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By on July 9, 2013

Indian Railways have not been successful in developing any technology to be proud of with export potential. This is even when Railways arrived in India more than 150 years ago. Indian Railways have always rushed to the overseas developed country for sourcing new technology. Why it is so that Indian Human Resource not developed for technical innovation, research, development and advancement? Indian Railway experts were exposed to different technologies of the world over, but still not given opportunities to build local technologies after successfully implementing the first one. There is no doubt about the capabilities of Indian Technocrats but something is lacking somewhere.

It is constantly mentioned during technological advancement seminars that China has built a High Speed Rail network of 6000Km within a span of only 10 years; what is wrong with India. China not only had a growth rate to sustain the financial resource for the purpose but also adopted technology so successfully that they are ready to assist India today.

Technologies are always developed with the support of Industry who are ready to invest, innovate, develop, absorb new technology and  take risks. Support means sharing platform of equality of status, continuity and  without doubting integrity. Doubting integrity and underhand dealing has become a common phenomenon with every high value contract trapping upright officers with oversight mistakes. Indifferent attitude towards the industry without looking for a win-win situation thus has become a common thing for every Engineer who has the capability, potential, knowledge, perseverance to look the other way. With this the environment prevailing not only in Railways but all around, we cannot expect a miracle of even 500 High Speed Rail network in next 15-20 years. That too with total contribution of financing as well as technological support from abroad.

How much longer will this continue?

High Speed Train is the ultimate of Railway Technologies, but there are many more still missing for the present level of speeds and traffic density in India which can be made more efficient and economical ways.

Share your simple idea for

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Economic development of Railways
  • Standardization  in Railways
  • Simplifying Passenger Amenities
  • Technological Advancement
  • And whatever that is in your mind

Indian mind is so fertile but it grows independently like grass without an opportunity  to offer fruits or flower. It is the fertility of top mind that only takes shapes in the final say. Why every Indian does not contribute in generating ideas to suit Indian conditions which is always short of resources, manpower, finances, time and so on and instead prefer to grumble what other countries have achieved?  Indianisation of ideas is very important. We don’t have to travel abroad to find out what is right for our country?

What is an idea?

The value of an idea is directly proportional to the level of the chair from where the idea has evolved and cost of  its implementation is directly proportional to the maximum limit of the sanctioning power of the authority.

This statement is in lines similar the Parkinson’s Law derived from the observation of Government working irrespective of the country and  time period.

Therefore,  an opportunity of generating an idea to every human mind, irrespective of his position, is necessary. The idea easy to implement, requiring  little resource  &  time taken and ease in evaluation  is certainly going to succeed.

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    Respected Sir,
    I have gone through the contents of the site and surely i can conclude that content to me and others working in field like me is very useful.
    Apart from the topics concerning to railways the most imp topic that have been covered is removing the dilemma from the minds of readers that whether to join this service or not? Desire for Earning more money, strong addiction for good places, and other reasons given substantiate the real picture of group a services especially railways very well.
    Enlighting the minds of field engineers with condition based maintenance is also very helpful in day to day maintenance in every department.
    Besides all the topics which are excellently covered i am of the opinion that some information may also be covered on store related issues such as tenders etc.

    Yours Faihfully
    Manish Gangwar

  2. SP GAUTAM says:

    Respected Sir,

    We are facing failure on part of crew when they face MP-EEC not responding and notches not coming. Then they notch up manually resulting in punctuality loss. For this we have put one indication lamp on Q51 which will lit-up in case Q51 energized. Then crew can can wedge Q-51 and overcome problem of not notching.
    This is small modification but genuinely required.
    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Pavan says:

    Respected Sir,

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a valuable information about the railway electrification. As a beginer in the field of railway electrification works i managed to learn a lot by going through the topic named as "Traction Distribution". Based on the furnished information i started designing OHE layout plan for different railway sidings.

    Currently i am associated with Aarvee associates architects engineers and consultants private limited – Project management and consultancy organisation in core sectors of engineering having global presence as an Electrical Engineer.

    My sincere request is please guide me the procedure for calculating the exact value of track separation (TS) while providing an obligatory mast at Turn out / Cross over locations as because we don't have any experienced senior staff in our organization to discuss on this.

    Thanking You

    Pavan Kumar

    Electrical Engineer

    Aarvee Assciates architects, engineers & consultants private limited

  4. K.S.Rajagopalan says:

    sir ,

    The information provided is very useful.I am an Instructor in ESTC/Lallaguda. I would request u cover some topics on LHB coaches especially power cars -Circuit diagrams, Trouble shooting.


