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Indian Railways Likely to Stop Pantry Cars in Trains; Buy Food at Station

By on November 4, 2013

In view of the increasing incidence of fire on pantry car, IR is planning to stop the system of running pantry cars in trains. The news appears on MF monitor



Pantry car as the name indicate is for the purpose of storing cooked food and serving to the passenger after heating it. For this purpose, Rajdhani trains are provided with Pantry cars having electric heating and cooking arrangements. The other trains are provided with a pantry car with gas cooking facility. There is no doubt that these pantry cars are source of fire and IR could not afford to stop its services due to strong passenger resistance. But with mobile communication facility available and almost every individual travelling in a train having a mobile, it is a better option to serve freshly cooked food at the stopping situations. The passenger can order the food of his choice on mobile for which standardized system can be worked out. This is the best option of serving the food at his seat in a disposable container  during travel and releasing the capacity of one coach i.e. 75 passengers to the public. This will benefit all namely  passenger, caterer and Railways.

In fact, this facility has been introduced over part of the Central Railway route and many passengers are opting for it. It is better for the Railways to standardized and regularize the scheme.

It should not be introduced as an alternative to prevent fire in pantry cars but a passenger amenity of serving fresh food at the passenger seat. Elaborate arrangement of quality inspection with deterrent action for quality/quantity short fall is very important. Quality inspection is easier to the stationary unit instead running trains.

Fire in Patna Rajdhan Pantry Car

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