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Current Developments in the field of Traction motors

By on July 5, 2013

SINGAPORE Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRT) has awarded a contract worth more than Yen 8bn ($US 80.5m) to Toshiba, Japan, to re-equip a fleet of 66 six-car metro trains with permanent-magnet synchronous traction motors.

The new motors are being fitted as part of the refurbismet of the existing drive equipment, the first such upgrade since the C151 trains entered service in 1987. Four of the six cars on each train are powered. Toshiba says the new traction.motors will reduce power consumption by 30%, as well as cutting noise.Installation will start on the first two trains in early 2015, which will then be tested for up to two years before work starts to equip the rest of the fleet.Permanent-magnet synchronous traction motor were first introduced by Toshiba in Japan and are currently fitted to trains operating on three lines of the Tokyo metro. The Singapore contract is the first to be won outside Japan, and Toshiba hopes this will be a springboard for further export orders.



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