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CCTV camera in unreserved coach

By on June 18, 2014

There was news the other day in Business Standard (http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/railways-plan-to-install-cctv-cameras-in-new-coaches-114061500470_1.html) that Indian Railways is planning to install high-resolution CCTV cameras in unreserved coaches to foil drugging and dacoities on board.   Is it technically possible or only castles in the air? Look at the practical situations as prevailing in unreserved coachesgeneral-coach

  1. The coaches are packed with about 200 passengers per coach with passengers occupying all horizontal as well vertical space. Will CCTV camera be able to cover each passenger in such a situation?
  2. The passenger sitting on the upper berth keeps using any opening for the purpose of dust bin even lighted biri/cigarette. This one a safety hazards already an issue with Indian Railways. Will it possible to make sure the security of the CCTV camera from vandalism?
  3. The criminals will first make sure blocking the camera before indulging into criminal activity.
  4. Every cabin will need one CCTV camera because of partition, and  therefore, about 10 or 12 per coach. Is it practical?
  5. CCTV camera is also a need for surveillance in ladies compartment of EMU local trains. EMU trains are having electrical connectivity between the coaches to the driving cab. Hidden CCTV camera can cover  about 20 sq.m of space comfortably. It is better to first try in Mumbai Sub-urban which will also make a headline with public support.A vendor sells vegetables inside the Ladies' Special train in Mumbai

It is not known, how such issues taken care before looking for such feasibility.

CR tried a novel technical to arrest the issue of drugging. At the time of boarding of passenger at CST, every passenger entering the train is video graph recording his face very clearly. Thereafter, the RPF staff goes inside the coach and video graphed every occupant. This has helped in identifying and investigation into the cases of drugging and RPF could control the menace to a large extent.  http://www.mid-day.com/articles/rpf-patrols-ticket-queues-with-video-cameras/140494

Why not try this throughout the country?

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