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Standardization of location of coaches in a train

By on July 11, 2013

Number of coaches in train now goes to 24-26 and it is very important for a passenger to find himself near the coach for comfortable boarding into the train. For this purpose, coach guidance boards are provided in which the train number and the coach number are displayed alternately. Coach guidance board is provided at all stations where such train stops. A situation of chaos may get created if for some reason, the system becomes defective or coach position not entered in time. Indian Railways shall consider standardization of the location of coaches. The easiest method is to number the reserved coaches   depending upon up or down movement of train i.e. first reserved SL coach from engine when train is moving in up direction be SL1……Sl4..etc and then B1..A1..H1..etc and similarly in the dn direction in reverse order.

There may be a problem when an UP train becomes dn train while changing from one Railway to another. To avoid this, up  direction may be standardized as how the water will flow if start from JAT towards CAPE purely on gravity and similarly down direction to be opposite of it.

Standardization of facilities will help in improving passenger comfort and confidence.

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