training period? What should i choose? At present

  43. Prashant says:

    Sir I am selected as Junior engineer loco in rrb Mumbai. Could you please tell me job profile and working hour? Should I get enough time to prepare for Ese exam. I am electrical engineering student.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      If you are serious and determined, you will certainly find time to prepare.

      • Prashant says:

        Thank you sir for your reply, sir I want to know the job profile and working hour of junior engineer loco in . Please elaborate

        • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

          It is six days and 7-8 hours of working. Rest of the time is generally free in the initial stage of posting.

      • Prashant says:

        Thank you for your reply, sir I want to know job profile and working hour of junior engineer loco. Please elaborate

  44. abhik says:

    How is the promotional aspect of JE (mechanical workshop) in NFR, vary with that of JE(C & W), open line..?? like who will get promotion faster..??
    Thank you in anticipation.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There may not be much difference. However, there is fixed working hours along with stability if you join workshop.

  45. vishal chaudhary says:

    Sir,i want to know the job profile of sse electrical workshop….how many hours of job ….

  46. amit raj says:

    hello sir
    my branch is electrical and i am selected in track machine as je.sir plz give some detail about which i list…..
    1-working profile in track machine
    2-working hour and hoilday in month and yearly
    3-working distance
    5-when working out of station then where stay staff and cooking done plz sir explain

  47. Sanjay kumar says:

    I got Selected For JE electrical GS but My category no. is 56 not 479 as showing in blog. is this category job profile is different. if different what is job profile of category no. 56.
    Thank You.

  48. mritunjay manik says:

    Sir plz give me information about working profile of design and drawing department at vale,its promotion perspective and is it possible to change mechanical design to mechanical workshop.

  49. Amit says:

    Sir I am selected as je diesel mechanical and my medical standard is A2. I am wearing spects of – 1.5 in both eye. Should I am eligible for this category. Please reply sir I am waiting for your response

  50. Amit says:

    In cen2 /2014 medical standard is given A3 but the letter we received from respective division demands for A2 that’s why I am asking.