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Understanding job profile of SSE and JE in Electrical branch advertised by RRB

By on September 23, 2014

It is difficult for a non-railwayman to understand the designations mentioned in the vacancy advertisement for SSE and JE by RRB such as GS, TRD, TRS, RS etc. There is no doubt that with the un-employment environment as existing, the job profile does not matter for many of the candidates. But there are many who will always be doing mental exercise to understand the job profile of each post. Joining Indian Railways is for life long and job profile knowledge can help you to peep into your future. It may also help you in opening full throttle to prepare for the competition.
Study Material on Environment and Pollution Control for SSE/JE by RRB

This is how each designation is presently valued and job profile including transfers, stability, hours of working, place of posting, etc. This will help in giving priority while filling up the form.

Senior Section Engineer (350 posts) and Junior Engineer (738 posts) in Electrical Engineering

These are cadre post of Electrical Engineering Department. Electrical Engineering is one of the important departments responsible for the maintenance of electrical locomotive, traction distribution and overhead equipment, train lighting and air conditioning, power supply etc. and posts are also advertised in these areas.

Electrical General Services (SSE-259, JE-479):

This is the oldest of all the responsibilities of Electrical Engineering from the time first electric lamp was lighted and today playing an important role not only in electrical services but in a train running as well. You will be posted in a division, normally located at important locations or sub-division generally at small place. You will be responsible for the maintenance, operation and utilization of all assets related to electrical energy in your area of jurisdiction. Asset utilizating electrical energy means lighting, fans, air conditioning, water pumps, etc.  The post commands respect and responsibility in maintaining power supply and maintenance of assets in good condition.  You will be in demand for any functioning of railways except train running. There will only be one regret that you will not be associated with anything which is directly related with train running except maintenance of electrical assets at the Railway station. In some divisions, the responsibility of train lighting and air conditioning is also associated with you. There is stability of posting and transfers limited in the division. You will continue to work in this cadre till you have the opportunity to get promoted to Asstt. officer.

TRD (SSE-47, JE-88):

It is one of the most significant duties of electrical department in a train going to supply power to running electric locomotive through traction distribution (TRD) and overhead equipment. You will be posted in a Division or its sub-section with a jurisdiction of the electrified section for its maintenance. The maintenance of OHE is done using tower wagon and a group of staff. The tower wagon is equipped with tools and spare parts. The post commands responsibility and deference in the cadre. There is limited stability involving few transfers within a division. You are 24×7 hours official and can be asked to be present any time of the day or night to attend breakdown and quick restoration. Except attending breakdowns and its responsibility the job is rather easy. This is a specialized job for Railways, and hence, in demand by PSUs and private sector.

TRS and RS (SSE-19, JE-92):

TRS or RS is same called Traction Rolling Stock or Rolling Stock. The responsibility is for maintenance of electric locomotive in shed and at outstation. You will be put up in a shed which are generally 3 to 4 in a Railway. The working hours are quite stable and you remain in that shed all along with no transfer. The experience is having value outside railways as well. The job is technically satisfying with pleasure of associating with highly technical work.

Drawing and Estimator (SSE-25, JE-79):

This is highly technical in nature requiring preparation of drawing, estimation of quantity and preparation of work estimate. He does not hold a large manpower under his control and works in the Divisional Office directly under the command of Divisional Engineer. Place of posting is in the Division with stability. The experience gained is having good market value. This is about 10×5 hours working. There are posts of RDSO cadre as well, which is very stable with no transfer throughout railway job. In other posts, one has to face transfer when promoted to officer’s cadre.

Loco pilot with one hand on master controller, another on Train Brake handle with Loco Inspector

Loco Maintenance


Locomotive maintenance in a shed









Coach Periodical Overhaul Shop

Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in a Shed

View of Loco maintenance shed from Crane

Traction Installation

Traction Sub-station Installation

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  1. Prashant says:

    Sir I am selected as je loco in central railway and they allot me pune division. After enquiring from respective division I got a reply that there are no vacancy available for this post and the panel is being returned to central railway headoffice.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      CR will allot another Division. The panel will not be cancelled at this stage. HQ may also question Pune Division why there is no vacancy when they must have submitted their indent earlier. Your joining may get delayed but not the recruitment.

  2. Prashant says:

    Now what to do? Does any possibility that they will cancel the recruitment at this stage. How They manage our joining. Pls reply

  3. Swarup saha says:

    Sir,i applied for rrb siliguri in gs(catgory no .14) for sse acording to cen 01/2015 .my document verification was on 7th jan’16.final result was given on 30 june’16 and i was provisionally selected in rrb kolkata in gs catgory.i till now got medical letter.when will i got it?

  4. arun says:

    Hi sir,
    I got selected as je in workshop and now I am in training. I also got offer for sse gs .

    I want time for preparation for lecturer job. I have done mtech I want to take up lecturer job.

    My question is , which job should I choose so that I get
    1) Max time for preparation
    2) easy releaving process like bond…
    3) I already got offer letter but I didn’t join , but CEE sir called me and asked me to join. Also he told me about sanctioning leaves if required.

    Sse Gs training will be for one year.

    I am in dilemma now which one I have to choose .

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      1. Time for preparation shall not be different on both the jobs.
      2. You are changing from JE(Wks) to SSE GS, then the bond should be transferred and there should not be any penalty
      3. I doubt, CEE called your for this purpose. There are many ways in which you can manage to get the leave i.e. leave without pay (since you may not having any leave to your credit). Other leaves are only casual leave, LAP which will start accruing after you join credit of 15 days per six month.

    • ravi garg says:

      Hi arun,
      I am also on same ground and facing same dilemma.
      Can you please call me at 7014099353. Or share your no. I need to discuss something in this regard

  5. akash shaw says:

    Sir have -10 power in both of my eyes.. sir pls reply that am i eligible for JE/SSE medical standard. If not thn please suggest me the department in rrb where i will not be rejected
    [email protected]
    Pls reply sir

  6. karthik says:

    hi sir ,
    i have been given SE ELEC/TRS under compassionate grounds and there is technical suitabilty test.please provide me with the Topics to cover for the preparation in technical paper

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Just prepare what ever you have studies in your graduate course and mostly the simple chapters

  7. Vivek says:

    I have been posted as JE/ELECTRIC/TRD ..But I have done graduation in mechanical engineering and I was posted in 2014 after completing my training is it possible to get transferred in diesel loco ..if yes then please guide me

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      why you are interested to change the stream as even if tried will be of great loss. TRD is the best branch today, as the experience is having good value in outside railway Pvt. company as well. Your basic education is of no consequence in going ahead with a career in TRD.

  8. Nowfinnizam says:

    Is there any priority for domicile candidates in rrb je??

  9. Dsrinivas rao says:

    I want one footover bridge profile

  10. Santosh chandel says:

    Can a JE( GS) Should be promoted as SSE/TRD if yes then according to which circular because electrical General service and TRD is different cadre and seniority

  11. Awadh kishor says:

    How is TRD department in Indian Railway?

  12. Subhransu Nayak says:

    As an electrical engineer what are the disadvantages if any in diesel electrical.. specially with respect to promotions..
    Plz reply