  5. raman ramesh TI Plan says:

    SWING TYPE OHE for Private Sidings working models, Circulars, execution maintenence procedures

  6. anil says:

    respected sir, the viewpoint on high speed trains is very correct.with main line like mumbai-chennai still not doubled and electrified we need not go for high speed. but central raolways cst-panvel fast corridor is a workable option.
    why dont we design and inrduceMEMY fast rakes for rajdhani august kranti, and deccan queen flying raanee etc fuly elecrfied routes/.
    alos i do not agee that pasenger service is loss making. we are not using capacity of coach to maximum. we had double ecker sinhagd express. we stopped. with full back rest and forced vetillation all intercity trains like deccan queen pragati taj should e 18 coaces doble decker memu trains.
    why not introduce double decker ( 4 tier) ac sleeper. i think shatabdi and rajdhani bit costlier. lalus garibrath was good move let us have double ecker c sleepers with garibratn ares and ratio of ac sleeper to sleeper(ii class) shoud be 1: 2 . this will make passenger traffic very much in profit..
    same thing to intercity rains like pragati more douvble decker ac chair cars and ordinary ii clasalso double decker.
    introduce side upper berth in general coaches of ii class. and let the sitting capacity be 5+ 1 six in these officlally.
    lets abolish rac . instead sell emergency tickets for these seats at time of travel for last moment plan with double fare of tatkal.and never to be converted into berth against usual tatkal or usual quota to deter unnecessary overcrowding so that on,ky genuine last minute travellers can use it. lets ave adavance booking only one month tatakal one week ( once tatkal starts other ooking and thise waiting lists end) , one day lighnening more tatkal charge ( once this strats other bokings end) .cancel all waitlisted tickets automaticallyand only emergency ticket holfders orwaitlisted children or senior citizen accomapnyingconfirmed reserved pasengers be allowed in compartment.
    this will boost rvenue.

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Thanks for your well thought comments. I would like to add following:
      1. Running fast trains on existing track is limited to a maximum speed of 160 Kmph, and that will improve the average speed to 120 Kmph, and ok for Shatabadi route covring 400 Km distance in sub-4 hours time. The expenditure involves is around 10-15 Kmph/km and a better option for Railways.
      2. Running high speed train at 300-350 Kmph is not likely to benefit Indian Nationals unless India demonstrate 10% growth for at least 10 years. This, then will income of individual and can afford high high speed travel. We should not compare with China, who has demonstrated 10% growth for the last more than 15 years and also at a cost of massacre at Tiananmen square.
      3. Passenger business is at loss as stated by one and all in Ministry of Railways. The efforts to improve passenger business is by running 24-26 coach train, double decker train etc.
      4. The other suggestions you made about reservations is certainly the most important thing that the BJP Govt. shall work upon. One can get confirmed ticket in Bus and air at the last moment and not in Rail. It will be a challenge for BJP Govt. to achieve this target to make confirmed reservation available to everyone planning a journey at the last movement.
      Keep offering you views

  7. DERGGF says:


  8. bhanu pratap says:

    Respected Sir,
    I want to draw your attention towards GARIBRATH TRAINS.We all know that it was the brainchild of Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav and most important thing is that it is the most successful model in Indian Railways.Till now i have not seen even a single seat vacant in garibrath trains.It’s genuine fare attracts middle class a lot.It is always overcrowded and has enough potential to bring huge profits to Railways,but i don’t understand why Railways is not further developing garibrath model and not paying any attention to it.With regular garibrath coach there are approx 79 to 82 seats which can be further increased or can be made spacious in lhb garibrath coaches.Even garibrath trains can replace several express trains or every sampark kranti can be replaced by garibrath trains.
    hope you raise this matter and discuss it with railway ministry.
    thank you.

  9. Sumit Burman says:

    Dear Sir/madam, I have suggestions for the design of local train(locomotive’s enging/cab specially of BWN-ASN MEMU TRAIN). As DC series motor is employed to such local train which has high speed torque relationship. Means in short time it can attain large speed and torque with the application of load current. If the front face of local train will not be flat, then the large amount of windage can be reduce and thereby it will reduce the load current to motor. Means energy will be save. Everything is good except this front face design. It’s design should be like BULLET TRAIN.
    Thank you.

  10. KRISHNA PANDEY says:

    these days flights are giving very much flexibity in fares for passengers and consequently passengers are attracted towards them because they can save time in an appreciable extent and with this hiking prices for duranto ,rajdhani and shatabdi will not be a wise decision for indian railways specially for those whose travel for more than 1000 kms .

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      Yes I agree with you. It will benefit railways for shatabadi passenger and not rajdhani or other long distance premium trains.

  11. Aakash Kamble says:

    I have got much knowledge from this site , I am a mechanical engineer and a Railfan too. Considering the concept of high speed loco I have designed its basic layout with some technical advances named as WAP8
    Also I have designed a dual power loco WDAP1 and an Air conditioned EMU train with some advances in existing design . I want to suggest these designs to Indian Railways
    Can you please guide me

    • Mahesh Kumar Jain says:

      I don’t think any purpose will be served by approaching IR as the scheme may have many missing links for the purpose of integration. I suggest to approach major manufacturers such Alsthom, Bombardier, Siemens etc. in the field and they may be in a position to make a concrete plan and may bid in any of the existing tenders of India or abroad incorporation partly the features of your design. You may write on their website submitting your proposal with a request for presentation/discussion.

    • Yugal Roy says:


      Akash Kamble

      I have heard about you. some real thing can happen to join like minded people. I am working on rail car. I want to contact you. I will be thankful to you if you can share your contact detail. contact no. 9323280584

  12. Akshay says:

    sir mere pas ek idea hai jisake wajah se hamare desh ka bahut paisa bach sakata hai & rail ka safar bhi achha ho sakata hai