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Multiple Choice Questions on Measurement and Instrumentation and Practice Test 7

By on November 9, 2014

There are 9 questions to be attended in 20 minutes. The questions are on Measurement and Instrumentation. The study material is provided along with the remarks for each answer after you complete the examination to help building knowledge on the subject. It may be better to study before attempting the mock drill so that by the time you reach 9th of the test, you score is around 80-90%. There are 9 question banks of 9 question each and you should attempt each of these question bank to test your preparedness for the final day of the RRB examination for SSE and JE to be held in Dec.

This is a mock drill question bank on Basic Concept of Science of Class XI and XII standard. This is the question bank of 10 questions with set for 10 minutes. After you finish the test, press Quiz Finish and you will get the answer sheet, your result and its comparison with others. You will also be given remarks containing the explanation about the answer and also about the distracters (other options) to build confidence on the subject.

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