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Multiple Choice Question on General Awareness Practice Test 21

By on July 12, 2015

There are 20 questions to be attended in 20 minutes. The questions are on general awareness, consisting on topics like Science and Technology, places, personalities, history, geography, politics, awards, sports etc. Read the study material before making an attempt so that you build your confidence in the subject. Read the remarks column of each question which gives the detail information on the subject.Capture

This is a set of multiple choice questions for competitive examination

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There Are 6 Comments

  1. jagadeesh says:

    thank u very much sir please provide grand tests for rrb je / se for mechanical engineering it is real useful thank u so much please kindly provide more mock tests it will more help in our preparation

  2. Vandana says:

    Hello sir, am diploma holder and applied for JE Signal , telecommunication . And I request U to provide me old question paper (or link ) to the same.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      The previous year question bank is posted on this website. you may visit https://www.railelectrica.com/job-opportunities-in-rail-transport/multiple-choice-questions-paper-junior-engineer-rrb-green-part-i-75-questions-year-2014/ wherein JE as well as SSE papers are posted for mock drill examination. You may appear for the mock drill examination, and after completion, you will get the questions with correct answer and solution for those answers. There were three different set of papers i.e Red, green and yellow for JE and SSE, total six papers.

  3. akshaya says:

    According to wikipedia, Thosengar falls at satara distric waterfalls is the highest falls in india followed by nohkalikai in khasi hill of meghalaya. Can u clarify on this point please?