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Previous Year Question Paper Set I of SSE/JE conducted by RRB for on-line self examination

By on July 2, 2015

During 2014 SSE/RRB multiple choice question paper, there were three sets of questions paper called Yellow, Green and Red. This is yellow question paper for your on line mock drill test. There are 150 questions to be attended in 120 minutes. Sitting for 120 minutes and attempting for widely varying subject of 150 questions is very strenuous. The mock drill exercise will help in building up the physical and mental stamina. The standard for SSE and JE will not be much different as can be seen in later posts of the JE question paper. Therefore, make an attempt even if you are appearing for JE or SSE.
After you finish the examination, you will get the score, how you stand as compared to others who have attempted the examination earlier and remarks on the answer with additional information.

This is Set 1 (yellow) of the multiple choice question of the RRB examination of JEE held in Dec. 2014.

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There Are 4 Comments

  1. sudhesh kumar says:

    i am preparing for RRB SSE ( Elec. & comm.) 2015 . This site of yours is very useful and helping to improve my knowledge as per my requirement. i need particular SSE previous years question papers with answer for elect. & comm. please help.

  2. Yash kumar says:

    I am preparing for rrb je..it has common exam . But there is no common book in the market . There is trade wise books. So plz suggest me best common book for je

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      There is no common book which can suit the requirement of examination. The subject is very wide. What you do is read the subject of each branch of engineering which has been taught to you in first and second year.